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  1. A.V.

    Web Last thing you googled?

    Cala Maria (the mermaid/gorgon from Cuphead).
  2. Debate Symposium in a nutshell:


    1. ~Dusky~


      To be honest, this is the truth about the the Debate Pit:

      Image result for offended by differing opinions

      (I'm still calling it Debate Pit because that was a far more accurate name for it)

    2. Theanimationfanatic


      @~Dusky~ @A.V. Can we just name it "Thunderdome"? It's a much more accurate name for it.

    3. TwilySparky


      This is actually 100% accurate.

  3. A.V.

    Movies/TV Any Pro-Wrestling Fans Around?

    Remember Seven (Goldust in WCW)? ...I still have yet to figure out what any of ^that^ has to do with the number 7.
  4. How much I've contributed today:



  5. @ggg-2 Speaking of Arceus, I wonder how he'd look in live action.
  6. I heard about Stan Lee. :(

  7. Should Cozy Glow's Cutie Mark have been a bishop instead of a rook?

    1. PiratePony


      Why's that?

    2. A.V.


      @PiratePony This thread:

      ...just got me thinking; that's all.

  8. A.V.

    Possible Character Birthdays

    The word "overthinking" comes to mind. Still, it sounds like you've put good thought into each birthday.
  9. I'm a pragmatist, so I only try for 100% if it actually unlocks something; I don't care that much about Achievements, Trophies, etc.
  10. And... Baby Thanos!


    1. Woohoo


      Where's Deadpool when you need him? :okiedokieloki:

    2. A.V.
  11. I thought this was unanimously considered the worst one of all time:
  12. For Christmas, I want a Fire Koopa Clown Car!