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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. Penloy


      thank you!!

  2. Well, MLPForums was suuper popular back in the Brony explosion days, when MLP:FiM just came out and there was a huge number of bronies surfacing. It meant places like MLPForums had a lot of people posting all the time, it was a lot better because there was a lot of new and interesting posts every day. That's cute! What does it represent? Mine as you can see in my banner is a computer mouse, it represents my love for all things computing! Got a Discord? Mine is Penloy#8308
  3. It comes in a purple can, people say it tastes kinda grapey? Kinda fruity? I'm not too sure how I'd describe it, but it's delicious. I highly recommend. I used to think Red Bull tasted way better than monster, but after tasting ultra violet, I'm not sure which I prefer. Cool! I'm from the UK and we don't really have Mtn Dew really (although recently the original flavour started to show up around some stores) so I've never really drank it (I think I might've drank it a couple times but I forgot what it tastes like tbh). I should give it a try again. Thanks! <3 Some guy drew it for me for free back in 2013. Those were the days, when mlpforums was still very populated. I like your OC too, what's your cutie mark?
  4. I do actually! It's ultraviolet! Have you ever tried it? What's your favourite?
  5. Personally I hate coffee because it's so bitter, but I like Iced coffee more because I can down it (unlike hot coffee which I have to drink slowly so I taste all the bitterness). I usually drink a monster when I need a caffiene fix.
  6. Welcome back This place is dead now, but welcome anyway!
  7. Back in like March of 2013 when I was 13 years old I absolutely loved coming on here, it was a community where I felt I could truly belong. I've was on here almost every day and also on here at school! I've long since went through puberty and along the way had a phase of not liking the show so I stopped around 2015-2016 ish? Now that I'm back I need to catch up from season 5 onwards! It's good to be back, it seems a lot quieter now than it was when I was first on here.
  8. Omg the playstation 2 and gameboy advanced, I played them all the time! Crash bandicoot, spyro, cell damage. Ah, good times Haha
  9. OK, I just drew a new OC. Removing this post
  10. I saw a thread named "Octavia vs Octavia" so I thought I'd do one for twilight (I think I know what the majority of votes will be) Twilight (pony)
  11. My parents use to do this to me when I was little, now they have accepted that I hate going outside and find it much better talking with people online and socially interacting with my friends in school - Not at home. I do like the fact parents encourage their children to go outside but if the children really don't like it then they shouldn't be forced, that's just cruel.
  12. One of the mane six: Twilight - She's super smart (Plus magic) One background pony: DJ Pon3 - We need some awesome music to listen to One anime character: Ash - (He has awesome pokemon) One video game character: Steve - He knows how to survive like a BOSS!
  13. I don't really have much fears, I'll try to list 5 though ^.^ (these are in no order) 1. Embarrassment 2. Murderers 3. My family dying 4. Horror Movies 5. The Dark My silliest fear has to be Omphalophobia (fear of bellybuttons), I hate putting my finger in my belly button or seeing anyone else do it; I also hate seeing bellybuttons in general (it freaks me out xD).