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  1. Banned because I rather not, this lawn is comfy.
  2. Banned because I know that feel to well.
  3. Banned because it’s even better to use then a tv to show the most Greatest and Most Powerfulest GlimGlam.
  4. Banned because you need tv see GlimGlam in all her amazing awesomeness.
  5. Banned because I rather hug GlimGlam then smash the pumpkins, they make good pumpkin pies.
  6. Banned because I know, I just want you close for my final smash.
  7. Banned because grabs can be use as hugs.
  8. Thanks for the explanation. banned because the cake was a lie.
  9. Banned because GlimGlam sure does love her Ice Cream. @Nsxile It was a Team fortress 2 Reference.
  10. Banned because Spy sapping mah teleporter. @Eren Jaeger the whole infinity sword thing was when you could give your self a custom title after hitting a certain rank, this was removed later on if I recall correctly. Not sure if you can edit it some how or what not, on mobile so I don’t see everything I could do if I was on pc.