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    Let's see... interests, interests...

    Ah, right!

    I'm interested in a whole slew of various things, far too many to list here; just ask me!

    But, it'd be rude to not give any real info here, so here we go.

    Music: I enjoy folk, swing, electro, classical, rock, alternative, punk, musicals, rap(limited), trance, dubstep, tribal, and some pop.

    Game Genres: I like nearly every genre, however my favorite is by a massive landslide is RPG.

    Academic: Love science, plan on studying either Astrophysics or some branch of Biology or Ecology.

    Activities: Skiing, Hiking, Jogging, Working Out, Bouldering, Camping. I'm pretty into fitness, for example I ran the Spartan Beast last year.

    TV: Doctor Who, MLP, Star Wars(so excited for the new series coming out!), Game of Thrones and Pokemon.

    Movies: I don't like horror movies and am not a big fan of mystery movies, other than that I like all the genres. My favorite movies are the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the Original Star Wars trilogy, Brave, Tarzan and Amélie.

    It appears I typed far too much up there... I'll save the rest!

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