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  1. Lords Of Order (Doctor Fate's bosses)'s role in Injustice 2 = epic fail.

  2. Movies/TV

    I'm starting to like him more -- he's closer to the frigging sociopath he debuted as.
  3. Actually, the whole fading-away thing seemed to begin only after he 180'd his dimension itself. See Fisher King and Fisher Kingdom (TV Tropes) for the gist.
  4. spoiler

    Alternate, bad ending: Discord: *Reappears... in the afterlife.* "Oh, great, now I'm dead -- not exactly what I wanted!" Reference:
  5. episode discussion

    Still a better romance than Twilight. *Is shot for overused meme.*
  6. 2 great episodes for the price of 1 this week, Grandma!

  7. episode discussion

    Never said it was a bad thing. Just wanted an excuse for the "Y U {something}?" meme.
  8. episode discussion

    ^This^ is officially the greatest vote option I've ever seen on here.
  9. Headcanon: Discord's actually fine as long as he simply doesn't edit his dimension too much (it's somehow tied to his life force Fisher King/Fisher Kingdom-style); he doesn't outright have to work 24/7 to stay alive (Because otherwise, how could you ever enjoy his antics again?).

  10. Movies/TV

    At this point, I'm almost rooting for Miz -- out of sheer pity over his and Maryse's relationship being more or less kneecapped by Ambrose.
  11. spoiler

    Not necessarily: 1. She most likely didn't know. 2. She didn't drastically 180 his nature, realm, etc.; she just KO'd him for a(n admittedly long-@$$) while.
  12. Krystal is hot ( ), and DO A BARREL ROLL (Z OR R TWICE)!
  13. 7/10 -- because of the "Track Seven" in the title ( ).