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  1. User Name: Game: Clock Tower System: SNES (You're gonna have to get the translated ROM, don't worry it's fairly easy to find. PM me if interested) ESRB Rating: M (I think, Japanese stuff yunno....) Reason: Clock Tower was influential in that it played out like a true horror movie. The main character is a young orphan girl with absolutely no means to defend herself, therefore making hiding and running your only options to survive. As a matter of fact, where you happen to be chased plays an important part in how well you understand the story (in my first playthrough I understood very little besides "I need to run the f*** away!" because the villain just so happened to chase me away from areas that had background information on the story). Perhaps one of the absolute best and realistic (considering the limited abilities of the protagonist) survival horror titles out there. Oh and multiple endings. Gotta love em.
  2. Hell if I know bro, I just threw em in there Figured you know that if somebody is looking for some music you might be able to find a gem in there
  3. I can recommend some stuff M83 Faunts Starflyer 59 (old stuff, new stuff kind of sucks) Darwin Deez Bat For Lashes The Cure Gorillaz
  4. Yeah, I honestly love the site so far. It makes getting pony music so easy and satisfying. I'll be sure to put links to it (and my user profile for that matter lol) on fimfiction
  5. I'm rubbish at any type of game design but hey! I would love to play it, It just so happens that I'm really really really good at playing games of any kind. With chips. And some soda.
  6. Oh good *phew* Cause I've got a killer little track I'm just dying to show off man, and it just so happens to make references to an MLP fanfic as well as the show itself
  7. Where's all the f*&king FluttershyXSpike fictions man? Need my fix bro....

    1. SmittyWerbenjagermanjense
    2. Leslichu


      Well it asked what was on my mind!


      And you know a gentleman is honest if anything ^_-

  8. Question!!!! Ok so what if the track you want to upload isn't a remix of an MLP but an original song that has audio from the show? IS it only remixes? Or anything that's geared to the franchise itself?
  9. Ha I know right? That's one sexy avatar (I signed in with Facebook cause I'm lazy)
  10. Hey guys, I've been here for a few hours and I gotta admit I like it already! I'm a musician and fanfiction author, so I hope to show off my stuff and see other people's work too!
  11. I've hear quite a few complaints about this episode on places like 4chan and youtube, but I'm gonna be honest here: I feel each of those complaints is overshadowed by the simple fact that we are starting to see new interactions between characters. We've never seen Spike and Applejack interact one-on-one, so it was interesting to see how the dialogue flowed. I think that's what the writers are trying to do now. They're trying to see how different characters would behave with each other, like the Fluttershy and Discord episode. I'm also reasonably sure that if the episode had more time, Cadence and Rarity would have been more explored in Games Ponies Play
  12. thanks! i'll be sure to keep that in mind when i go back into the edits. i appreciate the kind words and critique. hopefully I'll be able to make more like it
  13. Okeedoke. I'll take a look at it when I get back to the dorm tonight, and I'll be sure to give you some honest feedback (my fimfiction name is the same as it is here: Leslichu)
  14. Yo people! So I was wondering if any of you have any pairings you'd like to see shipped-- See I'm currently taking a small break from my own work and I figured it would be best to keep myself busy in refreshingly original ways sssssooooo......... I'm looking to write a one-shot shipping for somebody! Here's the rules: -No OC's (sorry to all you bat-winged alicorns out there) -I ccccccaaaaannnnnn write clop, but if you want me to it's going to be subtle not explicit -When you post, be sure to specify which pairing you want. Be sure to specify any important details you want (such as specific settings, if you want clop or not, or time of day. Anything you want so long as it's reasonable) Remember, anything goes. I especially dig the more obscure stuff, such as M/M, crack pairings, innocent schoolyard crushes, villian and hero pairings. I'll watch for a few hours and if this thread gets a decent amount of replies, I'll select the most interesting ship and I'll PM you about the details (like when it's going to be out, and where to find it!) Get cracking people!
  15. Sorry bro, beat you to that one lol But yeah I agree, that was an absolutely gorgeous fanfiction. Art of the highest quality man, I swear.