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  1. Xan

    Software ponies

    I didn't mean as in a theme for your browser I meant kinda like a pony incarnation of THE browser as in there is a chrome pony a Internet explorer pony and so on. These images in this link might help give you an ideahttp://programmingponies.com/node/22
  2. Ok so I just wanted to see how many of y'all know about software ponies like ponified Internet browsers like Internet explorer or google chrome and other stuff like Skype and if any of y'all do know about them what do you think about them? (I personally think its cool and sometimes really hot) oh and also things like console ponies count too for instance Xbox ect you probably get the point. I only explain it so much cause almost all my brony friends don't have a clue what these are so yea
  3. So I was on youtube and you should all know DJAlexS (even though he left the fandom) and someone commented on one of his videos saying that DJAlexS deserves his own fandom and it made me think about those other brony musicians and if there was a Glaze/WoodenToaster fandom then I would totally be in it so is there any brony musician y'all love so much that you think there should be an entire fandom dedicated to them?
  4. I'm suprised about that too. Where I live teachers and the school system will get in trouble if they talk about religion or political opinions. I thought by now it would be illegal everywhere for schools to teach about religion
  5. I'm sorry I just don't see where ya get this from m8. I'm in high school and I'm mostly surrounded by athirst if I say anything religious I get bullied. I remember a few years back when I use to play WoW I got cyber bullied for my religion. I just don't see any atheist getting hated on I've only seen religious people get hated on by atheist most of my life.
  6. Just cause I've heard this a lot but to many people to quote them all I'm gonna put this out there. Who the hell is judging atheists? I mean I know there is a few who stand up to it but from my experience there is more atheist tha Christians so to me it seems a lot more like Christians get hated on by atheist so why is everyone going on about how "we will not hide" or "we will not be ashamed and we will put ourselves out there even if we get singled out" I just don't see anyone singling anyone out or doing any of that m8. So why does it seem everyone is worried sick of being judged?
  7. ugh this is hard I also never aimed for someone to think I was saying religious people are amazing. I know we are bad the ONLY reason I say I'm Christian is cause I believe in god other than that I'm a bisexual clopper so I kinda suck at being a Christian now don't I? So yea I know Christians can be horrible people too
  8. well you see that wasn't exactly my point of just raping people. I just used that as an example cause I use to have a friend named Curtis who used his atheism as an excuse to deny the law do drugs and get into that kind of activity I wasn't exactly aiming for it to just be centered around rape
  9. Well I'm Christian but I only say that because I believe In god, my own name is Christian so I can't se myself as being anything else, and if I'm not my mom will hunt me down and gut me even if she was dead she would find a way. Anyways asides from that I suck at following gods rules. I usually hate though that there is a lot of Christian haters out there that give us a bad name by being hypocritical and judgemental at the same time I hate it when atheists attack us or use their atheism as an excuse to do evil things. I usually don't care about what someone is I mean I remember when I found out my #1 guy I look up to was atheist but I didn't all of a sudden hate him and I still love his work that he does but yea to get to the point and not rant on about my own opinions or experiences with atheist, yes I am a Christian.
  10. Well I'm a Christian kinda...I mean I believe in god but I really suck at following his rules. I usually don't care if people are atheist as long as they don't start shit with me and as long as they don't use it as an excuse to go rape someone. I remember when I first found out the person I looked up to the most was atheist. At first I kinda freaked out but quickly got over it. I know this is like a calling all atheist thing but I just kinda want to put in my vote that I don't really care what y'all are and I also have not found yet this Christian bronies thread someone stated. I also have found that most of the bronies I talk to are atheist actually. I hope though this thread doesn't spark up some violence.
  11. 5.mic the mic 4.djalexs 3.livingtombstone 2.addictia 1.WoodenToaster I can not stress enough how much I absolutely love woodentoasters work. I would do anything for him he is like my idol and his work motivates me to try to make my own music.
  12. yea like I said I know maybe the word important isn't exactly appropriate but you get the idea. I know everyone is important and has a key role to play but through my eyes when it comes down to it those popular guys are the people who everyone will faint for and we are still just "people" another cow in the herd. Also don't say I'm doing nothing to gain a reputation I'm trying to do productive stuff to help this fandom but alot of times money keeps me from doing stuff productive.
  13. Yea I know the word important probably isn't appropriate ect but anyways. Is there anyone else out there that would have a crush on a important brony/pegasister? I mean I don't really have a crush on any artist/musicians. Except one time where I had a few feelings for woodentoaster or addictia and for twigileia (she is just an artist on tumblr) but those were actually more sexual attractions but would any of you people out there admit to having some feelings for that popular creative brony/pegasister?
  14. Yea kinda. I listen to other normal music but most of my music I listen to would be like woodentoaster or thelivingtombstone and DJAlexS ect. Especially woodentoaster he is my musical idol and I look up to him a lot and listen to him all the time and I constantly reblog his little pieces of work on tumblr. Back to the actual question though about 90% of the music I listen to has to be pony related.
  15. Ok well I have said before I wanted to make music and all. I am still only equipped with FL studios mobile anyways I'm not sure if its smart for me to post the first works of art I've made but I feel like I need some criticism. I don't just want to be told what to do I also need to be told how (I finally figured out a way I could use the reverb effect). Anyways I also plan to correctly post the link to my sound cloud account this time and I am close to posting some random little pieces of music soon just a random pile cause I really need help on how to make a intro and outro for my music. I felt like I exited the song well on my Walker Remix but on my first remix I just dropped it off with nothing to really properly exit. The reason it's just random bits of music is cause I don't really know how to continue the 30 second beat I've made. I don't really think I can add on to the 30 second beat without changing the way the whole song sounds. Also how long does it usually take for electronic musicians to become good cause I really want to be good but I wonder are there people out there who are really passionate for something but they seriously just can't do it even of they tried? I also hear arguments between which is better hardware or software I heard all about turn tables and stuff and if I could get them money i would look further into them but I am constantly told musicians who just use software suck and that electronic music is dying cause no body uses turntables any more (which I found pathetic I've already seen turntables used all over the place). Anyways here is the (hopefully) correct link to my sound cloud account http://m.soundcloud.com/xandael