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Status Replies posted by Anti-Villain

  1. How many kisses would it take to get the fluffy center of Luna? The world may never know.


  2. Took a quiz to determine how much of a 90s kid I am. I got a 90%.

  3. 2310471ed76cf7cf594971439a0bdc28.gif

    Her beautiful sexy hair.

  4. The Duck Knight Returns is clever beyond imagination.

    1. Clever in its storytelling.
    2. Clever in its satire.
    3. Clever in its humor.
    4. Clever in its commentary of fandom, reboots, demographics, and caring for the product.
    5. Clever in its drama.
    6. Clever in its foreshadowing.
    7. Clever in its lore.

    In 22 minutes, the people working on this episode packed so much information and wove it all in so brilliantly. You see one thing, and then when you watch it again and read/watch reviews, you see more details and understand it more and more.

    The quality of this episode is staggering. It’s amazing in every way.

  5. I love that my rank is currently Earth Pony, since it is my favorite race.

  6. I love that my rank is currently Earth Pony, since it is my favorite race.

    1. Anti-Villain



      And my signature is Dimentio.

      But you can only see it in threads.

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  7. I love that my rank is currently Earth Pony, since it is my favorite race.

  8. Seriously Donald Trump, what the F**K? Read below:

    This man just keeps getting worse, how is that even possible at this point?


  9. No one at all:

    Me: I've been making DuckTales avatars. :muffins:

  10. It is absolutely revolting and disgusting that people still call for the death/genocide of LGBT people to this day. I will always wonder why these people cannot just let people live their lives as they are. How does the love life of someone you don't even know impact your daily life? I mean.. besides the studies that show that homophobes are very likely to same-gender attractions, the only theory I have is that these people are afraid of their own feelings, or the decades of indoctrination into hateful religions. But, I will say again: the love life of other people do NOT impact your own life, so fuck off and stop telling others how to live their lives. It's not yours to live. Focus on yourself. 

    1. Anti-Villain


      Even many Conservative Christians -- e.g., me -- don't condone "the death/genocide" stuff.

  11. image.png.cb7498f36d16169e3ca939e11394eeb2.png

    An appropriate reaction to finding out your school is secretly run by Jabba the Hutt




  13. Let's see, what can I do for temporary entertainment....


    I know! I'll organize every single category of MLP Episode, movie, and EQG special, short, and music video into multiple folders!


    Cuz I'm a nerd! :yay:


  14. Your avatar is god.

    1. Anti-Villain


      Head: *Explodes from the aforementioned "better version."*

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  15. Your avatar is god.