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  1. Hey you might remember me as @~Natural Beauty~. We did the Sanctuary, Appaloosa Roleplay. It was original an group Roleplay, but you turned it into a reboot with a 1x1 Roleplay. I was wondering if we could do a similar Roleplay.

  2. @Driz ((OOC: Terribly sorry again for the long wait, I had been very busy over the past couple of weeks)) Raze gave her a confused look, then shook his head. "Really...?" he said. He looked back at the painting. It looked like he needed to form the silhouette of a spider using the projector, but he couldn't find anything in the room that looked remotely close to it. "Well, there's nothing here..." he said. "Maybe we should backtrack..." He walked out of the room, all the way back to the place where he shot the hornet nest. He saw a fireplace... with an eerie glow coming out of it. He ducked under and saw that there was a tunnel leading deeper into the house. "Hey, I think I found something!" he called out to Lory, before crawling inside. He found himself in a long, concrete hallway with a door at the end.
  3. @Driz "Yeah," Raze said, taking the sketch from her and opening the door, heading outside again. He walked back to the kitchen of the old house, finding another door that led to a small hallway. Another door was in front of him a few inches away, and he opened it. He found himself in a small room, filled with various junk. Nothing really caught his attention, save for a small projector flashing light in front of a small painting. "Oh, great... another one of these weird devices..." he said. Next to the projector was an entrance leading to a brightly lit porch overlooking the swamp. Heading out, he looked to his right. There was a familiar looking piece of metal on top of some trash bags. He looked at the flamethrower sketch and saw that it was part of the flamethrower, the trigger handle. He picked it up. "Alright, that's one piece..." he said. He walked back to the projector room, observing it. "Hmm... what if the other piece is behind here?" he asked Lory. "See if you can find something to cast a shadow on this thing."
  4. @Driz "No problem," Raze said to her, standing up and slinging his shotgun over his shoulder. "So, anyway... what are we gonna do about these bugs...?" he asked, staring at the desk. Suddenly, something caught his eye. On top of it was a small sheet of paper, with a very detailed sketch of some sort of device. From what he could gather, it looked like some sort of homemade flamethrower. There was a note attached to it. "Misplaced the parts around here. Need to find them..." he read aloud. "Huh..."
  5. @Driz Raze sat there in silence, contemplating what Lory had just told him. He scooted closer toward her and put a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "...He got what he deserved," he said to her. "And that's all that matters. No need to take it any farther than that. You're not a coward; you're anything but. The fact that you even allowed him to live after that takes a lot of guts, and a lot of self control. You've got nothing to regret." He smiled slightly, moving his hand under her chin, raising it so that she was looking at him. "C'mon, no need to beat yourself up over it. It's all in the past now, and you'll never see him again. Just focus on the things in front of you, you know?"
  6. @Driz Raze was checking how much ammo he had when he heard Lory bring up the topic. He stopped and slowly turned around, brow raised. "...No?" he said, confused. "No, I... don't think you ever did." He grabbed one of the chairs and sat down. "What happened?"
  7. @Driz When they made it through the room, Raze opened the door to see they were now in a small kitchen of some sort. He turned to his immediate right. There was a large metal container with chain link doors. Inside, he could see some useful supplies: shotgun shells and a first aid med. However, the doors were covered in large, dangerous looking spiders. "Ugh... looks like there's more than just hornets we're dealing with..." he said. He looked around and found a door a few feet in front of the cabinet. He opened it, finding himself outside. Ahead, there was a small drawbridge of some sort above swampy water, leading to a small shack ahead. The crank was missing, though, and the crank mechanism was also covered in another hornet nest. To his left, there was another, small dimly lit shack a few feet ahead. He quickly made his way over, inspecting the inside. It looked safe, nothing but a small desk and a couple of chairs, along with some shelves lined with trinkets. He closed the door behind them. "I say we take another break," he said to Lory. "Figure out how we're gonna approach this..."
  8. @Driz Raze sighed. "Wait for it..." He leaned against the wall as he heard the hornets' angry buzzing died down as they dissipated and spread out. The room was now clear to enter. "See? They calm down eventually, and they won't bother us anymore with their nest gone," he said to Lory. "Now come on. We need to keep looking for that serum..." He walked back inside the room.
  9. @Driz Raze looked at the hive, then shivered. There was only one way they were going to get through this room, and it was through that nest. Suddenly, however, he had an idea. "Hold up," he said to Lory. "I just thought of something." He equipped the shotgun and pumped it once. "When I say run... book it back out the way we came, alright?" He took a deep breath, aimed the shotgun at the nest, and fired. It exploded into a million pieces, but also angered the hornets surrounding it. "SHIT!!" he exclaimed. "Run for it!!!" He quickly turned around and opened the door leading back to the entrance of the house, quickly shutting it behind him when they were both through. He was gasping for breath as he listened to the hornets rage in the other room. "Holy hell... Celestia above..." he cursed under his breath.
  10. @Driz Raze looked back at the nest. "Yeah, maybe... if this path even leads to an upstairs," he said. "Let's... backtrack, go to the other door I saw." He went back to the room they were in before and entered the door to the right of the main entrance. He stopped in his tracks. "Oh you've gotta be kidding me..." he said as he saw another hornet nest stuck to the ceiling of the room. There was furniture scattered everywhere as well, making the simple room feel more like a winding maze.
  11. @Driz Raze looked at Lory with slight disbelief. "...What? Are you--? Seriously?" He shook his head, then continued walking. "Fucking hell..." He found a slightly narrow path next to the broken down part of the room, leading to a door. He entered inside, and the first thing he saw was a message written in red paint. "She's upstairs. Don't go up..." he read aloud. He scratched his head. "Hmm..." He turned to his immediate right, and almost jumped back. "Holy shit!!" he yelled as he saw what looked like a giant hornet's nest. Dozens of small hornets were flying around it, protecting their home.
  12. @Driz Raze tried to follow the other hornet around, waiting for the right moment to strike. After a few seconds, the hornet immediately stopped in front of him, giving him enough time to line up his gun and shoot. One bullet was enough to blow it up into tiny chunks. Raze sighed, looking at the bug's remains. "Ugh..." he said. "This just got a whole lot worse..." ((Sorry for the delay, been busy ))
  13. @driz "Pshhh," Raze said, waving his hand in dismissal. "She doesn't know what's happened to him. And what she doesn't know won't hurt her. Let's just get this over with..." He opened the large wooden double doors and stepped inside. The interior was a mess. To the left, an entire chunk of the house has collapsed and was flooded with water. To his right was a door that led further in. In front of him, two large hornets were resting against a wall. He was shocked at how big they were, about the size of a soccer ball. When he stepped closer, they took off, buzzing around both of them. "Shit!" Raze said, unholstering his new handgun and taking aim, though he couldn't get a clear shot.
  14. @driz Raze suspiciously eyed the saw in Lory's hands. "Just... please be careful swinging that if I'm next to you..." he said to her, then slowly opened the door. He went behind the trailer and found the gate Dawn was talking about. He opened it, following the path down and finding himself at an old covered bridge. Various old baby dolls and their parts hung on ropes by their necks, along with rusted buzzsaw blades. "...Dope," he remarked sarcastically at the decorations, slowly crossing the bridge. Ahead of him, he could see the old house. It was rather large, with a dim light coming through from the windows. "Right then," he said as he made his way to the entrance, waiting for Lory to catch up.
  15. @driz "Yeah, I will," Raze said. "Imagine if you were in her shoes. Would you rather be stuck here, or would you want someone to save you?" He quickly went over to the supply crate Dawn had mentioned and opened it up. Inside was a rather large backpack, along with a few bottles of first aid med and a small gun repair kit. At the way bottom of the crate was a small electric buzzsaw, with a couple of batteries for it. He opened the gun repair kit and set the broken Colt handgun on the kitchen counter. After fiddling around with the kit parts for a while, he managed to repair the broken trigger mechanism. "Now we're talking..." he said. He picked up the handgun and holstered it, then took the rest of the supplies and buzzsaw and gave them to Lory. "You're gonna need this," he said to her.