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  1. @driz "No, it ends when we get the hell out of here, and we go the police and tell 'em all about this messed up freakshow of a family!" Raze said, making his way to the top of the ladder. He saw it led to a little platform just above the entire garage. There was a metal table in front of him with a small box labeled "Steel Boy Shot Shells". He looked inside and found two shotgun shells. He took it and put them in his backpack. "If there's shotgun ammo here, then there's a shotgun around here somewhere," he said to himself. He looked to his right, noticing a small metal shelf with more handgun clips. Inspecting them, he saw there were about 8 bullets in them, and pocketed those. He then noticed a weird picture frame next to the ammo, holding a statuette of some kind. It looked like the bottom half of an ox. Raze remembered that the weird metal door had an indentation shaped like an ox; perhaps this must be the thing to open it. He tried taking it out but it was stuck in place. Turning the picture frame around, he saw that it was screwed in from the back, so he took the screw out, causing the statuette to fall out. He picked it up, and put it in the backpack. He saw that the shelf was in front of a large empty space that looked like it led right back to the small metal door used to enter the garage. He moved the shelf, and hopped down. "Over here, Lory!" he called out to her, then made his way back up the stairs and back to the kitchen hall. He then walked all the way over to the metal door, taking out the ox statuette. "Alright, let's see what this does," he said, sticking it inside the indentation. It fit perfectly, and suddenly the lock holding it down began to move, and the door opened slightly. He pushed it open, and saw they were now in a huge room. "This might be the main hall," Raze said.
  2. @driz "Now? We look for a way out of here..." Raze said to her, then spotted a ladder behind her. "That could be it. Come on." He began to make his way up, but was soon grabbed by his right shoulder. He quickly turned to see Nick, charred to a crisp, staring down on him. He grabbed Raze's right arm, which he held the gun in. "Do I have your attention, boy? You're about to see somethin' wonderful." He then put the gun in his mouth and his finger on the trigger. He glared daggers at Raze and growled, then pulled the trigger. A huge chunk of the right side of his head had splattered everywhere, and he was knocked back by the shot, falling to the ground. "FUCK!!!" Raze shouted as he stepped back in surprise. "Holy shit..." He took deep breaths to calm himself down. "Fuck this, come on!" He quickly began to climb up the ladder.
  3. @driz Raze shook his head. "No... no I don't," he said. "Although there might be stuff here we can use..." He saw a metal locker behind him in the far left corner. He walked over to it an opened it. To his surprise, there were two bottles of the first aid liquid. "Speak of the devil," he said, taking one and pouring it over the burns. He could feel the pain going away quickly, and sighed in relief. "Alright then," he said. Walking over to the other far left corner, he found a medium sized cardboard box and opened it, finding two 10 bullet clips, which he picked up. "These people really love scattering shit all over the place, huh..." he said. "That seems to be everything... well, let's find a--" He looked down and saw he was standing over the cop's body. He sighed. "Poor deputy..." he said, carefully stepping over the corpse. "He didn't know what he was getting himself into... just like us." He walked over to Lory. "Before I forget..." he showed her the gun and the knife. "Take your pick. If we run into the other two... you're gonna need something to defend yourself."
  4. @driz Raze was about to help her, but suddenly, the car caught on fire. That only meant one thing. "Shit!" he said, it's gonna blow!" He grabbed Lory and led her as far away from the vehicle as possible. What shocked him even more than the car fire, however, was what happened a few seconds later. Nick Goldhoof came out of the wreckage, bloody and on fire, though neither of those things seemed to bother him. He was grinning at them devilishly. "Oh, BOY!" he shouted, slowly walking towards them. "You look what you done now, mothafuckah!" He then ran up to Raze before he had time to react, picking him up with both hands by the neck. The fire sizzled him, and he was struggling to break free. "This isn't the end, you know!" he said to him, looking at him like a maniac, laughing evilly. Before he could do anything else, the car finally blew up behind him, forcing him to let go of Raze. Another explosion followed knocking all three of them down, but only leaving Nick unconscious. Raze stared at his body for a few seconds, before wincing at the pain in his neck from being slightly burned in Nick's grab. He gently put a hand on his injuries. "Persistent motherfucker, ain't he?" he said, gritting his teeth in pain. "If he gets up again..."
  5. @driz Raze closed his eyes and felt the car crash into the wall, the engine giving out when it did. He opened one eye to see what had happened. Miraculously, he was unhurt, and it seemed like Lory was the same way. He looked to the right. Nick had taken the full impact of the crash, the girder seemingly crushing him. Blood was everywhere. He slowly crawled out of the car, and helped Lory out of it as well. "Ok... alright... he's gotta be dead now right?" he asked. "No one could survive that, it's impossible!"
  6. @driz Nick directed the car over to a pair of steel girders that had fallen over while the car thrashed around. He forced Lory to break, one of the girders an inch away from her face. "Let's finish this, you and I," he said to her, then immediately backed the car up as far as it could go. "Oh boy, I'ma take you for a ride!" he said to Lory grinning evilly, then made Lory slam her leg into the accelerator. The car sped towards the girders. "Fuck, fuck, FUCK!!" Raze shouted, ducking as low as he could.
  7. @driz The car hit the old man and he was knocked onto the floor. Disappearing from sight. Raze couldn't see where he was. "Is he dead...?" he asked, unsure. Suddenly, he heard footsteps on the roof of the car, and said roof had been torn from the car completely. He was standing on the passenger's seat next to Lory, and he had a strong superhuman grip on the steering wheel and her leg pumping the accelerator. "Nice car ya got here!" He said, pushing on her leg to make the car go while turning the wheel right. He was directing the car where he wanted to, and he crashed it into a wall. "Where'd you learn to drive?" he sarcastically asked Lory, while grabbing the gear shift and reversing it, crashing the back against another wall.
  8. @driz The car came sped toward Nick, running him over and into a wall, almost hitting Raze. He glared at her. "What the HELL?!?! Whose side are you on?!" he shouted at her angrily, then shook his head. He ran over to her and went into the back seat of the sedan. "Ok, NOW drive!!" All the while, the old man came back up, and grinned at them. "Heh, heh heh... mothaFUCK!!" He didn't do anything, but motioned for them to do it again. "Come on, COME ON!!" He beckoned for them to run him over.
  9. @driz The cop stepped in front of her, blocking her way. "Hold on a minute, y'all know who you're talkin' to? I am a cop, and I demand you treat me with some respect! I didn't say y'all could go anywhere either. Now, I'm just doing my job, now won't you do your job, and answer my questions!" "What more do you need to know?!" Raze asked him, slightly angry. "What do you know about these missing person reports?!" "I'm not sure! I don't even know if you'd believe me if I told you!" "Try me," the cop said with a serious look. Suddenly, both the garage door leading outside and the one behind Raze and Lory began to close. Surprised, he pulled out his gun and held it to his side. "Hey, put that door back up!" he shouted at Raze. "I'm not doing that I-- oh shit. Behind you!" he said, spotting a familiar figure sneaking up behind the cop. "Put the door back up!" "Wait!" "PUT THAT DOOR BACK UP!!" "WAIT!" Just then, a shovel went through the cop's head, then pulled back, taking the top of his head with him. As his corpse fell down, Raze could see Nick Goldhoof standing behind him. Ignoring the two of them, he stood over the corpse of the cop, and started beating it with his shovel, screaming like a madman. He kept doing this until it broke, at which point he threw it to the side. "Fuck it! I'ma kill every one of you," he said, walking over to a metal shelf. He picked up a large fire axe, and swung it at the shelf. Raze took Lory'a hand and led her away from him, backed into a car. He turned around, and his eyes lit up. "Wait a minute... this is our car!" he said. He looked around, and spotted the keys on a workbench to his left. However, Nick was fast approaching him. "Lory, grab the keys!" he said, pointing to the workbench. "I'll distract him!" Nick swung at him, which he stepped back from, then came back in and stabbed him in the gut, quickly taking it out and retreating. The old man grinned and laughed. "You? You think you can hurt me?!" he said as he begun walking towards him again. Raze ran back. This knife wasn't gonna do him any good! Suddenly, he spotted the officer's gun lying on the ground and raced to pick it up. He cocked it, and aimed it at Nick's head as he got close, firing three shots. As with Honey Glow, they didn't kill him, but they staggered him, giving Raze enough time to reposition himself.
  10. @driz Raze shook his head and made his way to the entrance to the garage. It turned left down some stairs, and soon he was met with a closed metal door. He looked to his left; there was a button that looked like it opened it, but it was taped up inside a metal box with a glass door. He looked at the knife. "Well... I guess it IS good for something. How lucky," he said, using the knife to cut the tape holding the door down. He opened it up, and pushed the button, causing the metal door leading to the garage to open. He walked inside and saw the cop inspecting something on the ground. Outside, his patrol car was parked near the garage door, sirens flashing brightly. "Hey, we need to get out of here!" Raze called up to the cop, who approached him quickly with a stern looking face. "Now first you need to tell what y'all are doing out here alone in the middle of the night!" he shouted to him.
  11. @driz The cop was surprised at the sudden statement. "Hold on you two, back up," he said in a slightly thick Appleloosan accent. "Now, sir, ma'am, do you live here, I mean is this, your property?" He took out a pocket flashlight to see better inside. Raze raised an eyebrow. "What, us? N-no, no!" "Alright. Now, we've got several missing calls about some missing persons lately, would you happen to know anything about that?" Raze grabbed the window. "You don't understand. We need to get out of here right now!" The cop looked at him, confused. "Now calm down." "You're not listening to me. There are crazy people in this house trying to fucking KILL us!" The cop scoffed. "Well, alright, let me tell you this; you don't exactly seem like you're playing with a full desk yourself, alright?" Raze banged the window lightly. "Are you kidding? What the hell does that even mean?!" "Look, like I said, we've had several missing persons calls... and I can't rule out that outsiders like yourselves may not be involved." Raze sighed. "Fine, we'll tell whatever it is you need." "Alright, now that's more like it, meet me outside by the garage, we'll talk there." He began to leave. "Hey, wait! We need a weapon to defend ourselves, a gun or something!" The cop scoffed once more. "You must be outta your mind." Raze shook his head. "Look... officer." "Deputy," the cop corrected him. "Alright then... deputy. Now, do wanna see our names in the obituaries? Or do you wanna be a hero and save both our lives?" The cop looked at him suspiciously for a sec, then reached into his back pocket, handing him a small knife. "A fucking pocket knife?!" "Here. Take it. That's all you're gonna get. Now GO. Garage. Now." He left to head over to the garage. Raze sighed. "Celestia damn it all..." He unfolded the knife, inspecting. "The fuck are we gonna do with a single knife? Ugh... nevermind, it's better than nothing I suppose."
  12. @driz ((OOC: Wow I wrote that? Dang... Well it WAS 1 A.M.)) Raze remained silent, listening to what Lory had to say. He turned right, back to where the old man had cornered them. Just then, he saw a gigantic metal door with some sort of ornate lock. "Woah!" Raze said, legitimately surprised. "How the heck did I miss this?" He tried to push it open, but it wouldn't budge. "Damn," he said. He looked closer at the door and, upon further inspection, saw there was a design on the lock that had a missing piece. "Hmmm," he said. "Wonder what that's all about..." He tried looking around. "There's gotta be a key around here somewhere..." Just as he said that, he hear a soft banging noise coming from the other side of the hall, then a faint voice. "Open up!" it said. It didn't sound like one of the Goldhooves. "Wait... an outsider?" he said. He ran back to the other side and saw someone knocking on the broken window outside. A man. "Hey you!" he said to Raze, who quickly ran up to him. A closer look revealed it was a cop. "Hey! You gotta get us out of here!" he said to the cop.
  13. @driz "Yeah," Raze said while looking around. "Next to their names were one of two words: 'dead' or 'turned'. Not sure what the second one means. The only ones without those words were Honey Glow and her other friend Arctic Breeze, the cameraman for that videotape..." He turned to look at her. "I don't know if it's demons or whatever, but whatever it is, is fucking nuts." He resumed searching the room, and found a small metal container. He opened it and found a crude lock pick inside, taking it. "This might come in handy," he said. "Alright, looks like that's everything. Come on, we need to get moving. Quietly though... I don't know if he's gone..." He slowly opened the door, and saw it led back to the hall they were just in, right next to the corner. He peeked around, seeing if there was anyone there; fortunately, it seemed clear. "Alright, it looks clear," he said to Honey Glow. "Keep your guard up though." He began to walk to the other end of the hall. "What do you think about this Dawn chick? Think we can trust her?"
  14. @driz As Lory said the word "family", something popped into Raze's head. "Family... wait" He began to think, and suddenly, his eyes lit up. "Yeah... now I remember. I knew they looked familiar. These aren't just a bunch of psychopaths with an obsession for family... they ARE a family. They're the Goldhooves! I saw pictures of them while researching the place. They're alive--" Suddenly, something rang loudly in the room, slightly startling Raze. He turned around and saw a phone on a table in the middle of the room. He picked it up. "You did good, Raze," a familiar voice said. It was the mystery woman, Dawn. "Dawn, right? How do you know my name? And what the fuck happened to--" "Just shut up and listen if you listen if you want to stay alive." Raze sighed, and stayed quiet. "You need to get out of that house. Try checking the main hall, they're might be a way out there." "Alright..." Raze responded. "Oh, and that thing on both of your wrists is a codex. Don't lose it, it's important." "Ok...?" "I'll be in touch." She hung up. Raze sighed, looking at Lory. "That Dawn person called us again. Said we might find a way out through the main hall. But before we do that, let's take a look around here." As he said that, something caught his attention: a big, dark green chest of some sort. He opened it up, and was surprised at what he found. "Hey, it's my backpack!" he said, taking it out. He opened it, checking to see if everything was inside. Sure enough, it was, including four bottles of water. He opened one and eagerly gulped half of it down. "Here," he said to Lory, tossing her a bottle.
  15. @driz Raze leaned back, sighing. She was right; he should be more worried than he was, but he felt ...calm. Maybe that wasn't it, maybe what happened was so unbelievable that he didn't know how to react to it. He took another look at his hand, then shook his head. He stood up approaching Lory and gently putting a hand on her shoulder. "Look, I'm... sorry I made you worry like that. I know you're upset, and I know I barely made it out alive, but... I'll be more careful next time, I promise."