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  1. Didn't Discord also parody Ross once? Didn't hear any cries of, "OFFENSIVE!" then.
  2. Charles Manson's dead.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kiryu-Chan


      Rot in hell you piece of shit

    3. A.V.


      Notice that I didn't include the usual "R.I.P."


      Was intentional.

    4. Woohoo


      Why the hell did they keep him alive so long?! :wat:

  3. No-ending can disappoint you. But a bad ending can leave you disappointed and mad.
  4. Mega Thread

    Disgruntled that Sombra got last place -- even less than The Pony Of Shadows -- in a villain-popularity poll on EQD.
  5. EQD recently had a poll for best 2-parter villain... and Sombra came in last -- even lower than The Pony Of Shadows.


    Let me say it again: The uniquely competent trapmaster with all that extra development in FIENDship, Siege, and The Cutie Re-Mark... ended up getting less votes than the male NMM-ripoff who was only-recently introduced and barely did anything but stand around monologuing generically.

  6. Another person is WWE's Stephanie McMahon -- worst heel. All those complaints about The Authority? Mostly thanks to her. And sadly, her most-of-2017 hiatus recently ended, so get ready for more She-Aizen.
  7. Honestly, I can't see them ditching G4 anytime soon; it's easily the most-iconic and most-profitable MLP incarnation.
  8. Last I checked, I don't have any grievances with her, so no -- unless it's the scripted kind (e.g.: WWE, ROH, NJPW, etc.).
  9. Same thing I do whenever confronted with a problem:
  10. Dialga: "You wanted to see me, sir?"


    Arceus: "Yes, Dialgia; I've found a new intern for you."




    1. Ninetales


      At least dialgia gets barbie

  11. Mega Thread

    @Princess Aurora Wolf Banned for forgetting Applejack's signature hat in an otherwise-great drawing.
  12. Stygian (upon becoming The Pony Of Shadows for the first time): "I'M THE DARKBRINGER! I'M THE BUCKING UNIVERSE!"
  13. You're preaching to the choir, sister. Especially since Tempest proved herself quite capable and incredible despite her handicap.