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  1. A.V.

    Trolling: yay or nay?

    Trolling has a good side (e.g., those levels in Super Mario Maker) and a bad side (e.g., the kind of harassment that you hear about in suicide cases).
  2. That, and she had the excuse of being -- you know -- brainwashed.
  3. I'd like to nominate Fame And Misfortune. Replace "Babs" with "those critics that mob," and I agree.
  4. A.V.

    Sonata Dusk Fan Club

    Linkin Park: "But in the end, it doesn't even matter!"
  5. A.V.

    The Mane Six Appreciation Fan Club

    Them (and Trixie) as adorasexy genies, while fitting music plays:
  6. Would he play like how he did in Hyrule Warriors? Because that was lit.
  7. Super Expert (Super Mario Maker) in a nutshell:


  8. A.V.

    Tirek Fan Club

    Not even best Centaur is safe from the Super Crown craze:
  9. A.V.

    A to Z of Fictional Characters

    Boo from the Mario franchise:
  10. A.V.

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    Epic wallpaper of Daydream Shimmer, with fitting music:
  11. A.V.

    Is MLP:FiM Really That Girly?

    Yep -- "girly" AF. E.g., remember when Twilight fought a devil Dragon Ball-style?
  12. Gillette

    The Best An SJW Can Get


    1. Phosphor


      I saw the ad by Gillette yesterday. Gotta love corporate virtue signaling  :mlp_gag:

    2. CloudMistDragon


      Hey, at least the ad taught us all something new. :) 

      "You can't even talk to girls these days without it being considered harassment." 

      Thank you Gillette for helping us realize that joke is now reality. :fluttershy:

  13. Thank you very much for the follow! :grin:

  14. A.V.

    A to Z of Fictional Characters

    Mimi from Super Paper Mario:
  15. A.V.

    Remembering Bailey 2004-2018

    Sorry to hear.