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  1. Or in the case of the poor knight, if you have the slightest bit of doubt in your heart.
  2. TanktheTortoise

    Technical Issues Image in Signature Stopped Working

    Thank you both for your assistance. It seems to be working now. Your help has been much appreciated.
  3. TanktheTortoise

    Technical Issues Image in Signature Stopped Working

    So I was updating my signature and all of a sudden my image no longer works. When I add it I get an error saying only 1 image is allowed in the sig but it is the only image I have. I tried putting it in as bbcode but it just shows up as console text. Is there something we can do about this? Thank you for your time and assistance. Regards, Tank
  4. So yeah Elf and Turtles x3 tied, and practically everything else is tied for second. I'd put up a poll but I doubt anyone wants to watch just one film so we are going to do what we did the last time this happened. Put the second show on Saturday. Turtles 1, 2014 Turtles and Elf will play Friday and Turtles 2 will play Saturday at 2 during Unscripted. Merry Christmas Everypony!
  5. The poll is now closed. Polar Express will be followed by Home Alone 1 and Home Alone 2. We have decided that Unscripted this week will be Christmas films but we have not yet decided on which ones. The announcement page will be posted soon with more info.
  6. Very much no you aren't the first to suggest this. One of the rules is a film cannot be suggested within two months of showing. Frozen was shown a month ago on November 14th. This means it won't be eligible for being shown until January 14th rolls around. Feel free to suggest something else however! Also please be aware that after the poll goes up all following suggestions are then placed in the queue for the following week's poll.
  7. Both perhaps? The cartoon is only like 30 minutes long and in the past when we've shown a Dr. Suess film we've also shown the cartoon with it.
  8. You realize that The Santa Clause is in one of the choices right? Sorry I forgot that Dr. Suess spelled everything wrong in his stories.
  9. Christmas Special List Up! For those of you wanting Holiday films this is your last chance before Christmas as next week's movie night will be the day after Christmas (Boxing Day for the rest of the world). Please remember that double features and triple features will take up all the showings.
  10. The Grench, Jingle All the Way, and The Santa Clause Triple feature. Because CHRISTMAS!
  11. The polls are now closed. By a small 3 vote margin the Mummy trilogy will be shown alongside Guardians and the third film will be shown at unscripted on Saturday. The schedule will be posted soon.
  12. In a landslide the winner is Guardians of the Galaxy with 12 votes. However, the second place is currently tied with TWO TRILOGIES. This hasn't happened before so we have decided that we are going to show the first two films of the winner along with Guardians on Friday and the final film of the winning trilogy will be shown on Saturday during Unscripted. I have placed the tiebreaker poll up so everyone has a chance to throw their opinion in on which one should be shown.
  13. You have got to be kidding me I WAS SOOOOOO CLOSE!!!
  14. Suggesting The Mummy Trilogy for next week.
  15. By a single vote at 10 votes Hocus Pocus and Nightmare Before Christmas are going to be playing for Halloween. However, the 9 votes for Equestria Girls and Rainbow Rocks cannot be discounted. So they will be shown for Unscripted this week at 2 PM EDT on Saturday. Stay tuned for next week's poll and we look forward to seeing you at the movies .
  16. I am going to suggest Evolution cause I haven't seen it in a long time and its hilarious!
  17. By a single vote win we have Die Hard 1-3 at 6 votes. I will check with the other guys about perhaps doing Ghostbusters and/or Little China for Unscripted as it has been some time since we watched a film on there and poor Little China has been nominated many times now. Anyway the schedule will be posted either tomorrow or Friday.
  18. Poll is up. Please select two choices. The winners will be announced on Wednesday and the schedule will be posted Thursday/Friday. Please be aware that if a double feature or trilogy wins it will take both showings. My suggestion is MORE BRUCE WILLIS!! As such I'm suggesting Die Hard 1-3 (there are five of them so I can't call it a trilogy).
  19. A quote from one of the threads linked on the site for its "founding arguments." So yes it is indeed a joke. It started apparently in /mlp/. So that should tell you of its inherent farcical nature. And I do agree that taking the joke to that extreme is quite offensive.
  20. I approve! Also, I think your introduction should be "Is he friend or is he foe the Brony wonders, I can assure you I am no friend... I am MOD JERIC!"
  21. Will you be there for tonight's movies? If so I can try to get Cats Don't Dance as a bonus film, given its nomination and vote record. . I'll just need to track it down once I get off work.
  22. Closed this poll has been. ~ Yoda With 7 and 6 votes respectively the winners are Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Jurassic Park. The schedule will be posted on Thursday/Friday.
  23. My apologies for that. Started my new job this week and things have been a little hectic. Under normal circumstances yes there would have been a tiebreaker posted on Wednesday. My sincerest apologies that it was not.
  24. First of all HOLY CRAP that was a close race... for second. Pulling ahead early on was Goldeneye with 8 votes and the second place goes to.... *drum roll* .... From Russia With Love at 6 votes. GG Lincoln, Cats Don't Dance, and Thor Double Feature. It would appear we have a bond night tomorrow. The schedule will be posted tomorrow.
  25. And the winner is... Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Godzilla 2014 with a total of 9 votes. The schedule will be posted later this week.
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