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  1. Only was able to spend one night at Trotcon, but it was great! Peter New was good fun, and I got Heather Breckel's autograph. WInnnnnn

  2. Zain


    Willkommen! Also I don't speak German. But welcome all the same!
  3. Went to Gettysburg this weekend as I visited my friend in Baltimore. Great weekend. Exhausted... here goes Monday

  4. Zain

    Gaming Warhammer

    Oh come on now, prioritize! You don't NEED food, and you don't NEEEEEEED a place to live! THINK OF HOW MANY RIPTIDES YOU COULD OWN!!!!
  5. Zain

    Gaming Warhammer

    Played Relic today, just got it yesterday. http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/128442/relic It's based of the board game Talisman, but set in 40k. They did a good job adding onto the Talisman rule set to feel more like 40k, and I think it could be alot of fun once I get a little more comfortable with it. It's about a 2-3 hour game, although probably more close to an hour once you're comfy with it. Very fun.
  6. Zain

    Gaming Warhammer

    He's referring to the Badab war, far after the Horus Heresy. It involved the Astral Claws and a handful of other chapters. In the end, the Astral Claws fled and signed up with Chaos, whereas the other chapters mainly had to serve some crusades of redemption, kinda suicidal crusades. Have you ever watched Veetpl's videos on YouTube? He doesn't usually use 40k music, but his stuff truly captures the essence of 40k. http://youtu.be/E3aMRFGOttk http://youtu.be/DOfroSFohkI
  7. Applejack screams out "DORN", at least to me. Personality wise, and in the traits of the Imperial Fists, she's handy with constructing defenses I'd bed, and were she able to wield a sword, I'd take her in any matchup. Oh, and she's yellow. My first instinct with Rainbowdash is the White Scars, but that might be to simplistic.
  8. Zain

    Gaming Warhammer

    THANKS! And thank god for 1d4chan The most productive stuff to come out of 4chan. That is an absolutely Epic C'tan, I would not want to face that down.
  9. I have a friend who teaches at Bowling Green, and he is inviting me to go to Trotcon this year. I've never been to a con period, but I think I might pony up and do it. Plus, I like visiting new places and drinking heavily in them Alas, I can't tell you more than their website can.
  10. Zain

    Gaming Warhammer

    Based on your love of old Northern European cultures, kinda surprised you didn't go full fledged Space Wolves I love it! And it all fits with the universe. Marine Chapters get to have alot of fun in the cultures they draw from, because they really expand upon their traits. IG however got out of hand (IMO) becoming too cliche with the famous regiment worlds they created, by and large. Me personally, I love the IG because they AREN'T Special. I haven't fleshed my Regiment all out, but I love the concept of having a world that's rather ordinary, with a few inspiring stories in th
  11. Zain

    Gaming Warhammer

    I'm not as diligent as I should be to truly honor their sacrifices. I had been doing detailed casualty reports after each battle, but that was getting excessive. I now have a few named models worth remembering, and a few stories behind them (the last guardsman who took out a renegade Terminator Chaplain HQ, or the sentinel pilot who racked up a number of vehicle kills), but what I need to do is flesh out my homeworld. I'm curious, what approach did you take with your chapter? Did you use a prexisting one, or make your own? And either way, did you get into the backstory much?
  12. HOLY nomilicious.... I really need to get back into mixing drinks. Plus if you get into mixing drinks, you're in the business of making people happy @TheIronHugo I don't get into wine that much, but it's worth dabbling. I really push for beer and food pairings, but to me, the best way to enjoy a great steak is with a great red wine.
  13. What sorta wine didn't you like? Red and dry? There are plenty of sweeter wines out there, a whole range from boxed wines to some pricier stuff. Whites with some dry acidic bite to them, or sweeter whites. I was going to try to describe it, then I found this (it's way more descriptive and simple) http://www.primermagazine.com/2011/learn/visual-guide-to-wine-types I'm personally not a wine expert, but I've had enough to be able to say that if you don't like dry reds, it's not hard to find a totally different style Also, ask your local wine store owner! I'm a novice, but I alw
  14. I'm not sure of their distribution, but J.K's Scrumpy from Almar is good (tastes like real, fresh cider from a mill, but with booze!) and Uncle John's has grown quite a bit, doing a variety of ciders and apple infused wines. There's also Blackstar farms which I've had a few times, though I don't remember how it was anymore, and B Nektar does some cool Meads and cysers. Woodchuck and Strongbow are easy to find of course, and while kinda too sweet for me to drink all the time, I still love them, and I know they were an intro to me into other ciders, as they hopefully will be for others.
  15. Zain

    Gaming Warhammer

    So I thought I was the only crazy one. I do something similar, although I don't have as many games under my belt. I got a cool hardcover journal and I record most of my battles, and I call out commendations for heroic acts. So I have some named guys and vehicles now, though with IG, it could quickly get out of hand. Still, LOVE that I'm not alone in that. Building a unique army goes beyond the painting.
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