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  1. Spectator


    Welcome to the forums, Dr Whooves, there are lots of nice people here, enjoy your stay.
  2. Spectator

    OOC Another *Slendermane* RP

    Haha, did not quite get it but, okay. Is this supposed to be like Slenderman, but you called it Slendermane because you are refering to it as a pony, I have never seen anything like it before, but it is not really anything special and I found it rather annoying, because it does not make much sense.
  3. Spectator

    Girly bathroom

    What, that's really weird, who would do that?
  4. The old twilight was better, but they always changed these things, even though they think they're for the better when they're clearly not.
  5. Spectator

    Movies/TV Worst Cartoon shows?

    There are a couple I dislike - Detentionaire (ogodwhy) Fairly Odd Parents (wut) Johnny Test (turn the volume down!) Teletubies (dipsy, lala.. SHUT UP!) Barney (Well, I don't even...) Bob The Builder (who doesn't fix anything) Handy Mandy (sure, let's rip off Bob The Builder!) Bakugan (flamee throwerrr) Beyblade (because a toy can really destroy mountains) Beyblade Metal Fusion (just because they're metal, doesn't make them undefeatable) Lego Ninjago (Is that a snake or a human?) Totally Spies (What, spies, who only care about makeup, wut?) Oops, went a little over 10, but there are even more shows that I dislike very much, they are just no really for kids, in my opinion. Anyway, thanks for reading!
  6. Spectator

    My Little Intro

    That's a really good song, anyway it's also a good welcome song. I already welcomed you, but since I'm posting here again, I guess I can say "Welcome" again. So, welcome.
  7. Spectator

    Gaming WarCraft3 - The Frozen Throne

    Sounds good, I'll be happy to try it out. I see what you did there with Pirate and Buy. I bought the game, I'm not much of a person to pirate things, because I like to support the developers.
  8. I watched a lot of Spongebob when I was younger. I didn't like the Atlantis one, where they find that coin or something and they go on a journey to Atlantis, I thought it was horribly planned. I'm not sure if it was the Hilleburg Era, though. But I have to admit - Spongebob was the greatest seasons 1-3. I don't like the new graphics, they are horrible. They only used them for the new Christmas special, and that was it, so I guess they got bad feedback from people other than myself.
  9. Spectator

    My Little Intro

    Welcome to the forums, MLP Forums is lots of fun, and there are some really nice people here, so I'm sure you'll have lots of fun.
  10. Spectator

    Gaming WarCraft3 - The Frozen Throne

    I've played Warcraft and I thought it was pretty cool. I've never played the third one. But I wouldn't mind checking it out, sounds pretty cool. I know with most games, no one really wants to play Campaign, they all enjoy where it's at, Multiplayer.
  11. Spectator

    What team would you be on for Winter Wrap Up?

    I would be on the Animal Team, because thats my favorite team and they look really cool, no matter what they do. It's interesting to see what team you guys would be on.
  12. Spectator

    My Music :D New stuff and old, let me know what you think.

    Those are some good tunes, not really sure where some improvement could go, because I know nothing about music. But maybe another pony in the community would be able to help you with that.
  13. Spectator

    Friday Movie Night Request Thread

    Wow, a lot of people are interested in many different genres of movies, cool. I'm into a couple different movies of different genres here and there, but not very much.
  14. Spectator


  15. Spectator

    Hello. A long time lurker here.

    Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay, you'll have fun here. There is lot's of nice people here.