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  1. You may be able to see my OCD in this list. Hopefully should be able to get most of these in the up coming Steam sale
  2. That Celestia is just fuel for rule 34
  3. I'm going to wait what they announce at e3 and depending on that I will buy one for Xmas. I think if they announce a new Zelda I'm buying one defo, I also have a load of Wii games I haven't touched to play
  4. Comixology have them all on digital download, i believe because of that they are also the cheapest place to get them. I think they do the volumes on Amazon as well but not the issues. Personally I get mine on eBay when the new issues come out or comic shop whenever I'm in Manchester. However I would hold off eBay for the moment just because of the cyber attacks which have happened recently.
  5. I bought a £50 canvas painting of Derpy last year at BUCK con. I don't feel bad about it though, in fact I bought one of Trixie as well on last day
  6. I'm probably gonna buy but I'm not huge on pre-ordering and even then it comes out near the end of the year anyway so don't see the purpose of sinking £40 just yet
  7. I have been asking on UK Equestria about the IDW thing, luckily people are comic experts on there. One of them replied with this. "There's no pretty smart person around at the moment, so you'll have to make do with me. In this particular case, don't worry! I won't bore you to sleep with the in-depth version, but basically a problem has been discovered with the licensing agreement between IDW and Cartoon Network that's meant that comics based on CN properties are not properly licensed for distribution in the UK. Many of IDW's animation-based comics are those of CN characters like the Powerpuff Girls and Ben 10, so this is a serious blow to UK collectors of those. I don't know whether there are any plans to sort that out. My Little Pony, however, is not a Cartoon Network property -- it's owned by Hasbro -- so the CN licensing problems are irrelevant. As far as I'm aware, the MLP comics should carry on appearing in UK comic shops for as long as they can make money selling them. " Hope this helps a bit m8
  8. Ouch, I'm rly sorry to hear that. Don't mind me asking but what do you do now then, did you just read it online?
  9. Oh no that's really depressing, I hope it's only for cartoon network though. Pony is love, pony is life can't live without them
  10. Hi all, this is something I would like to know and probably some others on this forum, I'm curious if there are any online stores where you are able to buy the old editions of the MLP comics in the UK. Thanks if you have any suggestions
  11. I'm glad there is a new Assassin's Creed game but that was expected Only grip is -like Black Flag to an extent (in my opinion!)- am not a huge fan of the time period where it will be set. Hope the 360 and PS3 versions aren't a dumb downed Assassin's Creed game like liberations. Also if Ardo is the name of the new Assassin that's a cool name
  12. Thank god eBay exist But I doubt IDW would be pulling their comics from UK, could imagine that being a loss in profit.
  13. Being honest I would not care either way. As long as they can accept what I like then that's good enough for me. Don't think you could even start a relationship with ponies as the core foundation anyway
  14. Oh wow this is a hard one, it would probably change within a week but 1:Typhlosion 2:Meinshao 3:Gardevoir 4:Volcarona 5:Blaziken 6:Gardevoir and 7:Flygon, these are the ones I recent memory I have been in love with, with 3 of them actually being ones I have had since gen 3, blaziken flygon and gardevoir
  15. I went to BUCK last year and I really liked it, but £80 for standard if you don't get ticket's early...ouch : /