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  1. O_O Berry Worthy ........... /)_(\ Maybe Berry Punch is my mom....?? Or If I reversed it, last letter, first letter than I would beeeee Sunset Princess Yeah I think I like Sunset Princess better
  2. Hmmmm sorta.... I can be a bit dramatic and whiny but not like rarity I am waaaay not althletic like Rainbow Dash, but I'm a person who blurts things out without thinking and I'm annoying Yet I'm like Derpy cuz I am a klutz T_T but shes not a fav `~`
  3. Heeeey ^^^ That is actually a cool idea. Maybe they can do a multi view of 3/4 points, Ponyville, Twilight's "humanized" world, Celestia/Luna, and Twi's duplicate. That would be cooool!
  4. ._. Well I can't see AJ or dashie wearing skirts. I would think that she would wear jeans or capris. RD would wear shorts etc. Tomboys can wear dresses, but it's not really their personality. Also what's the matter for tomboy? -_-
  5. You bring up a great point. I wonder if EQG will bring up how highschool girls can be mean, or popular girl/nerd? Will they change Twilight's character just to fit the movie? Also, there are sooooooooo many ways to play this movie, but consider that this show is made for the ages of 6-12. They might also make the movie that, and not Y-7.
  6. :3 Ill do it, since I LOVE Warriors... >_< I've re-read every single book over 3 times Naaaaame: Stormpaw > GIRLY! Story: Mother is unknown, and fell in love with a rouge. The mother died, but Jayfeather knows who she is Appreticship: MEDICINE CATOOO! To The awesome Jayfeather. Cuz Jayfeather is awesome for loving his stick. Mother: Unknown currently, but will be revealed later on Mate: NONE!
  7. 1.)I would want to be Twinleaf, because I would be the 8th and be the hardest Plus I LOVE TWINLEAF! 2.) Multiple...DUH! 3.) Dragonite, Infernape, Blatiose, Electrive, Serperior and Lucario 4.) Ummm Platnuim/ Sinnoh 5.) YES!
  8. I like number 2!!!!! It's so cute and the eyes suit her more. I like the bows... ~kawii no desu Are you going to draw full body? Cuz I bet it would look coooool!
  9. Applejack would be great because, she has the nurturing feel and tends to be the one where you can easily talk to. She could easily handle her child with a lot of backbone. Fluttershy is too shy and scared, the child would be spoiled, a rebel or insanely shy. Rarity might have a business and might be one of those mothers who is always busy, or she could settle down and raise her kid fine. Rainbow Dash has not really matured that much, so she would have to be a little bit more mature, also she would have to show her softer side. But she would raise an aggressive wonderbolt loyal hyper child. Pinkie probably would be a really good mother, since she's so cheerful and hyper. Her kids would be lucky They would get an amazing dessert and not turn fat. Lastly, Twilight would be ok, but she freaks out over small things, and would have to learn how to chill.
  10. Do you make art?

    1. True Rarity

      True Rarity

      Yes, yes I do! :D

    2. Stormlight34


      :D So umm can you draw my OC?

      You can pm me when you have the time

    3. True Rarity

      True Rarity


      I'll PM you as soon as I can.

  11. :3 Welcomes, we all welcomes you! :3 *Lopsided grin* Have you made an OC yet?
  12. Heeeeeyo dude or dudette... :S How are you liking the forums and stuff?
  13. I fell in love with it after my 6 year old brother forced me to watch it :3
  14. Hi! Sup...? I'm usually at Creative Resources, begging artists to draw stuff for me
  15. @kenniks Do you take requests? I really like the style you draw in, especially how well you did with the anatomy and shading and colors