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  1. A.V.

    What are you bad at?

    I've never been able to whistle.
  2. A.V.

    Applejack Fan Club

    Her as Han Solo, with appropriate music ():
  3. A.V.

    News Hurricane Florence

    As someone who lives in northwestern SC -- thankfully, the wind's gone now, and we didn't lose power.
  4. A.V.

    Somnambula Fan Club

    As of A Rockhoof And A Hard Place, she seems to have made a career in ASMR:
  5. IMO, that one's actually decent. Still not as good as something like this, though:
  6. Best character designs in MLP history, IMO.
  7. I wouldn't call them the best, but they're still pretty good.
  8. A.V.

    Gaming Poll: First Game Console

    My first one was a SNES; I got it for Christmas in 1994.
  9. Just saw the Williams Vs. Osaka tennis match...

    Serena had no chill. :mlp_blink:

  10. Just Cause 4 looks enticing AF.

  11. A.V.

    Midnight Sparkle FanClub!

    Her mindset in a nutshell, complete with fitting music:
  12. A.V.

    Animation Netflix original series Hilda.

    Reminds me of Gravity Falls.
  13. Behold the glory that is Ozzy Osbourne singing Take Me Out To The Ball Game: