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  1. this rp is just to get me into the rp world i just want to see how crazy it gets but nothing stupid i do not care for something like first person shooter unless it is like metroid prime
  2. ketaxthewolf

    i am new

    i am doing great it is fun here i alredy am a muffin and a few friends
  3. the boss that makes me mad is metroid prime from metroid prime as for the level it would be the temple in the sky from legend of zelda twilight princess
  4. ketaxthewolf

    i am new

    thanks i an great ful for your guyses hospetality i am a wolf godess from alpha and omega
  5. ketaxthewolf

    Hello everypony!

    hi I AM NEW I wold like to be your friend would you be mine i like it here it is homey
  6. ketaxthewolf

    i am new

    thanks i am on mlpchat.com it is fun on that forum because you can chat with other people
  7. ketaxthewolf

    i am new

    i am new two this fourm but i am not new to the mlp chat i cind of new to the brony comunity
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