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  1. I have ADHD. As a kid they threw me on adderall. However, I sacked up and dealt with it like a big boy when I got to high school. Teachers may treat you like a special snowflake but the real world doesn't care. Graduated high school and the EMS academy just fine without meds.
  2. Depending on what happens in the next few days, I may just have the answer I was looking for...

  3. That was fun while it lasted

  4. So... There's going to be a micro series about the villains. I hope to the sisters that Cook/Price stay far far far away from them.

  5. I found out I'm on YouTube. It's a funeral procession, but still.

  6. So twitter's all butthurt because no black people were nominated for oscars. Lel.

  7. It's a shame really. I've been away for awhile and this is how I'm treated?

  8. Lololololololololololololo...

  9. Huh, my avatar was missing for some reason. I wonder why... *looks towards camera*