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Hi all my fellow bronies and pegasisters! First off let me say that I love this community and am proud to be a part of

it. Now let me tell you a little about me. I'm a country boy that loves to be outside a lot and believe that there is virtue in a good hard days work no matter how low class the job may seem.<br />


So then how did someone like me ever manage to get into the brony community you may ask. well my transition from being a borderline hater to brony was subtle and took some time. I first heard the term &quot;bronies&quot; when i was about 17-18 from just browsing youtube. I looked up the term And once I found out what the term really meant I was actually somewhat shocked and astounded at the same time that grown men could watch and enjoy a show that was originally intended for little girls. So after that I kind of just got off the whole brony thing once again and just basically forgot about it for a little while. Until I was once again on youtube browsing around to different anime videos and yet another pony related video appeared, I believe It was actually a brony documentary I think it was called the &quot;Brony Chronicles&quot;. After that I was once again astounded and actually a little bit confused. &quot;How the HELL could grown men ever like this show&quot; to me it just didn't add up. Well I was just kind of sitting there a little creeped out. And that's when I actually thought to myself &quot;oh what the hell&quot; and took the plunge and decided to actually watch an episode and see what I thought. So I did. After I finished I was well I still was kind of skeptical. The Animation was good the plot was good, but it still had that girly atmosphere to it which at first I just couldn't swallow. So what do you know I watched the second episode. But this time I actually started to enjoy the show and I kind of saw some awesome potential in it. And well not much else to say except after that I more or less fell in love with the characters and all of their different personalities.<br />


However the thing that really sold it for me was the MASSIVE amount of fan made content such as fan fiction's comics and even fan made animations.<br />


Okay so I realize that this probably isn't the most interesting story on how someone joined the heard but it's mine and It's the truth so take it for what it's worth.


And THEN, their is THIS pony!



Thank you Cinny for being so damn adorable, please stay that way for the rest of pony kind. (also poke random things as well, that is also very adorable. ^_^