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  1. Hey, Pharynx, since you're the Changelings' second-in-command now, what's your new title? Prince Pharynx? Vice-President Pharynx?
  2. Given that she's also Barbie, someone inevitably made the overlap:
  3. Movies/TV

    Sadly, given Bay's trend, my money's indeed on live action.
  4. King Sombra in Super Smash Bros., complete with an appropriate-sounding theme:
  5. Celestia finally pays Chrysalis back for both A Canterlot Wedding and To Where And Back Again:



  6. @AlexanderThrond One thing Shadow Play did better than The Movie was not Worfing the Princesses again (granted, unlike with The Storm King, The Pony Of Shadows's plan didn't involve them). That's kind of an ingrained rule of mine, should I ever write a fic: "If you can't include the Princesses without Worfing them yet again, then just leave them out altogether."
  7. Speaking of The Pony Of Shadows, he was literally just Nightmare Moon all over again. Even The Storm King, disappointing as he was (especially in contrast to his portrayal in the pre-Movie comics), still managed to stand out more (and had the scene-stealing Tempest Shadow as his enforcer anyway).
  8. Spoiler

    @WiiGuy2014 never said the Empire got sent to Limbo; only that Sombra's curse had similar space-time shenanigans.
  9. He's visibly grown ever since Twilight first hatched him, at least.
  10. It 2017's version of Pennywise = definitely threatening, but not as entertaining or subtle as Tim Curry's version.

  11. Spoiler

    In Andre "Black Nerd"'s review of The Movie, his reaction to Capper is just the icing on the cake ( ):
  12. Because someone's going to have to make this joke sooner or later:
  13. To be fair, I decided not to pursue beyond Associate level (wasn't too fond of all the deadlines).
  14. Same here... except I graduated college back in 2014.
  15. Movies/TV

    I'm inclined to agree -- so far, it's one of the better reboots out there.