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  1. For once I actually cannot make up my mind.

  2. I had an entire imaginary universe when I was younger, the Timothy World. I was king, and Supar the Great and Epilogue were my besties. Azbomb was my evil brother who ruled an evil empire that existed on a PAC Man shaped moon. My planet was a cube the size of the galaxy. Populated by robots. And no girls were allowed. It was odd, but cool. I'd imagine sending troops to right in the American Revolution a lot because why not?
  3. Now, I'd be interested in the commercial narrator part, but to be honest my mic isn't very good. Think a little better than an iPod mic. Would that be much of a problem, considering it would be in a commercial and therefore might be naturally distorted? I just don't want you to waste your time listening to an audition with unacceptable sound quality.
  4. Since I've been a brony, and even more so since when I joined these forums, I have noticed a trend among many other fans that troubles me. We all know the cliche mantra "love and tolerate," and most seem to follow that little code to some extend. However, it seems that many people are interpreting it in the wrong way. They seem so cautious when stating their opinions, as if disagreeing with someone else is a form of borderline intolerance. I think respectful debate on an issue or belief is very healthy and constructive, and even necessary if you want to be truly confident in your beliefs. Due to this, it troubles me whenever I see posts where people shy away from even remotely challenging another person's opinion. It's as if there's an "everybody can be right!" mentality among some members of the community, when that's simply not true. Of course, the majority of posters seem like they healthily state and debate their opinions, and there are even some who yell their opinions from the mountains, but there's still a disproportionately large group that's very timid when it comes to such things. At least, that's just my opinion. Now, please note that the only other forum I frequent is NationStates, where posters often proclaim their opinions as if they're undeniable truth, so my point of view is probably different from most here. It may be that the people here are like most people anywhere. So, does anyone else see this trend? Or is my viewpoint just so slanted that I'm seeing things that don't actually exist? Furthermore, if what I say is correct, do you think it's a bad thing, or actually a good thing?
  5. Forum Member Crush: None. I don't really know anybody here well. Pony Crush: Twilight Sparkle. IRL Crush: A girl in my class, whose name I will withhold for her privacy. It kind of developed over the year. Although, I'm not sure whether I want her to be more than a friend. We're pretty good friends right now, and I wouldn't want to lose that.
  6. "Simply stating your opinion" is one thing. Calling an entire group of people disturbing, morally wrong, and abhorrent is an entirely different matter. You have moved from the realm of stating an opinion to throwing around insults. I'm fine with the former, but I won't stand for the latter. Frankly, I find insulting an entire group of people based on their sexuality disturbing, morally wrong, and abhorrent. You seem to be basing your argument on why homosexuality is wrong by saying it is unnatural and serves no purpose. I'd disagree with your first assertion. It's perfectly natural for some people to feel homosexual, just as it is natural for you to be attracted to the opposite sex. I think your view of sexuality is over simplistic. Sexuality is about far more than reproducing. Secondly, does the fact that something serves no real purpose make it morally wrong? I fail to see your reasoning here. Sure, two men can't make babies, but they can love and care for each other, and I think that is a good reason why homosexuality can be beneficial. I hate to continue this debate in this thread, but I just thought some things had to be said. And so I don't go totally off topic, I changed my mind. I'd go gay for Braeburn.
  7. Well, I can't pick a specific point where it ended. You don't all of a sudden *poof* mature. It's a process. For me, I guess it started when I was... Five? Something like that. I made a "speech" on how to end homelessness. It was complete crap looking back, but I think it shows that I began to care for people besides my family and friends, which I think is an important part of maturity.
  8. I got Tuxedo Masquerade. Not bad, but it doesn't really fit me much. I haven't even worn a tuxedo in my entire life! But I guess it's better than a name that makes no sense.
  9. I thought it was a bit odd that grown guys liked MLP, but I thought, "Whatever floats your boat." When I discovered some of the fan works before I became an actual fan of the show, I actually gained a lot of respect for the creative minds of the brony community.
  10. I don't hate any member of my family. My dad annoys me the most, though, because he seems to believe that if he repeats something enough, it becomes true. But really, we get along swimmingly as long as we don't talk about certain things.
  11. The last year I trick-or-treated was 13. I think 15 is when you should stop, but ya know, whatever makes you happy. 16 year olds like free candy too.
  12. I usually only sleep talk during nightmares, so it's mostly just, "No, no, no.",or something similar. However, my dad once said in his sleep, "But I don't wanna go to Egypt!" This was completely random. This was before all the unrest, so Egypt wasn't even in the back of our minds, and my family had no plans of traveling anywhere.
  13. Well, I started getting into Attack on Titan after SaberSpark mentioned it. Let's see... I've begun making an effort to become more forgiving. I used to justify taking revenge by saying, "They deserved it!" but now I calm myself and seek a more... Constructive solution to my personal problems.
  14. When I was 8, this group of black kids my age pushed me out of a whirl pool because I was white. Other than that, I have not been the victim of any racism, and I'm pretty sure these kids would have kicked me out no matter the color of my skin.