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Status Replies posted by Anti-Villain

  1. I can't believe that Sans from Undertale is actually in Super Smash Bros.

    I don't have anything funny joke to say about it, this is just really shocking.


  2. my nintendo switch lite shopping list ! ^^ 


  3. NBC once again proving the B really stands for "bull$#!+."


  4. ok im getting the switch lite....need to get back into mario again XD

  5. Hey guys ^^ what do YOU think the art-style for G5 is gonna be like? :O :o Are they gonna use the movies art style? :ticking:


    or are they gonna go with...this? :lie: (...and yes. This was made by Hasbro)


    I'm gonna be perfectly honest here: A LOT of the classic cartoons are getting digitized these days and they're NOWHERE NEAR as good as the originals. Inspector Gadget and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are some good examples of this. I hope this is NOT the 'art-style' they're going for. :please:


    More to the point, which art style do YOU prefer? :pout:

  6. So, I saw this story on Reddit that greatly pisses me off.



    Basically, OP had broken his legs, and spent a while in the hospital, with rods in his legs that were supposed to be manually fixed with a crank, which hurts like Tartatus, to put them back in place. So, it's important to note that any small bump or shockwave hurts his legs like heck. So they had this liaison (communication or cooperation which facilitates a close working relationship between people or organizations.
    ) think he had higher power than the doctors, despite having no medical experience, and, quick note, OP had to ride in a medical jet to ensure there was no pain in his legs at all, the past several times. This idiot decides that OP shouldn't RIDE in the jet, because it might 'hurt the company'. The doctor insists he has no reason to argue, and tells him to go back into his office. Well, the liaison talks to an insurance company, dropping hints that driving would also be fine, since it could cost less. 

    So believe it or not, the insurance company DENIES the request to use the jet, and OP is forced to ride 12 pain-filled hours in an ambulance that wasn't even comfortable. The only way for the liaison to be fired was if some pain were to be caused by his actions that the doctor warned him about. (Which is exactly what happened).


    Makes me furious some people make stupid choices like this.


  7. I don't think it's possible for you to be racist if you have friends of other races. :unamused:

  8. "How do we make Sparklefan dislike "Putting Your Hoof Down Fluttershy" even more?" :huh:

    "We could turn her into Angel Bunny." :ooh:

    "Brilliant!" :love:

  9. Quote

    Twilight becoming Celestia's successor is unlikely to be satisfying because it's an emotionally hollow development. There is no real reason to be happy that Twilight has been chosen, because she has no emotional connection to the role, but there's also no urgency to make it satisfying in a bigger-picture sense. I wonder what would happen if Twilight just declined the offer.


    I agree.


     Season 9 feels like "Well, we said we were gonna finish this so..." &


    after seeing what we've been getting from the second half so far my excitement for the Series Finale


    has weakened quite a bit. 


    (I liked the first half of Season 9 a lot.) 

  10. My commissioned Zora dakimakura is ready! I will be receiving the pillow case soon!

    Here is the digital version...


  11. Did you see the advancement of ladybug where Adrien and Marinette exchange their miraculous? something like that I imagined Adrien with the Lucky Charm :D


  12. Don't stare directly at the sun! :P


  13. On a really important note, the MLP series finale has been released in Dutch and was posted on youtube. I ADORE the finale! (No worries  I won't spoil) However apparently some people hated the finale and threatened Big Jim and DHX with Violence and death threats.  This is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE! I don’t care what the reasons are, you do NOT threaten others! Threatening people over a show is just pure INSANITY! This is NOT what Bronies are about. I wanted my followers to know that I always call out any fandom for inexcusable behavior whether it be the Lilo & Stitch fandom, the My Little Pony fandom or anything else. I saw disgusting behavior in the Stitch fandom after “Stitch! Anime” and “Stitch & Ai” was released and I’m so disappointed and ashamed that the same kind of people followed MLP. My message to the violent haters is: GET OVER IT! IT’S A GOD DA#N SHOW!!!! Go rant on your private online pages but DO NOT threaten or harm human beings. Anyone who threatened DHX was NEVER a real Brony! May the haters get their Karma. I stand with Big Jim and DHX! #ThankYouBigJim

    If you are a non violent Brony or even a member of a different fandom go to twitter and use the hashtag #ThankYouBigJim to tell MLP staff you appreciate them and reject violence ASAP please!

  14.  Is @Twilight Sparkle  more powerful than @Jeric:pout:

  15. Imagine getting so upset over the finale for a little girls' cartoon that you send threats to the show staff on Twitter.

  16. Fun fact about me :

    I dont like politics :maud:

  17. The end is neigh! Uhh... I mean nigh.


  18. Ever been sneezed in the face? Let me tell ya, it's snot funny.

  19. My PC tower died for no reason Wednesday, so I'm having to wait for a new one to be delivered.

    Hence my limited activity the past few days.

  20. My PC tower died for no reason Wednesday, so I'm having to wait for a new one to be delivered.

    Hence my limited activity the past few days.

  21. She's a queen, hands down. 


  22. She's a queen, hands down.