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  1. Here: One of my favorite parkour videos. A sick pen beat battle.
  2. Hey, thanks! I know I'm probably a long ways off from that, but at this point, I'm just hoping to get off the ground!
  3. I really want to tap into the music part of this fandom. Have my name become a brony association. (Living Tombstone, WoodenToaster/Glaze, Archie, AcousticBrony, MandoPony, Jackle App, Bronyfied, Aviators, Rainbowcrash88 etc.) However, I just started and it's difficult coming up with ideas. I always try and make something for a couple hours, next day, I think it's bad and completely scrap it. It's not that bad. Since when I started, I couldn't even find an idea of how to write a song. I don't know, but I've only been doing this for about 11 months (almost a year!) and I'm hoping I'll get somewhere soon.
  4. This guy right here: His video list is full of some of the most epic music you will ever hear! Like so (3 samples) Soundcritters - Heroic Opportunities: Gothic Storm - Legends of the Apocalypse: Ethos Music - Ornithological Symphony: He then also has one hour mixes on his channel with an insane 8 and 10 hour mix. If you love orchestral music/video game soundtracks, give this guy a chance!
  5. Spike's been the laughing stock of the script for too long! Was Power Ponies not supposed to show that he wasn't a pushover?
  6. Yes... It is. Which is why I love it. I think Blood on the Dance Floor is an O.K. band sometimes... I really don't like some of their music, but they have decent songs out there.
  7. How about a nice, soothing landscape. Capturing the regal elegance of Canterlot's finest underneath moonlight... ==ATTACHED FILE== Still no... Hmm... Here's an image of Twilight's library. Go on, give it a chance!
  8. It's Philomena... Funny story actually, my friend (who isn't even a brony) had this as a wallpaper and I asked him, "I thought you didn't watch MLP?" With him responding "I don't..." Turns out he just found it on Google images and set it as a wallpaper! XD
  9. I hate the whole, "_____" is best/worst pony... Has made me irritably consider Fluttershy to be overrated [same with Luna]. I also hate references to Applejack being background. She doesn't have many episodes because there aren't any plots to develop around any of her characteristics. Lastly, whenever I see comments saying, "I cried reading/watching/listening to/eating/insertactionhere this." Makes me want to smack someone.
  10. This right here. Pretty much the entire reason why it happens. Personally, I think this is the best episode in the season so far. The others just came too far out of left field for me to really kind of "get"... The only other one was Daring Don't, but that might be more because we actually saw Daring Do. Back onto the topic, this is the only episode I really felt was down to earth and more of a "slice-of-life" story.
  11. Well, I've seen School of Rock for the third time in my life... I enjoy that movie. Always going to love it.