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  1. Oh, I see. Anyword from Meadowbroke and Zecora?
  2. Okay. Celestia and Luna, Got any recent scrolls from Twilight and Spike?
  3. I know Discord, I know. And I'm sure the ponies are aware of this, are they?
  4. Yes, they were able to help each other and Discord finds other ways to express his powers. You agree?
  5. Starswirl, Did Celestia told you it was Fluttershy who reformed Discord?
  6. That's good. I'm sure all across Equestria needs some cheering up.
  7. 1. I don't know about that, but, Starlight did mention some of the students liked your chaos a little bit, just control it better next time. 2. Speaking of Trixie, did she ever took your offering in needing a little chaos in her act? After she and you rode on those Flying Pigs after she said, When Pigs Fly.
  8. Also, keep in mind, she was trying to run the school the way Twilight would've done and you and her are Equestria Heroes who got Pink Hearts of Courage. You agree?
  9. Brainstorm

    Ask Fluttershy!

    Fluttershy, How've you been? Do you and the others get scrolls or letters from Twilight and Spike sometimes?
  10. 1. I like her too. Starlight uses a direct approach but Twilight's approach is needed too. Also, Twilight and her friends helped both of you, didn't see? 2. I see. Well, it did help you and Luna to understand your rolls better. Didn't it? 3. She didn't kill you Discord, she only teleported you from the school. Which she undid, eventually. 4. Yes, she did. She helped you in understanding Stygian and you got him back.
  11. That's good. Use you chaos to make them smile during the ponydemic, I'm sure every pony needs some cheering up in these crazy times, and I'm sure Fluttershy and her friends will approve of it. You agree?
  12. I see. But, is it as much fun as you remembered or no?
  13. I agree. Yes, Nightmare Moon wasn't Luna's best moment, but, she learned from her mistake and now she and Celestia are closer than ever.
  14. When you returned from Limbo, we're you proud of Celestia and Luna of all they accomplished during your absence?
  15. That's cool. Guess Pinkie wanted to celebrate you and the Pillars return from Limbo, you agree? Happy Hearth's Warming.
  16. Starswirl, Before the Pandemic, did Twilight and Spike show you Sugarcube Corner?
  17. That's cool. What'd you think of Twilight saving all your postcards?
  18. 1. I see. 2. (Have any of Starswirls postcards he currently sent before the pandemic?)
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