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  2. Equestria! then i would go to twilight and get her to learn a spell that would turn me into a pony!!! more specifically my OC! It would be so awesome! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! If it were real life i would say... uhhh... Beside ACRacebest ;D
  3. I can't waaaaaaaaaaait! I can't believe I got this because at school I make a bunch of random voices and my friends are like what are you doing and I'm all like aaaaaaaaaahhhhm making random voices! And there all like you should be a voice actor and I'm interested in that so getting this makes really happy!
  4. I might get into a voice acting thing! Cross your fingers! :D

  5. If your on this reading this welcome to MLPForums if you need anything hit me up we can talk for sure!
  6. Yeah I could do that voice higher pitch I'll do it tommorrow though because its late and I'm tired btw thanks a lot P.s sorry for the background noise I was rolling a metal ball on the desk
  7. Vinyl Scratch: http://vocaroo.com/i/s0t6m1Y0kSSa My second attempt and final cause I can't have anymore ;( Hope you choose me! Also congrats skittlemybrony hope you have fun! :/ Or maybe you could make room for my pony... If its not too much...
  8. Well at least I tried Fluttershy I guess i kinda have an advantage since im 12 and my voice can go high pitched lol here you go! Fluttershy: http://vocaroo.com/i/s1KdzQMchFPE Fluttershy#2: http://vocaroo.com/i/s1LaEnrSbSPs Big Macintosh: http://vocaroo.com/i/s1xovZudmAu6 King Sombra: http://vocaroo.com/i/s0SX4LyQ7nUX Vinyl Scratch: http://vocaroo.com/i/s1gmeuANpOww
  9. The shape of the head and hair are a complete fail lol its not very good at all but at least i tried! I only started drawing like a month ago and i really like it. I think it could be my future maybe! I'll get better though!
  10. My OC Soothing Charm

  11. Nice but im the true Vinyl mwahaahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha lol What program did you use? I really wanna know how people draw so good on the computer it makes no sence so can i have the name of the program.
  12. Hey I made pinkie pie in wonder bolts glasses. The story is that rainbow dash joined the wonder bolts and then pinkie stole her wonderbolts goggles.
  13. Soothing Charm

    Hello everypony!

    Well I make gameplays sometimes and I also do remixes and pony vids
  14. Hey this is my first fanfic and I really couldn't think of anything to put at the end of the story so I just put that thanks for reading it! The Final Flight It was a bright sunshiny day in Ponyville. Fluttershy was talking with Big Mac, Twilight was reading and all the other ponies in Ponyville were having a great time. Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo were in the clouds, Rainbow Dash was teaching Scootaloo how to fly. You need to practice you lift off Scootaloo. Rainbow Dash said. Awww... Can't we do more fun things like getting right to the flying? Scootaloo said. No. If you
  15. Soothing Charm

    Dashie the Killer

    No I used gimp and yes i know this sucks cause i was in a terrible mood and i didnt feel like trying at all this was crap. I'm not good at using the computer to draw so right now im drawing by hand. My next drawing is going to be pinkiepie with the wonderbolts goggles on. I'm working on the right now.
  16. I drew this in a bad mood... my best friend is depressed and i was thinking of Jeff the Killer so I made this. I'm also looking for someone to make my my own OC for my profile pic, I'm too lazy to make my own.
  17. Soothing Charm

    Visual Art Midnight Slasher

    I drew this using Gimp it took me 4 hours. Its really not that good but it will do I also did a drawing of "Dashie the Killer" I'll post it soonish
  18. Yeah but im stuck in my room drawing and always worried if someone walks in on me drawing ponies cause my parents and sis dont know im a brony cause they would think im crazy and probably send me to a mental hospital so i try to draw as much as i can before someone comes in my room.
  19. Thanks a lot! I heard that some people practice a steady hand by doing nothing but drawing straight lines for a whole day! /) Brohoof!
  20. I just added all the pictures to this, i'll ask the mod to take of the others thanks! P.s wanna be friends? I'm really new to this website and you seem like a person that can help me out a bit. /)
  21. Thats what I was gonna do but i didn't know if i could so I think i'll just delete my posts if i can and do it on this one or maybe another one.
  22. HEY I drew lots of ponies I think their pretty good because I only started drawing about 1 month ago! It's not really good like the rest of yours but its good.
  23. Really good I can't draw crap. Well I wouldn't say the because I can draw quite well but not like this. Is this hand drawn with marker or done with a CPU if its done with a computer what program do you use? /) Also scootaloos eyes. Could use some white circles but I would rate this 9.9 out of 10 it's really good oh and by the way the background is clouds because discord lifted the land up where scoots and RD were practising. XD
  24. I would like to introduce myself, I'm Vinyl Scratch but you can call me Scratchy check out my YouTube! MrSteamproductionz
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