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  1. In Hyrule Warriors, who else gets a Discord vibe from Zant's attacks?
  2. Movies/TV Teen Titans Go: The Movie

    Actually, it's because TTG is a bad parody. Remember those New Teen Titans shorts? They were a parody as well... yet in a way most people actually liked. But TTG? Unlikable protagonists, lowest-common-denominator "humor," constant "Attack the critics" moments, an outright god-complex (e.g., "Your new favorite show"), etc.
  3. Sheev does have one redeeming quality, though -- his love for Mountain Dew:
  4. Almost everyone in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep seems completely gullible until it's too late. Even Master Xehanort, the only one who seems to have an IQ above 100 (instead of coming across as an actual mastermind; sorry, Tetsuya Nomura, but that's not how you show-don't-tell), thinks there's too much Light in the Realm Of Light.
  5. Thoughts On the New Equestria Girls Mini Chibis

    Other than the Rarity one's tacky lipstick, I think we have another underrated hit.
  6. Spoiler Rumored G5 and other Stuff.

    Now you've got me waiting for the moment Hasbro says this:
  7. MLP: The Movie

    IMO, the best newcomers were Tempest, Capper, Celaeno, and Skystar.
  8. I like space: Need the perfect backdrop for your ultimate battle? Doesn't get any more ultimate than space.
  9. Don't forget to booby-trap TF out of everything. That way, you can be a major threat even if you can't act directly, don't have available manpower, etc.
  10. Gaming Scariest Gaming Moment?

    For me, it's Chica (because of her Uncanny Valley bugeyes) and Freddy (because he can just pop out of nowhere). The others (even Golden Freddy) don't seem to bother me so much; in fact, Foxy's "jumpscare" is just priceless ( ).
  11. Movies/TV Teen Titans Go: The Movie

    Personally, I've always been neutral toward him.
  12. Movies/TV Teen Titans Go: The Movie

    And in the critics' defense, the show definitely deserves their... criticisms -- ironically because of said jabs (among other things).