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  1. Hey guys! Looks like I made it just in time! Phew, I've just been a bit busy lately with school and what not, but it's good to be back on the forums! I'm really excited, I think this could be a really fun RP. Just a quick question: who would be best for this particular RP? I have my mane OC, Kismet, whom I love and would love to RP with her, or I have Honeycomb, who is fairly new and I have never RP'd with him before (he's a younger colt, no cutie mark yet) Both links are in my sig so check them out and tell me what you guys think! Whoop whoop!
  2. @@Zhooves,@@Sterling Crimson, Sounds good to me. Although this is probably the best RP I've been a part of (I've been in like 4), I do have the feeling that people aren't having fun anymore. Several people have had problems or just aren't in the right state of mind to continue. I myself have thoroughly enjoyed this RP, and everyone who has been a part of it. Unfortunately it seems as though this is not the best time to continue the adventure, due to every one's own special circumstance. If we need a break, then so be it. If the break is forever, so be that as well. Of course I hate the idea of everyone leaving after all the work and heart we put into the RP, but I don't want people to feel as though they are obligated to participate. It's supposed to be a fun, relaxing way to get your creative juices flowing and talk about a common topic - My Little Ponies. I wouldn't want anyone to feel sad, depressed, or stressed about this RP. I'm glad I've had the opportunity to RP with all of you that are leaving. I myself am staying in the fandom for a while, since it is still fairly new to me. I will be on the forums if anyone wants to PM or RP with me in a different setting. I will continue this RP for as long as is needed, until we figure out a plan.
  3. @, Well I have to say I'm quite surprised I didn't expect you to leave so soon and sudden. But I respect your decision and hope you can remember us bronies later on when you're into the next big thing. I'm definitely gonna miss you buddy, it's been a great RP and I've had a lot of fun RPing with you. It's sad to see you go, but again it's your choice. Perhaps someone can take over DJ and Vinyl for a bit and then just have them leave or something. Like, Vinyl gets sick and DJ takes her home to take care of her, as an excuse to leave the RP...? Again, it's been great. I wish you the best of luck
  4. Kismet was now among the ponies in the group, however with all the commotion, no pony seemed to notice her. She wasn't surprised, after all, with all these supernatural occurrences a small lavender mare was probably the last thing on their minds. Kismet tried to help, or at least make herself useful, when suddenly, Princess Celestia appeared! Kismet instinctively dropped her front legs down into a bow. She had never met a princess before, let along the most royal of them all! Yet here she was, not even 10 feet away. Kismet looked up toward the Princess, listening to every word she had to say. She spoke of Evening, which made Kismet's heart heavy. "Where could she be?" Kismet worried. It seemed as though the princess had revived the red stallion, evidently named "Red", and he regained consciousness. Kismet was amazed, but remained quiet. She wanted to watch this scene play out, perhaps it could lead her to where Evening is....
  5. @@Zhooves,@@Pripyat Pony, @@Sterling Crimson, As Kismet approached the group of ponies, she noticed little North's limp body on the ground. A white unicorn was using her magic (hopefully) to revive him and mend his injuries. Kismet's heart began to race. She couldn't bear the thought of the little guy being hurt. She noticed that another red stallion was also laying lifeless on the ground. Nothing would revive him, nothing would help. It was a disaster. Ponies were injured left and right - this wasn't supposed to happen! Kismet's breathing became shallow from fear, but she tried to remain composed. She pushed down any nervous, awkward feelings and summoned up all her remaining strength: "Hello? Guys? Can I help? I - " She was cut off by a blinding white light, seemingly coming from the lifeless red stallion's body. A small whimper escaped from Kismet's throat, her fear now stronger than ever.
  6. @@Sterling Crimson, Kismet ran about, looking for her friend. "No, NO! I can't lose her. Not again." the same thought cycled through Kismet's head as she swerved in and around the trees of Central Park. It was strange how - normal - everything felt. The sun shone brightly, just as it did the day before, and the snack stands around the park were filled with young fillies and colts begging their parents to buy them another ice cream cone. "It amazes me how society adapts so quickly," Kismet thought, "Ponies are afraid of what they don't understand, so they dismiss it as if nothing had happened." She stopped a moment. "What if.... what if it was a dream...?" Kismet continued her search, but to no avail. She simply could not find Evening. She was gone, and Kismet could do nothing. Just as she was about to give up, she walked a bit further and noticed a familiar red stallion. He was with others, and tending to what looked like injured ponies. "So it was real." Kismet thought sadly. "I just hope everypony is alright," She trotted over to the group to see if she could be of any assistance. It was times like this when ponies needed to join together for strength and support. ((BTW I'm using this as an opportunity for Kismet to meet the other ponies. We can make this as short or as detailed as you guys want. I'm up for anything.))
  7. To tell you the truth Budding, I face some of these same feelings as well IRL. I don't know what exactly you're going through, so I won't pretend that I understand your exact situation, but I do want to let you know that we are all here for you. I NEVER intended to exclude ANYONE. I think everyone here is great in their own different way, which makes this RP so diverse and exciting. I'm here for you Budding, and if you need anything you can PM me. I'm not going to force you to stay in the RP, but I can say that I would love for you to stay.
  8. She heard birds chirping happy, singing their song to announce the arrival of a bright new day. The sun shone strong and tickled Kismet's nose, causing her to sneeze. With the force of the sneeze she shook herself awake and realized it was morning. It was nice; clam, peaceful, and very, very quiet. She lifted her head. Much to her surprise, she was in Central Park. "How did I get to Manehatten? Am I dreaming?" Suddenly it all came rushing back. The wedding; the lake; the ponies; the darkness; it was all clouding her mind. She cringed from the memories. Then she remembered. Evening. ((Sorry for the bland and late post, i've been busy, but I'll be sure to post more later!))
  9. @@Budding Night, Kismet ran up and up the tall, winding staircase, up to where the private garden dinner table was. Kismet knew the newly weds had gone up there for their private dinner, so logically this would be the first place to look for her dear friend. "Evening?? Where are you? Are you okay? Please say something! I - I need you!" Kismet could feel her eyes starting to water and her heart swelled with fear. What's going on? Why is this happening? Tonight of all nights!?! Suddenly Kismet stopped, for in front of her was Evening. But she was not alone. She was talking to this strange earth pony, and they both had a morbid look on their face. This was not good. Kismet desperately tried calling out to her friend, but no sound came out. The shadow ponies were getting heavier and heavier, and like a thick fog, the shadows engulfed her. Even opening her mouth, the shadows would seal the opening and fill her lungs with inky blackness. Kismet was terrified, but there was nothing she could do. It was useless. She tried to fight off the feeling of feint, for Evening's sake, but to no avail. She felt herself drifting; drifting a long ways away.
  10. North had just finished talking when a huge shout came from the reception area in the park. Kismet whipped her head around and scanned the horizon to see what was going on. "Probably just a silly pony knocked something expensive over.." she told herself, but she wasn't quite convinced. She slowly got up and began treading towards the sound, inviting North to either come with her or stay for protection. He was a bit of a small pony, after all. Her slow walk soon became a gallop as she saw more and more ponies freaking out. This was no ordinary accident; something really bad was happening! The darkness grew and soon enveloped the whole park. Kismet could barely see, and she was desperate for help. Though she was scared, she wasn't thinking of her own safety, but rather the safety of a close friend. "EVENING! EVENING GLORY!" Kismet shouted, galloping through the screaming crowds, "WHERE ARE YOU?"
  11. @@Fluttermena, Wow what a great picture! Thanks for sharing And yeah, it's unbelievable how many episodes Apple Fritter is in that I never even noticed before! Perhaps when I rewatch a few episodes I'll be on the lookout... Anyway I wanted to just put this out there: What do you guys think of her cutie mark? I mean, I know they represent "Apple Fritters" but I just think they could have done a bit better job. They kinda just look like beige boxes. Comments?
  12. I'm glad my post is getting so many a couple replies! And yes, to agree with most of you, she is a super cute design but I believe she should remain a background pony. I definitely think she could appear more, maybe like a 'where's waldo' type thing. (But I think they do that with most of the background ponies anyway... hehehe)
  13. Thank you kind sir! I agree that she should remain a background pony, (I don't think she fits into the story enough to really play a role, unless it's an Apple Family Reunion or something) but I do want to at least see her more in the background. She really is a cute design and a sweet pony, so I think she deserves a bit more attention than she has now. (I mean, there's a thing going around about the pony 'Bottlecap' for Celestia's sake)
  14. Okay so I was just derping around and enjoying MLP FiM as most of us do. Yep, pretty cool, right? Everything is going just as well as expected aaaaannnnnnnndddddddd...... BOOM! New character, right in front of my eyes! Well, new to me. I had always noticed this pony in the background, but had never payed any attention to her. Now I am curious to see what others think of this pony. I personally think that her design is adorable. Her coloring is interesting too, she makes the green hair work in a cute way. I also love the German design in her 'herritage' I suppose, since Apple Fritters are popular in Germany. So, what do you guys think of this character? Should she get more talk than she has now? Or perhaps you think she is fine just as a background pony? Let the discussion begin :3
  15. Hey Love. :3 Just stopping by.