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  1. I am done with this circle jerk of a forum. For those that still care enough to even visit my profile and check up, my contact information is still on my profile. And for those have stuck with me till the very end I love you and thank you for keeping it real. :oh_golly:

    1. Scarlet Rose

      Scarlet Rose

      You may want to cancel your subscription then.

    2. Sonata~


      Understandable choice honestly.

  2. Hai, I'm blivy~

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    2. Oblivion


      @Kujamih lol you fuckin troll you. :ButtercupLaugh:

    3. RDDash


      I would say ,Oh it's a carbine, cool.

    4. TomDaBombMLP
  3. Interests change my friend. I've changed caswell and a lots happened to me in these last 7 years as well so I do understand what you mean. With a lot of my old online friends I've become distant etc and everyone is so damn busy these days.... In any case glad to have you stop by!
  4. He did have a son his name was Ben skywalker named after Obiwan (ben)
  5. And that's why they are used to worship satan etc I suppose.
  6. I'm still blivy, I'll never stop being blivy....

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    2. Beauregard
    3. ShadOBabe


      Blivy blivy bo bivy, banana fana fo fivy!

    4. Oblivion


      Awwww t has its adorable @ShadOBabe

  7. The knife! Got a spring assisted switchblade and it's pretty sweet plus it matches my pistol!
  8. BLM is a terrorist organization.

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    2. Metal Brony 42
    3. Oblivion


      @Rebel Brony 42 Its just like Islam, until the so called "peaceful" members completely and utterly condemn and exile the radicals my mind stays set.  

    4. Metal Brony 42

      Metal Brony 42

      But you can't question it because racism.

  9. Not in the truest sense, but living 400 to 800 years would be nice!
  10. Its, iits over NINE THOUSANDDDDDDD!!!!!
  11. Ooooooo, what's dat taste like!?!?!?
  12. Oblivion

    General How Cute are you?

    Oh honey, I'm ADORABLE!

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    2. Oblivion
    3. Vinyl Scratch.

      Vinyl Scratch.

      Huh the more you know. It's funny coming back after a few years and seeing who's still here, Nlg wasnt surprised that Dark Quivit still ran a blog here:mlp_icwudt:


    4. Windy Breeze

      Windy Breeze

      Oh buck, its Oblivion. I'm so oblivious the fact he changed his name to @Oblivion:P

  14. Oblivion

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    At work new hair cut!
  15. Here, have a quadrillion dollars! :Daydreaming:

  16. Site needs a new rule, NO politics outside of debate pit! Sure it might sound harsh but I believe it has been said before, this is a privately owned community site, not a governing system or political body.  

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    2. Nsxile


      I disagree with this. Restricting discussion to a narrow band of what is and isn't acceptable outside of certain areas is only going to discourage others from coming here and speaking their mind. Also, how exactly do you define what is and isn't 'political' here? An issue that may not seem political now might be a political issue in the future, so... IDK. It just seems like a dumb idea imo and will not stop people from leaving.

    3. Yoshi89


      I believe if we're going to have a potentially controversial topic outside of the Debate Pit, the OP must post a warning the dangers of being too political. People are going to seize the opportunity to rant regardless of the intention.

    4. AppleButt


      @Yoshi89 If an OP has to post a warning like that though shouldn’t it go on the debate pit anyway?

  17. Everyone's leaving the forum now it seems....

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    2. Kujamih


      Aha!!!! It was you @Cash In! Now repent! Or face the wrath  of The spanish Inquisition!:crackle: just kidding.... It was the politicians here who caused the cringe and everyone wanted out. but not alot wants to leave...yet

    3. J.T.


      I'm still around. I'm just not on as much as I used to be because of work. In fact I'm not even aware of what's been going on :maud:

    4. Kujamih


      Sometimes being maud is the right choice

  18. Goodbye my friend, you are always welcome to add me on Discord 

  19. Lol cute pone~

  20. Lol will she ever finish drinking that juice is the question!

    1. Treeglow Flicker

      Treeglow Flicker

      The eternal sippy box is infinite with its generosity. Even if a lot of it is backwash now. :kirin:

    2. Oblivion


      @Treeglow Flicker  ewww how did you make that sound gross :ButtercupLaugh:

    3. Treeglow Flicker

      Treeglow Flicker

      @Oblivion What can I say? It's a talent. :ButtercupLaugh:

  21. Scored 625 rounds of 22 ammo for like 30 dollars yesterday at Walmart, caught it just as the shipment came in.

    1. ShadOBabe


      Dang! That’s a lot of dakka!

    2. Oblivion


      @ShadOBabe that's an afternoon of fun right there!

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