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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Hello again... I'm back from super hiatus! It has been 3 years since I started this topic. So I'm here to show you the result of your critiques. I got interested in traditional art and kinda left out the digital art. But I still use photoshop to fix some color. Mostly, I colored my drawings with watercolors now. And inks too. Checked it all out on my deviantart page Oh yeah, thank you guys, thanks for the critiques.
  3. Count me in His name Random Known, Random OC Pony with tounge always spited out , http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/random-known-r3837 . Never feel my OC gonna be used by someone , This gonna be exciting XD
  4. Digiral

    Pony Artwork (random)

    Do you have photoshop, If you do, Try using it. Photoshop can turn Ugly Quality Photo to Badass High Quality Photo. Try it Here some example what I mean. And this after edited with photoshop : Try it
  5. Digiral

    Pony Artwork (random)

    Nice to see someone done pony artwork. But the body still not as scale... Hind Legs were too small, And try to improve the wings by trace from the show, or improve it with your own style. Can't wait to see you become professional :3
  6. Thanks for critque Yeah.... I guess my proportions are way off.... but , somepony told me , it's good to off from the show , because it's your own style.... and.... I drew with Sketchbook pro.... what did you mean by quickle gesture drawings ? and.... what OC you talked about ?
  7. Mmmm.... It's been a long time since I post in this tread .... Here some of my artwork... Did I make any progress? Anyway... check my deviant art :3 just visit my profile :3
  8. Digiral

    Random Known

    Random Known
  9. I have made some artwork with PaintoolSAI , It's so damn uncomfortable ..... and it's too complcated. Please critique my art with PaintoolSAI too :3 thx for crituque Okie dokie , noted that :3 Glad you like it :3
  10. Hey Guys I just need critique for my drawing style so here some examples of my drawing : Derpy Hooves Zith Slighter (My OC ) Some pony request ... Jetty Dash (My OC too) Pinkie pie with Random Known (My OC too) And there's still many Art by me and comics too.... For Art or if you want to request : http://askdigiral.tumblr.com/ For Comics : http://digiralcomic.tumblr.com/ Oh yeah, can you all rate my Comics too Thank for reading this post and thx for the rating and critique
  11. Digiral

    Post your pony artwork

    wow , so much improvement , i guess....... good job , but I want to suggest you something , if you make an artwork that more than 2 days , Don't tell how long you make it , because it will make your artwork rate go down ..... unless, if someone ask about it
  12. LOL!!!! So.... How hard to draw ponies , Sky? You always push me to do your request quickly , And now you feel , how hard to draw ponies XD Anyway, Your drawing it's something XD Yous should practice more you should make request tread So you can practice more Oh, I guess I don't need to give you a critiq again , since the pro have mentioned it : Good Luck with your practice Sky , XD LOL!!
  13. Digiral

    I Changed Up My Drawing Style A Bit. It Good, Yes?

    Wow !!! YOU CHANGED A LOT!!! Seriously , good job But , I suggest you to imitate the style in mlp fim , it's okay if you want to kept your new style .... But the mouth or nose need to be smoother or shorter ..... and... I amaze with you you can draw the hooves correctly. How you do that ? O.O OH , one thing , the eyes , everypony have different eyes style, you need to do that , like ... Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy eyes never be same .... Okay , I guess that's all what I think of your new styles
  14. Digiral

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

  15. Digiral

    Post your pony artwork

    OMG!!! seriously , mouse? You seriously Amazing XD but I suggest , you need to improve your work , use vector , like inkscape for making pony