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  1. Ikaron

    Hello there!

    Brohoofs to everyone /) Thanks for all the kind words. I might not be only too much here, though :3 Anyways, I might look into Octavia's Hall, though not right away :3 @ hawkflame: I know the basics of HTML, but it's not too smashing :DD Also, what is a "CS major"? We don't have that in Germany :3 Have a great day, Ikaron /) PS: By the way, could you look into this topic: http://mlpforums.com/topic/53918-looking-for-a-certain-winter-wrap-up-remix/ and post the answer here, if you know it? It got locked for no reason :c
  2. Hello there dear mlpforums.com community. My (internet) name is Ikaron, I am a student at the age of 14 and I totally enjoy this show you all here like so much. This is why I finally decided to go and join a forum about it :3 Well.. A few facts about me: I'm from Germany and currently visiting a "Gymnasium", as it is called in over here, in 10th grade, which afaik is called a "sophomore". I do some pony art, but I'm pretty new to it.. I guess you can find some of my pics on vect0rnoob.deviantart.com Also, I'm currently learning programming, the languages C++, Java, HTML, PHP and MySQL to be exact. I'd pretty much like to make a small pony game, but I guess I just don't have the ideas.. If you are an artist and feel like working with me, I'd be pretty happy about it :3 Also, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks for your time /) Ikaron