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  1. ok i got a base coat on yhe armor, still needs it decretive touches, the sheild needs a final coat of papermache and its ready to paint

    1. Digiral


      wat are you talking about >

  2. this is the helmet i finished yesterday, i wanted to let everything dry over night, i will upload the rest as i finish each piece
  3. ok so i posted before asking for help deciding on something for this and now that ive gotten enough votes i started, i just finished the helm eairler today, ill post pics as i finish each piece, the full set will consist of a helm, chest piece, back piece, shin guards, bracers, sheild, sword, cape, and possiably an armored skirt. if anyone has any questions i am more then happy to answer
  4. just finished the helm for the night guard cosplay

    1. Digiral


      take a picture of it , i want see

  5. i would want to stay human for one reason, i would go straight for a guard position. ONly thing a sword and armor maniac like me would be good for in that world
  6. always belive in the you that belives in your self

  7. ok so im making a cosplay for the captian of the night guards (or lunar guards if you prefer) and i already got the armor and such down idea wise, but i cant decied on his weapon (yes he needs one...for reasons >.>) should it be a single edge katana, or a double edge sword a european knight would carry? keep in mind i may have a cape
  8. try your local party city or something along those lines, if you cant find it amazon it, sorry i couldnt be of more help bro Q~Q
  9. humanized or full pony? that could make a big difference in my advice, and since i dont want to type all 11 characters im going to put a lot of random numbers, sorry
  10. im gonna level with you, the best way to get a GOOD set of wings is to make ep, all you need is some pipe cleaners and some fabric for deamon/batwings, or a sturdy material and feathers for angelic. for the deamon wings just take the pipe cleaners and twist them together, i suggest 3 thick for a nice "bone" then take the fabric and sew it to the cleaners, also shape the cleaners first then put on the fabric. But if you only want to buy them, there is a vender at anime expo every year that sells em, try going to those forums and asking around someone might remember the name of that stall
  11. otakucon

    whats up?

    names otakucon, no i havnt been to that convention yet, i just thought of the name in middle school not knowing one existed at the time. i like everything from Assassin's Creed to d.rwho to mlp, hit me up if you want to chat bout anything. Btw im a "3d artist" meaning if youcan imagine it, i mostlikely can build it