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  1. Well this seems pretty interesting! I think i'll leave my OC's then Here they are: Whiterunner: http://mlpforums.com...iterunner-r4133 Wheatley: http://mlpforums.com.../wheatley-r2834 Good luck!
  2. @, @, "I'm not a doctor either but it hurts like hell, my name is Whiterunner, nice to see i'm not the only one trapped down here" He said to the other ponies, then he saw leg, it was looking pretty bad for him. "Hey, umm... Iron will, do you really think that you can treat it?" He said while thinking This is going to hurt
  3. Whiterunner had his eyes closed and slowly began to regain consciousness, he opened his eyes and the only thing he could saw was 2 lights in front of him, he began to get up slowly and then he fell down, he noticed his leg wasn't doing very well and his vision was clarified, he was surprised to find survivors to this strange event. "Hey there... A little help?".
  4. Name: Whiterunner Race: Unicorn Cutiemark: Map with compass Link: http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/whiterunner-r4133 And as for the costume I only saw witches and zombies, nothing special where I live but a lot people throwing eggs at houses...
  5. @@MyLittleCell, As Whiterunner ran towards the house, he saw something at the corner of his eye, it was a pony in the snow, and a bear near that pony which seem'd to be very aggressive, he stopped and shouted to the pony, "Need any help?" while levitating a small knife out of his pocket.
  6. Whiterunner was walking through the wind and snow, he was wearing a black scarf to keep himself warm, it was really cold as he thought to himself "Why did i come where in the first place?", then he remembered he had heard rumors about a city, surrounded by the frost, and it seem'd interesting to him, "Well, seems so be i have arrived, but its hard to see around here", in the distance he noticed a little log house, lights were on so he thought that there might be someone in there, but before he could take another step, a loud roar was heard from the house, "Someone could be in trouble" he thought, he ran as fast as he could to reach the house and see what was going on in there.
  7. This is really interesting so I really would like to join with Whiterunner: http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/whiterunner-r4133
  8. Whiterunner didn't really had anything to pack, he remembered when he was running from that thing that was chasing him, he dropped his bag to travel lightly and get some more speed, all he had left was one water bottle and that apple he picked up earlier. "Well, i'm pretty much done , lets get out of this forest"
  9. Its a really crazy change We had like +35 posts in a day and today we only have one We really need to be at least a little more active
  10. White thought that the group was capable of surviving their way through to Canterlot, but there was a long way ahead and who knew what circumstances we will find, he was getting pretty sleepy but he quickly snapped out of it, he still was a little curious about the group, "So... Why are you guys traveling to Canterlot?" He said trying to get some chat going on.
  11. White noticed that Lightning was offering the others to play a little game, he was really bored and Bardic's song cheered him up a little bit. @@Spiritual Nightmare, "I would like to play, there's not much to do here so I think its a good idea" He said as he reached Lightning with a grin on his face
  12. Whiterunner didn't really have anything to set up because he left his bag when he was running, he also didn't remember the last time he slept so he decided to guard for the night. "Hey, i'm going to stay awake for the night in case those things back in the forest come back, we don't want to have any trouble" @, "Also, me and my magic can light that up for you if you want"
  13. @@TotalNeon, "Yeah, i didn't really saw what it was but at least i think its gone and yeah you could say i'm some sort of courier but i'm more like a treasure hunter and other ponies pay well for them" He said as he took some old coins out of his pocket "These are from the old Equestria, before Celestia, this is what i have to deliver"
  14. @@Frosty V, "That's awesome because i really need to deliver this package to my client" He said, then he remembered what happened on the forest "Yes, something was following me but I don't think they will get close to the path" @@Spiritual Nightmare, "I'm pretty much new around everywhere i go, my name is Whiterunner but my friends call me White and if you guys don't mind, i'm interested on staying with you until we reach Canterlot" He said. '​A group is just what i need to get there, maybe i can meet some new friends' He thought