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  1. @driz "Pshhh," Raze said, waving his hand in dismissal. "She doesn't know what's happened to him. And what she doesn't know won't hurt her. Let's just get this over with..." He opened the large wooden double doors and stepped inside. The interior was a mess. To the left, an entire chunk of the house has collapsed and was flooded with water. To his right was a door that led further in. In front of him, two large hornets were resting against a wall. He was shocked at how big they were, about the size of a soccer ball. When he stepped closer, they took off, buzzing around both of them. "Shit!" Raze said, unholstering his new handgun and taking aim, though he couldn't get a clear shot.
  2. @driz Raze suspiciously eyed the saw in Lory's hands. "Just... please be careful swinging that if I'm next to you..." he said to her, then slowly opened the door. He went behind the trailer and found the gate Dawn was talking about. He opened it, following the path down and finding himself at an old covered bridge. Various old baby dolls and their parts hung on ropes by their necks, along with rusted buzzsaw blades. "...Dope," he remarked sarcastically at the decorations, slowly crossing the bridge. Ahead of him, he could see the old house. It was rather large, with a dim light coming through from the windows. "Right then," he said as he made his way to the entrance, waiting for Lory to catch up.
  3. @driz "Yeah, I will," Raze said. "Imagine if you were in her shoes. Would you rather be stuck here, or would you want someone to save you?" He quickly went over to the supply crate Dawn had mentioned and opened it up. Inside was a rather large backpack, along with a few bottles of first aid med and a small gun repair kit. At the way bottom of the crate was a small electric buzzsaw, with a couple of batteries for it. He opened the gun repair kit and set the broken Colt handgun on the kitchen counter. After fiddling around with the kit parts for a while, he managed to repair the broken trigger mechanism. "Now we're talking..." he said. He picked up the handgun and holstered it, then took the rest of the supplies and buzzsaw and gave them to Lory. "You're gonna need this," he said to her.
  4. @driz Raze slowly nodded his head in understanding. "Uh-huh..." he said. Suddenly, the phone sitting on the wardrobe began to ring. He stood up to go and get it. "Yeah?" he said. "I see you made it out of the house. Good," Dawn Goldhoof said on the other end. "You two are the first I've seen to make it this far." "Alright, look, you need to tell me what this is. What the hell is your family doing? There was a long pause, before she finally spoke again. "It wasn't always like this... my family and I have come down with something. To put it simply... we're sick. No, not just sick; infected." Raze was confused. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Wait a minute... infected? With what?" "I'm not sure... but I know that's what's causing my family to go insane. Another pause. "I need you to do something for me." "What is it? Is it gonna help us get out of here?" "Yes, now listen. I can't leave the property unless I get this infection out of me." "Ok... is there a way to do that?" "...There's a serum I need. It should clear this stuff right out of you, as long as you're not too far gone." "I'm assuming your family is 'too far gone' then?" "There's no hope for them... but there is hope for someone here other than me. The girl you met before, when you first came here." "You mean Honey Glow?" "Yes, her. She doesn't look like she's reached the point of no return yet. You can help her as well... assuming you'd want to." "Of course I'm gonna help her! Now... where's this serum you're talking about?" "If I knew where it was, I'd already be long gone," she said with a slight chuckle. "However, I think my mother has hidden some in the old house somewhere. There's a gate leading there behind the trailer." "Alright then." "Oh, there's a green supply crate next to my bed filled with things you could use. Take whatever you need." He turned to the left, noting the large crate. "Got it." "I'll be in touch." She hung up, and Raze put the phone down. He turned to Lory. "Looks like we're going serum hunting."
  5. @driz "...What?" Raze said. "It means what it means. I think you look cute. You know... like endearing? You need a dictionary or something?" He leaned back in his chair, staring at the ceiling again. "You act as if you've never been called that before... Wait." He looked back down again to face her. "Don't tell me that's actually the case."
  6. @driz Raze's nose scrunched up slightly at the smell of the alcohol, along with his cheeks turning red from embarrassment. He looked annoyed at first, then sighed and smiled slightly. "Yeah, sure, you got me," he said. "Doesn't make what I said any less true though." He lightly tapped her right cheek with his left hand, then went to sit back down, blankly staring up into the ceiling. "On the off chance you are jealous and trying to hide it... I always thought you were kind of cute. Take that as you will."
  7. @driz Raze stood up, firmly putting a hand on her shoulder to stop her, turning her around to face him. "Or... she was kidnapped and dragged in there against her will, was probably subjected to extreme amounts of torture, and the mental weight of it all finally caused her to snap. We have a videotape of her entering the property with her friends, with one of them getting killed! If you're trying to say she's one of the Goldhoof psychopaths, why would they lock her up in a cell in the first place, why not have her wandering around the house, killing other victims like us? Oh, and where was she during the whole 'dinner' scene? If she were crazy like them, I'd feel like she'd be more than happy to torture us with them. She's as much of a victim as we are." He paused for a moment. "They did something to her, I could tell. Whenever she attacked us, her face, it... changed. It looked like it was decaying, and her eyes were pitch black. I think she's turning into one of those creatures, but she's not there yet. Makes more sense than whatever nonsense you came up with. So maybe think next time before you start spouting crazy theories with no evidence, sauntering about and acting like they're fact." He leaned in closer to her face. "And even if it was true, why would you care so much? You jealous or something?"
  8. @driz "Could be she's watching us from another part of the property," Raze responded. "I wouldn't be surprised to find a few hidden cameras installed throughout the house, considering all the other screwed up crap in this place..." He stared at the phone on the wardrobe. "You're not wrong in saying it could be a trap; I have my doubts as well... but we don't really have much of a choice, now do we? Besides, she didn't sound... insane. But I guess that was the case for Honey Glow too, wasn't it?" He sighed. "I say we keep going along with it, but be extra careful. If we feel like something's up we'll find another way..." He set his backpack next to him and pulled out the bottle of apple whiskey. He opened it and took a small swig to calm his nerves down. Too much of it would affect his thinking, which he desperately needed right now. He walked over to Lory and sat down in the dining chair in front of her, putting the bottle on the table.
  9. @driz Raze quietly followed behind her, then went ahead and opened the door. The first thing he noticed was how well-lit the place was. In front of them was an open wardrobe, with various articles of clothing neatly hung and sorted. All of them were for women. On one of the shelves of the wardrobe was another old telephone. To his left, a bed that hadn't been made, with a Colt 1911 handgun on top of the pillow. He took it and inspected it. "Broken..." he said, sighing in disappointment. "Trigger mechanism's busted." He looked around. "Wonder if there's a gun repair kit around here..." He looked around some more. The right side of the trailer was a little dining area of sorts, with a small kitchen and table for eating. To the right of the table was a TV, still in working condition, though currently it was displaying nothing but static. "Well then..." he said, closing the trailer door and sitting on the bed. "I say we take a break here, maybe wait for her to call us."
  10. @driz "...Let's leave her be for now," Raze said to Lory. "Also, don't wave your hands and ask if 'anyone's home' to the elderly, that's just rude." He walked out of the scorpion door leading back to the main hall, and to the front door. He took out the final dog head relief and and stuck in the empty space. There was a click, and the door opened. Raze quickly pushed it open and ran outside, getting the first breath of fresh air he had in hours. Granted it smelled like swamp, but that was better than the stench inside the house. Suddenly, his optimism dropped when he realized where they were. He looked around for the front gate they saw when they first arrived. It wasn't there. Instead, he saw a giant trailer in the middle of the area, along with a strange building to the left of it. "Wait, this isn't the front yard... It's the back!!" he said, turning around. Where there would have been a path to go towards front from the sides of the house were makeshift barricades made of sheet metal and covered with tons of barbed wire on the top. "Dammit... we're not out yet!!"
  11. @driz They had made their way out of the basement area, and were walking up the stairs. "I don't know what's happened to her," Raze said to Lory. "Hopefully, she'll meet us in person once we get out--" He nearly jumped when he saw someone blocking his way as he rounded a corner. It was an elderly woman in a wheelchair, staring at both of them with an empty gaze, mouth slightly open. It was almost as if a corpse was staring right at them, though Raze could see signs of breathing coming from her. She didn't do anything, just stared at them. He slowly made his way past her, her head following him as he did. He shuddered. Must be another member of the family... he thought.
  12. @driz Raze looked at her. "Huh? Yeah... yeah! Let's get out of here," he said, searching for the exit to the cage. He walked over to it, noting the steel blockade used to bar the door shut. He noticed it was bolted to the door. "Hmm..." He looked at the chainsaw he was holding, then revved it up, using it to cut through the blockade. It became stuck halfway through, though Raze kept pushing it down, hoping it would still cut through. After a few more seconds, it did, though it broke the chainsaw in the process. Raze dropped it on the floor and re-equipped his shotgun, quickly navigating his way out of the processing room. "We need to figure out what it is we need to do when we get out of here," he said to Lory. "This doesn't end with us leaving the property; we still need to find our way back to town... on foot."
  13. @driz The swing brought Goldhoof to his knees, and he wasn't able to react quickly enough when Raze, seeing an opportunity to strike, rushed in and brought the chainsaw down on his head. It sunk into his skull halfway, stopping between his eyes. A loud squelching noise combined with the increasingly loud roar of the saw's engine could be heard as the tool's metal teeth tore through his head, blood and even small chunks of brain splattering everywhere, with the old man screaming hysterically in pain. Raze yanked it out of him, and he was on his knees once more. The left side of his neck opened up and the red fleshy substance began pouring out of the opening once again. Raze revved up the chainsaw and approached him, driving it in the substance and into Nick's shoulder. Blood and more chunks of meat sprayed everywhere, though Nick was screaming even louder this time. Raze kicked him off the saw, and he fell to the ground, struggling to get up. He was shaking uncontrollably "You... you are all gonna DIE here!!" he said, followed by the top half of his body exploding in a grotesque flash of blood and guts. Raze raised his arms, shielding himself from the gory explosion. He lowered them to see Nick's legs, fall to the ground, only to get up a second later, start walking towards Raze, and fall down again. A pool of blood began to flow from the missing upper half of his body. Raze slowly lowered the chainsaw. The room was silent, aside from the soft rumble of the chainsaw engine and the ambient echo of the large room. He stared at the pair of legs in front of him, not sure if the old man was truly dead after all this.
  14. The old man was knocked back at the impact of the pipe. He began to growl furiously, probably the first signs of frustration from him. “ARRRGH!! That’s it!!” he shouted, swinging his weapon violently. He turned to Lory, and opened up the giant trimmers slightly. “Don’t lose your head!” he said to her, running at her with full speed, meaning to close the weapon on her and bisect her.
  15. An audible grunt could be heard from Nick as the pipe hit him where his wound was. He staggered to the left, wildly swinging his weapon once and hitting nothing but air. Raze came in, and slashed at him again, hitting him in his chest.