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  1. OOC

    Sure, seems good enough. Also, please post when you can.
  2. Private

    @nx9100, @BloodDrops, @Queen Chrysalis Servant Raze slowly shook his head as he went through the small entrance. There was a path to his left that led a bit lower, into what appeared to be a flooded part of the basement. The water was murky, light brown-ish in color. "Agh.... no..." Raze cringed in disgust at what he had to get through. He took a deep breath, and slowly went in, the water slowly soaking through his jeans and his shoes. He could feel stairs at the bottom of his feet, and he kept moving slowly. A few steps later, and he suddenly dropped into the water at about waist length, which shocked him a little. He looked at his hands, which were also now soaked in dirty water. He shivered a little, visibly disgusted with what had happened. Nevertheless, he kept moving, turning right. Ahead of him, he could see a wooden door, which was elevated above the murky water. He carefully made his way to it, on guard for any more sudden drops.
  3. OOC

    I apologize for the wait everyone, college has kept me busy this week; will try to put out a new post today.
  4. Private

    @Queen Chrysalis Servant Raze made his way into the secret room through the tiny entrance, then slowly made his way down the wooden ladder, camera on his shoulder. As he was climbing down, one of the ladder handles gave way, and he lost his grip, quickly grabbing on to another handle. But, that one broke as quickly as he had grabbed it, and he fell down to the other below. There was a loud thud and a crunch as the video camera fell right next to him. "Ugh..." he grunted, as he slowly got up. Looking towards the video camera, he grabbed it and checked the damage. He shook his head. "Dammit... the lens is broken." He sighed. "That's definitely coming out of my paycheck... wait, what am I saying? Now's not the time to worry about that!" He slowly put the camera down, and looked to where Salem was looking towards. Hearing what she said, he squinted his eyes in disgust. "That could be him... or maybe... someone here before him..." He looked ahead, and saw an opening leading deeper in. "Come on, this way. This could lead outside... maybe to a sewer or something..."
  5. Guys Username when when I can change it is going to be ~ThunderDash~

  6. So for Sanctuary, Appleoosa do I just join the rp

    1. Jack Baker

      Jack Baker

      Yes, I mean, you posted your character and all that.

      Just read up on Bedman's posts, that's the guy your taking over for. That should give you a good idea of the role.

    2. ~Natural Beauty~

      ~Natural Beauty~

      Okay, thanks.

    3. ~Natural Beauty~

      ~Natural Beauty~

      Wait how would I come in, or was I already there?

  7. I'm surprised you linked this to me. I could try to help out with this, when I'm not busy.
  8. OOC

    @Queen Chrysalis Servant Oh yeah, right. *Straightens glasses and clears throat* Congratulations, applicant! You have been selected to replace one of the members of this RP who has left the site some time back. *throws confetti* Basically, one of my friends left the forums, and we need someone to replace his spot. He was the producer of the TV crew, so now that position belongs to you.
  9. OOC

    That's what I was getting to, I'll be contacting her later today.
  10. OOC

    Ok, so it appears that Bedman has left the forums... this might pose a problem. I'll see what I can do for the RP to keep it going.
  11. OOC

    Well, we did already start, and I did say four max... Although, I might have some use for more people. Do you think you could just leave your OC info here, and I'll get back to you on it? @Queen Chrysalis Servant
  12. Private

    @BloodDrops@nx9100@Bedman Raze followed Bood Drops, walking in front of her towards the door they came through. It was mysteriously closed, and when he tried to open it, it wouldn't budge. "The hell?!" he said, struggling with the knob. He kicked at it again, and while he saw the door move, it quickly stopped in front of something. Someone had pushed something in front of the door. "No way..." he said, backing up slowly. "No fucking way..." Someone's barricaded us in!" He checked the kitchen, which had a few broken windows. From the pieces of shattered glass, he could see that they were boarded up from the outside. It might've been from the previous family protecting the house from the storm. "Damn it... damn it!" he said. He checked his cellphone. No signal. "AND we can't call the cops..." He went back to the living room and stared at the small fireplace. Those kids... they found a hidden switch leading to a basement of some sort... There might be more that we didn't see... Slowly, he walked over to the fireplace and crouched down. Sure enough, the handle was still there. He gave it a tug, and a small hidden door opened up, just like in the video. "Alright, here's what we need to do... We gotta follow this area, see where it leads... for now, that seems to be our only solution," he said to the others. ((Finally got around to posting this. Sorry for the insanely long delay everyone...))
  13. OOC

    Sorry guys, I've been busy with college work recently so I haven't been able to go online for a while now. I might put up a post later today, since I have plenty of free time in my schedule.
  14. OOC

    Hey all, sorry for the delay, been waiting for @@Bedman to post @BloodDrops @nx9100
  15. OK, this new layout is gonna take some getting used to...

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      I know right