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  1. Guess you can tell Twilight's one of your biggest fans, you agree? Are any of your current ones, before the pandemic, are up on Twilight's room wall?
  2. Cool. I know your journey's are on hold cause of the pandemic, but, did Twilight show you she saved all the postcards you send her?
  3. I agree. Starswirl, Did they show you some embarrassing pictures of Spike when he was small?
  4. I see. Can he tell you, Luna, and Twilight have a close connection with Spike?
  5. Celestia, Have you told Starswirl how you and Twilight raised Spike in Equestria?
  6. I see. Do you and Luna get letters from Twilight and Spike saying they miss you two?
  7. Well, I was thinking Pinkie can organize a party to thank all them for their hard work.
  8. I see. I know Zecora and Meadowbroke are doing everything they can, we can show them our appreciation. You agree?
  9. Celestia and Luna, How's your planning on getting together with Twilight, Spike, and the others after the pandemic?
  10. Brainstorm

    Ask Ocellus

    That's cool. In your Dragon Form, can you use Firebreath or no?
  11. I see. Well, Rockhoof can still help around. Glad to hear Stygian's books are selling very well, you must be proud of him.
  12. Brainstorm

    Ask Ocellus

    Yes. You're welcome. Do you change into your Dragon form when you're around Smolder or Spike sometimes?
  13. Brainstorm

    Ask Ocellus

    Ocellus, I like your Dragon transformation?
  14. Because of Rockhoof having trouble fitting in and Stygian probably having troubled from the Pony of Shadows. I mean, having those books might cheer them up and show how important they are both to the team.
  15. Brainstorm

    Ask the Legion of Doom

    Crystalias, Of all the sticks that you've made of the fake Main Six, why're you more attached to the one from fake Twilight?
  16. Cool. Think it might help cheer up Rockhoof and Stygian. What'd you think?
  17. Yes, that's what I was asking. Have either of you thought about making a Book of Memories like the one Starlight and Spike made for Twilight?
  18. Oh, isn't that nice of them, isn't it? What about you Starswirl?
  19. Okay. Has Twilight and Spike sent each of you a Hearts Warming Card?
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