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  1. Red Diamond

    My OC Melody.. has stolen the Alicorn Amulet.

    aaaaah it looks like a girl i hated when i rode the bus before i turned 16 in fact it has the same name. also it's trixie but you just used the paintbrush tool to cover up her hair
  2. Red Diamond

    I done did a thing

    kind of strains my eyes a bit you'll get better man
  3. Red Diamond

    Last time you caused yourself to facepalm?

    I KNOW I HATE THAT FEELING. This isn't definitely the last time but in the 3rd grade, I was looking for my Spyro 2 game. I thought I lost it. After 30 minutes, I realized: it was in my hand the whole time. I facepalm everyday in school due to the ghetto and ratchet kids in the school. I just want to see their future to see if they come up dead, or just become homeless.
  4. Red Diamond

    Movies/TV Who's the most attractive animated character?

    Do I have to say more? Everyone is probably going to say that Jessica Rabbit is the most attractive animated character.
  5. Red Diamond

    Ask me anything

    If we all start out as females are we all lesbians @OP
  7. Red Diamond

    Do You Think Pegasi Lay Eggs?

    Mr and Mrs. Cake. 'nuff said.
  8. Red Diamond

    Do your parents know you're a brony?

    If my friends know I used to be a brony, they would torture me and they would leak this sh!t to the kids at my school, therefore me getting made fun of. My dad, mom, sister and brother know I'm a brony, they caught me watching some pony vids, but that was a long time ago. Q: but RD if you are not a brony why do you even go on here A: boredom my friend
  9. Red Diamond

    Technology Windows will you remember it?

    I remember Windows XP by having 25 genuine ISOs ranging from Starter to Media Center Edition 2005, to beta builds. When I listen to the music XP has, I always tear up, because of me missing the days on my first computer. I'm actually listening to the XP Tour Music, and I am tearing up as I speak. It's so sad to see it go. I actually became a geek because of my first computer. About 3 weeks after I got my first computer(some 2006 HP desktop), I got into technology. I used XP from 2003 - 2013, and my parents bought a family computer which had XP the same year I used XP for the first time. I'll miss you XP, you'll have a special place in my heart. <3
  10. Red Diamond

    I'm gonna be clutch

    YES OP YOU CAN DO THIS Work out, like sit ups, and lifting weights. Out of relevance of this subject, I actually won a prize for me jumping over jump ropes which was to my throat(by height). Nothing.
  11. Red Diamond

    When you've had a bad day

    The internet of course. My friends online help me when I am down.
  12. Red Diamond

    do you think we will get "That episode"

    Since a lot of MLP's views revolves around kids, and IS aimed at the little girl population, it will never happen, since the target audience age is like 3-6, and they will not understand that.
  13. Red Diamond

    Best Insults

    Your mom is so fat I took a picture of her on Christmas and it's STILL printing. That's all I got. I haven't slept in a couple days so my creativity has gone dry.
  14. Red Diamond

    I Have A Fandom Confession to Make.

  15. Red Diamond

    How long have you been in the fandom?

    June 2011 aka too damn long