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  1. bad episodes

    Fame And Misfortune: Toola Roola and Coconut Cream.
  2. "Don't mind me," said Discord. "I'm just eavesdropping on random crap while I wait for my interdimensional Internet to come back on."
  3. He's not exactly wrong, you know. The Heavies do look like a pretty-cool team.
  4. Spoiler

    She and Coconut Cream = the only redeeming quality of Fame And Misfortune, IMO.
  5. Nearly all the music in the Donkey Kong Country series (both the original trilogy and the reboots (Returns and Tropical Freeze)).
  6. Not unless Hasbro and DHX want a repeat of the OVER 9000!!! backlash that WWE got when they booked The Undertaker to be retired by you-know-who...
  7. As much as I hate Dream Drop Distance for putting my Kingdom Hearts-love on life-support, the intro is still fantastic:
  8. The price you pay for being a fan of DuckTales, Sonic, SWAT Kats, etc., I suppose. ... That means yes, BTW.
  9. The more I think about it, the more I feel like having to take my original 3/5 back; Fame And Misfortune actually gets a 2/5, IMO.


    SenorCornholio (TV Tropes) sums it up best:


    You know, the more I think about this episode, the worse it becomes in the long run. I could care less that this is basically a 22-minute long "Take That, Audience!" with none of the complaints addressed in the episode being valid anymore. And I could care even less that the Straw Fans are treated as unlikable jerkwads. Heck, I don't even care that this went as far away from M.A. Larson's original idea for the episode as it possibly could go. Those are all pretty awful, but the worst part of it is the treatment of the Mane Six. These are Equestria's heroes, who have saved the entire kingdom time and time again, out of the kindness of their own hearts. And what do they get for essentially showing their lessons to the world? Either dismissed (Twilight Sparkle), treated like dirt and boycotted (Rarity), continually laughed at (Pinkie Pie), harassed (Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack), or objectified (all six of them). And even ponies like Lyra and Bon-Bon, as well as Twilight's old friend Lemon Hearts, are a part of these groups. The worst part is, even after all is said and done, none of them learn their lesson at the end! I thought this was the land of Equestria, not fucking Quahog! I never expected this to be worse than Mirror Magic or 28 Pranks Later, but that's just what happens when you basically treat your series' heroes like absolute shit the entire way through! And at least those two ended on a sort-of happy note; this one "tries" to do the same by saying it'll all blow over soon, but are you really expecting me to believe that our heroes would willingly help these assholes, some of which have, in Pinkie's words, "known them for years", after all they did? This depiction actually nearly killed my enjoyment of the show in general; at this point, if I was one of the Mane Six, I would have just let the Storm King and Tempest Shadow wreck the entire kingdom.


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    2. Hierok


      That may be so, but to me it is litterly hating because it is offending me, but in fact it isn't. Just my opinion, no hard feelings. :)

    3. A.V.


      Except the guy explicitly said he didn't care about the "fandom" stuff.


      Just the general unpleasantness of the episode in its own right.

    4. Hierok


      There are many more episodes where there are unpleasantness, like this guy says 28 pranks later or the third episode against Twilight, the whole episode. :orly:

  10. Starlight -- several times over, in fact. Dose alternate timelines, tho.
  11. Birthday, happy! :D God bless. <3

  12. Movies/TV

    After seeing the clips, reviews, etc.... I don't think so.
  13. Pokemon Battle Revolution for the Wii. Just a lose-lose purchase: No DS and Diamond/Pearl alongside it? You're stuck with a barebones chore devoid of any sort of customization, features, nonlinearity, etc. You do have a DS and Diamond/Pearl alongside it? You were better off saving your money and just playing that much-better game anyway.
  14. TFW your new age matches the number most Royal Rumble-winners have entered as.

  15. Ocrap, we share the same birthday. o:

    Happy birthday! x)