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  1. Hmmm. Maybe I'm thinking about this the wrong way...gonna try writing to relax. Doing nothing is NOT relaxing right now ^^

  2. Home again! Checks usual sites/ what? I need more hobbies xDDD

  3. My glasses broke during the movie shoot, but kinda excited to wrap them with tape. Moondancer-style! x3

    1. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      Wrap them glasses up!

  4. Oh. Cool to see an inclusive term. I'm agender, but think I'll stick with brony. Just like how it sounds. IRL = offline. One's online persona is no less valid.
  5. ...meh. It's something. "About me" page returns to existence xP

  6. Off to class! ^o^

    1. Kyoshi


      Good luck to ya. ^_^

  7. My favorite artist opened commissions. Had a mini-heart attack once I realized x3 Made the request I've been dreaming of. Looking forward to their answer ^^
  8. Well..Happy New Years, everyone ^^

  9. I'm noticing a lot more Undertale avatars. I recently watched a playthrough for it, so maybe they've always been there... Anyway, hoping to see the genocide ending soon; and the neutral one, I guess.

  10. A little crazy/restless. Not sure what to do with my life/time.
  11. A blend of violent sounding grunts, growls, and so on. My friends have likened it to a killer animal.
  12. Oh my gosh. I love Histoire ^^ She really took charge of Neptune and Nepgear this time around. The writing in Re;Birth 3 flows much better than the others, and the game mechanics definitely improved. Glad to be playing it :)

  13. Sever it all...where did you stop? Where did you chop?