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Status Replies posted by Anti-Villain

  1. OMG I just realized my dumb middle school self spelled canceled wrong on one of my YouTube videos.

    I spelled it "Cansled" 


  2. *boop* I'm awake with no power oh well might as well watch something on my iPad lol

  3. I wonder what Pinkie fed Gummy :wacko: ...

  4. "Who do you think you are, Bruce Lee?"

    - Mallow (Super Mario RPG: Legend Of The Seven Stars)

  5. The show's coming to an end tomorrow, no more movie night after November 1st. Why still keep the forums around then?

  6. Do ghosts get "boo boos"? :P

    1. Anti-Villain


      Depends on your boo-liefs.

  7. Why 42 you say? Well it is because 42... (insert explanation here) :pistachio:

    1. Anti-Villain


      "A vote for me is a vote for utter chaos and 2 + 3 equaling 42."

      - Bloo (Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends)

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  8. Finally! I've got all of the Chaos Emeralds!


    1. Anti-Villain


      What do you plan on doing with your ultimate power now?

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  9. Apologies for my absence. Turns out they found a blood clot in my leg, so I have been dealing with that. D:

  10. The Mummy 2017 might've sucked, but Ahmanet still had some serious Evil Is Sexy going on. :wub::bedeyes:

  11. If I could time travel, I would tell my younger self that I’m going to become a fan of MLP, just to see how I would react. :P 

    1. Anti-Villain


      If I could time-travel, I'd give Hitler his Little Nicky treatment:


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  12. Biden, the most electable? GIVE ME A F***ING BREAK. This guy is trying to SILENCE Rudy Giuliani's dirt on him by telling the media "don't put this guy on the show because he's a liar". I may think the guy's a moron, but here he actually has something, that's legitimately true... And Biden's only proving that by trying to silence him.



    Oh and he's still leading in the polls? We're living in the Twilight Zone, people.

    1. Anti-Villain


      On top of what he's been shown doing to all those kids?

      "Twilight Zone" is an understatement.

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  13. Goodbye, Charlie... I will always love you... :(



    1. Anti-Villain


      His color scheme reminds me of my Pekingese who died in 2014. :(

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  14. It's weird to see people here complaining that certain episodes aren't "final" enough. Are you not entertained? 

  15. My parents were right! There is too much violins in video games these days!


  16. Am I the only one who feels a little worn of MLP after almost 9 seasons and, although I like the series, also slowly starting to be more and more glad they ended here?

    1. Anti-Villain


      Doesn't help that 9's been the most-disappointing Season, IMO.

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  17. Curiosity has led me back here, and curiosity leads me to posting here as well :3c

    1. Anti-Villain


      You could not live with your own curiosity... Where did that bring you? ...Back to us.


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