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Status Replies posted by Anti-Villain

  1. Quote

     Get to know members like @Sparklefan1234 - they know the show very well and are always happy to talk about it.


    Until we reach Season 9. Then I'll be "happy" to rip on it. :nom:

    1. Anti-Villain



      I was actually fine with the SOF.

      S9, on the other hoof, made me expect "Written and Directed by RIAN JOHNSON" to be in the credits.

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  2. The best Dazzling needs more love!


    1. Anti-Villain



      hello aria blaze.png

      Aria: "Uh, loser? My face is up here."

      Me: "I've made my choice."

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  3. That was too cruel to me, it seemed they were enjoying that.


  4. I met someone recently who hates ALL music.

    Like, he can't stand any of it. 


    You and I ain't gonna be friends, bro

    1. Anti-Villain


      By any chance, was he dressed like a Party City shogun?


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  5. I’m King Dice

    Im the baddest in the land

    I never play nice

    Im the devil’s right hand man

    I can’t let you pass

    cause you ain’t done everything

    bring me those contracts 

    come on

    bring em to the king

  6. Today i got 1.4K likes on a Youtube comment in under an hour. I have never had that many likes before. It was weird but nice.

    1. Anti-Villain


      Mine is currently 452 for one here:

      "Sounds like the Incredible Hulk taking a dump."

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  7. Today i got 1.4K likes on a Youtube comment in under an hour. I have never had that many likes before. It was weird but nice.

    1. Anti-Villain



      "When two literally hellish imps have a stronger marriage than most people in real life."


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  8. Today i got 1.4K likes on a Youtube comment in under an hour. I have never had that many likes before. It was weird but nice.

  9. Just got back from the Sonic movie... and it was AWESOME!!! :yay:


  10. Tia and Woona's Weather Report #2



    Happy daytime friends! And welcome to the Princess Channel. image.png.ed07687c8ed5e19dc67cc9cacbc7f659.png



    Hi everypony I don't like you! image.png.972be98cff45dfa84cea7bd1eb2b1487.png

    Luna! That wasn't nice. image.png.404534cf2ceb8e35e53c94c9e6d8b630.png

    Twas a royal jest. image.png.a2884287374e784619e6658966556f7d.png

    Well, it wasn't funny. Say you're sorry.

    uhg...sorry. image.png.9f2539ced3e18f575927c063e22596a8.png

    Thank you dearest sister. Now, shall we begin?

    Yes, and make haste, I have to pee...

    *sigh* You ruin everything. image.png.8c013af9c3b0b2e0ad8dc5952bb6017f.png Anyway friends, we have severe storms in the Southern Midwest - be careful out there for floods. Snow is still likely across the north. Clear skies on the West Coast and to the East - tis bitter cold. Stay warm everypony! image.png.37279da18b812756e8bd7cd945813ac2.png

    I gotta go!

    Yes Luna...and it's more appropriate to say, 'Please excuse me friends, I shall return in a moment'.


    *sighs* Have a great daytime friends! See you on the marrow!

  11. An MLP/Transformers crossover? .....Hasbro, are you drunk? Cuz i think you're drunk.

  12. Swiper the Fox could have been dealt with much more efficiently if Dora just used a 12 Gauge.

  13. You now have Midna as your avatar. You have never been cooler.

  14. image.png.f8106037bc539a247264112bdb27a8f1.png

    What the hay is this abomination? :crackle:

    1. Anti-Villain


      What would happen if Fancy spent too much time with @Mesme Rize.

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  15. Oh. My computer blue screened. I guess that'll happen when it's about 15 years old.

    1. Anti-Villain


      Happened to my last one back in August.


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  16. In defense of Rarity...

    Image result for mlp rarity gif

    Have a fabulous day Darlings!

  17. @Dynamo Pad All worlds begin in darkness and all so end! The heart is no different! Darkness sprouts within it, it grows, consumes it!

    You see, darkness is the heart's TRUE essence! In the end, every heart returns to the darkness whence it came!

  18. There was a guy who complained about how Obama handled Katrina.

    Some people are too stupid to make fun of.

  19. People who mock anxious people's stutters are the worst. :unamused:


    Do they think it's funny to mock when someone's nervous or disabled? It's not funny. And what sounds funny to them is bucking infurating to others. 

  20. If it's called "The Day the Music Died," why do we still have music? :yeahno:

  21. In honor of Groundhog Day, I played a quick session of Majora's Mask

  22. Bas

    Bas    Tao

    Did the Gengar always have the blushes on it? :blush:

  23. Now this is how to reveal you’re a brony ONLY to other bronies