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  1. Brainstorm

    Ask Derpy!

    Derby, How are you?
  2. Brainstorm

    Ask Princess Celestia

    Princesses Celestia, How are you?
  3. Brainstorm

    Ask Cadance

    Cadence, I want to know, what do think of Spike the dragon since he saved the Crystal Empire.
  4. Brainstorm

    Ask Spike the Dragon

    Spike, How are you? How did you get magic fire breath?
  5. Brainstorm

    Ask Cadance

    I don't understand?
  6. Trixie, I don't think your bad, I believe in giving second chances, I'm giving you a second chance. I believe you can do some good with your magic.
  7. Brainstorm

    Ask Zecora

    What's your special brew?
  8. Sweetie Belle, I like those CMC Capes. their cool.
  9. Brainstorm

    Ask Luna

    Luna, Do you sometimes visit Twilight, Spike, or the others in their dreams, like you did with Scootaloo?
  10. Brainstorm

    Ask Zecora

    Zecora, How are you?
  11. Brainstorm

    Ask Spitfire

    Spitfire, How are you? Your one of my favorite Wonderbolts.
  12. Brainstorm

    Ask Rarity

    Miss Rarity, I was wondering, what's your favorite gemstone? One of my favorites is Quartz.
  13. Brainstorm

    Ask Rarity

    I'm fine. I'm fine.
  14. Brainstorm

    Ask Luna

    Luna, How are you?
  15. Brainstorm

    Ask Scootaloo! ^^

    Hello Scootaloo, How are you?
  16. Brainstorm

    Ask Rarity

    Hello Rarity, How are you?
  17. Brainstorm

    Ask Cadance

    Cadance, What do you think of Spike the dragon?
  18. Brainstorm

    Ask Dr. Whooves

    Doctor, How is Screwloose's condition, is she getting better?
  19. Trixie, I don't think your evil. I think your magic can make you a hero..
  20. Brainstorm

    Ask Sweetie Belle

    Sweetie Belle, I like those CMC capes, how did you make them?
  21. Brainstorm

    Ask Zecora

    Zecora, How do you know about Dragons?
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