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  1. Considering the lessons of that series are timeless, I'm thinking it'll continue to age well for a while. My next opportunity to find out will be when my kids have kids of their own, and I'll break out the MLP when I babysit.
  2. Starlight is one of the most accurate and realistic redemption stories that G4 had to offer. It's true that folks don't just switch from evil to good, and when someone decides to leave behind the bad, that doesn't make the past all better. I was grateful to the show to see how Starlight struggled after so many years of being a villain. It was almost impossible for her to accept that her old town had forgiven her. And yes, she's not 'all better', as we've seen. And yes, she deserves punishment, but instead she has been granted friendship. Folks who have been through a 12 step program
  3. I got a degree in finance, and work in a high-tech company that designs cool things. We're currently helping to invent G6 telecom standards and quantum technology. I add numbers together and help folks spend money.
  4. Human effort in order to provide the necessities of life, ain't going away any time soon. Fleeting dreams of idealistic people with little life experience notwithstanding. My opinion is unless you are one of the tiny fraction of ppl wealthy enough to not need to work, you might as well get used to the notion that you'll be working most of your life. And if you are in that lucky class, you'll probably chose to work at something. Might as well make the best of it. Find a career you enjoy, or are good at. Find places where you like who you work with.
  5. I'm disappointed. Better than Pony life, but still something that you'd expect to find playing at the daycare so the kiddos won't bug the adults. I hope to find a little Lauren Faust magic at some point, I'll give it another bunch of episodes to prove itself.
  6. NeuroTypical

    Pony.fm gone?

    Oof. It was up a few weeks ago. It might be the last of it's kind, but it's not the last pony radio station. http://ponyvillelive.com/ still has 11 active channels (hopefully Russian Pony Radio can come back - it was fine until Ukraine etc started).
  7. Depends on the pony. I used to have a real live Shetland pony, and we absolutely hated each other. But she demanded her ear scratches. And then glared at me when I didn't do them long enou
  8. The fandom may be waning, but I'm incredibly grateful Ponyville live is still host to around a dozen still-broadcasting radio stations! This place has been my go-to at work, once a month, for a decade. I have a long, boring excel spreadsheet task that takes much effort once a month. I deck out on a sofa at work, and bounce around the different stations with my ear buds as I grind the numbers. Even after they sent me home for COVID, I kept it up in my basement.
  9. Indeed. G4 dealt with some pretty sensitive topics in a decent way. Zecora's introduction dealt lightly with racism, and the buffalo vs. homesteader ponies episode come to mind. It's not the addressing topics, it's how they do it. I thought the G5 movie is going well - they dealt with mob violence, charismatic leaders doing bad things, and deep racial divisions. It was the movie kids needed after 2020 and '21, because we'd all lived through it.
  10. Merry Birthiversary!

  11. I'm very patriotic, in that I believe in the founding ideals of the U.S. I'm not impressed with politicians, and I'm very much opposed to the crushing size, meddling power, and too-broad scope of today's federal government. But I'm very patriotic.
  12. Yep, goat eyes are creepy. Horse eyes too. We used to have horses, they were cool. Our neighbors have goats, they're cool too. Creepy can be cool.
  13. Here's my bathroom remodel project. Complete with wub machine - at least until the sink is finished. What do y'all think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ph_0Ia3SMo
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