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  1. OK, this new layout is gonna take some getting used to...

  2. RP On the outskirts of Appleloosa near the Everfree Forest, there exists a town called Sanctuary. Not much is known about the town itself, however rumors in Appleloosa talk about an abandoned property a couple miles off near a swampy area of the Everfree, consisting of a somewhat large mansion and several smaller houses. Said to have belonged to a rather wealthy family, they mysteriously went missing five years ago on the night of a violent storm, and were presumed deceased. However, there are some in Sanctuary who have explored the area that claim to have seen ghosts near the property, although whether or not these claims are true remains to be seen. You are one of four members of the television show Paranormal Equestria, a show known for exploring and investigating abandoned facilities rumored to supposedly be haunted by ghosts. After hearing about the mansion, you and the rest of the TV crew decide to head to Sanctuary to investigate... although what you find may not be exactly what you expect. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So it may or may not look like it, but this RP is actually based off Resident Evil 7, and the crew of the TV show Sewer Gators that goes missing before the events of the main game. Alright, now that I've time to spare, here's a sneak peek of what the RP is/ is going to have: 1. Horror, or at least I'm going to try to make it that way. I've seen a couple of these on the forums before, and I wanted to try doing one. 2. Despite what you see in the description, no, there won't be ghosts in this. More on that when the actual RP begins. 3. Most of the RP will be you and the other participants exploring and escaping the abandoned property. Escaping from what, you might ask? From the family that owns it. Yes, they're alive, but something's not right with them... and they're not the only ones on the property. Once again, more on that when the RP starts. 4. Since this is Resident Evil-esque, yes, there will be guns and ammo. 5. THIS IS AN ANTHRO RP. Forgot to point this out. RULES 1. While there are going to be action scenes and some fights, please do not make it too over the top or exaggerated, i.e. having your character do spinning back kicks or punching boulders or whatever. The whole idea is having a group of otherwise Average Joes being put into a horrific situation. Therefore, try to make your character about as average as possible when it comes to fighting. 2. Be reasonable with the ammo; don't have your OC finding a billion and a half handgun bullets packed in a closet somewhere in the house. For example, finding one or two clips in a table drawer somewhere. 3. Yeah, I want it to be a bit... bloody. But please, don't go too crazy on it. 4. No Mary sue/ Gary Stu characters; ESPECIALLY in a situation like this. 5. Make an effort to post as frequently as possible. I want to keep this going smoothly. If you won't be able to post for a while, please inform me here. 6. Have fun! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The crew: 1. Raze (me): Cameraman 2. Random Action : Boom Mike 3. Inked Quill : Producer 4. Blood Drops : Presenter / Paranormal Expert Note: The positions don't really matter too much, it's just to sort out what the TV crew would look like.