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  1. ur a fuckin tamale

    1. Handmade


      But a tasty one!

  2. Turn down for Jesus in the name of the father, son, and Holy Spirit amen.
  3. Its all ogre now

    1. ExpitheCat


      It's ogre when I say it's ogre.

  4. Eureka


    I have a pretty weird phobia actually. Tyraphobia or something like that. Its the fear of repeating holes. Theres no story behind it. Repeating holes just make me feel weird.
  5. Eureka

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    im a blueberry again ._.
  6. Oh, um Remi/The Scientist/Paris/A Pimp Named Slickback wanted me to tell you that he said goodbye and that he misses you now that he is banned and such ;~;

    1. RED20




      Also tell him he can contact me on my dA.

    2. Eureka


      I'm afraid so :/


      And I'll tell him that, now ^^

    3. RED20
  7. Eureka is tucking awesome, she's the shit.
  8. If life ain't just a joke, then why am I laughing?

    1. Show previous comments  28 more
    2. ninjamon102938


      Everything and anything really

    3. Remi


      oh shit


      thats mothafucking beautiful

    4. Rockymoo


      Because I have sweg.

  9. Eureka

    Movies/TV Divergent

    Alright! Has anyone seen the movie yet? I'm personally, a giant fan of the book series. I thought the movie was overall amazing! It got kind of confusing at some parts if you didn't read the book. Especially because a male protagonist looked almost exactly like a male antagonist. That was probably the only thing that kinda bothered me. I mean, I could understand how someone couldn't like it but... I thought it was an overall not bad movie I thought it was 10/10 pretty great. What did you guys think? #tobiastwerkteam
  10. Eureka

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Ignore the messy room pls. c:
  11. So, today I came home to find my mom passed out on the floor with a ton of pills and and 3 bottles of wine. She's currently in the hospital. I haven't been happy lately and I don't want to take it out on you guys. I don't really talk much here anyways. Blah blah blah I'm not gonna make this a pity party or whatever. But I hope to see you guys soon. For now, I shall be going. I'll be on as much as I can! Remember to fangirl over Fourtris and worship Sharpay Evans. Buh Bye. ~Tessa
  12. I tried cat food today :D

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    2. Eureka


      I want to try dog food now lel

    3. ~Silver Essence~

      ~Silver Essence~

      I hear the chicken bits aren't bad. Lol

      Maybe I will too. Lel

    4. Remi


      Well if you watch Rhett & Link's Good Mythical Morning episode, "The Sriacha Challenge", they taste dog food with and without Sriacha sauce, and apparently both are pretty good.


      It's normal food but put into little bits.

  13. Ugh, yes. I have a ton. -Jennifer Lawrence -Mila Kunis -Marina Diamandis -Emma Watson -Jena Malone But If I had to choose one, it would be: Hayley Williams <3 She's hothothot
  14. Wow tonight is a full moon, time to turn into a werewolf :D

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    2. Sweet Pen

      Sweet Pen

      Werewolf time!


    3. Malinter


      wereponies are cooler. :P

    4. RAEce Car

      RAEce Car

      time to turn into a garden gnome... >:3

  15. Someone please be my friend and I'll give you pizza and bad puns in return.

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    2. Serious Sam

      Serious Sam

      I already am friends with you....but it's not like I want anything in return; only that you treat me the way you want to be treated, with kindness and do nothing to hurt me.

    3. HeartFeltPuma23


      Pizza and bad puns? Sounds like a deal to me! XD

    4. galaxysquid


      I'd love some pizza and bad puns!

  16. Having a suckish day. I need hugs pls.

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    2. ~Silver Essence~

      ~Silver Essence~


      Hope it goes well later for ya.

      PM ya in a bit. :)

    3. RAEce Car

      RAEce Car

      cheer up bby <3

    4. Eureka


      Thanks guys :3 <3

  17. Happy birthday, Fluttershy-chan :3


    1. RAEce Car

      RAEce Car

      THANKS <3333

      i'm glad you approve ^^

    2. The Soldier

      The Soldier

      Eureka x MissMachine moment


      Draws clop

  19. Some like to sleep. We like to play. Just look at all that pain ~

  20. Happy birthday, Homu-chan :v

    1. Sugar Pea

      Sugar Pea

      Thank you, Hitomi. :3 lol

  21. Yo, I just want to say happy birthday in case I forget tomorrow. Ily bby Rae x Tessa 5ever cx

    1. RAEce Car

      RAEce Car

      thank you bby :) xo

      we are best ship

  22. Good night, everypony. Don't let the demon bugs eat your soul. :D

  23. I'm too lazy to make a video but I'll take pictures :3 Laptop: Very kawaii bed: My dresser: Like 1/7 of my comic book collection:
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