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  1. ^^ You're the last person in this RP who I would be getting on for not posting. xD Either that or ActFast.
  2. Really loving this new GIMP coloring technique! And fun picture to color too! XD

  3. I would immortalize her profile picture and hang it in the Lourve. xD
  4. Master Artix drew in deep, ragged breaths as those piercing golden eyes were now positively mad. He followed the ghost around the room with his eyes, riveted to her shadow’s form even as she pawed at the red glow around the heart shard. When he finally came down from whatever cliff top she had left him on, he blinked hard and realized the other ponies were trying to talk to him. He swept a hoof over his mane and turned aside, heartbeat still battering his ribcage roughly. "She...she was my wife," He managed, and then all at once it clicked – that eerie calmness, almost jovial nature slipped over him as easily as a parted curtain. "Yes. Buttercup. She was a lovely mare, and she was...murdered. They thought it was an accident, said it would be further investigated, was not." He drew himself up to his full height. His own mental image of Buttercup tittered and waltzed dreamily with herself, then beckoned him with a hoof. Meanwhile, the ghost of her whimpered pathetically, silently trying to absorb whatever energy the necklace gem was giving out. Each time she swatted at it, her hoof went right through the glow with no effect. Master Artix made a ‘one moment’ gesture to the Buttercup in his mind and turned back to his audience. "You are here for a week, and the hotel is yours. But while you may relax in the spa or enjoy the buffet, you are all here for one purpose: to find the person who murdered my wife." Something flickered in his eyes as he looked at the ghost again, but that calmness didn’t waver. "But there’s no reason we can’t discuss this during dinner. Please, have a seat." While the rest of them stared, horrified and slightly disgusted, he took a bite of the candy Phil Noir had offered, letting the licorice dangle from the corner of his mouth, and began cutting his rose salad with swift strokes. "Please, sit," Master Artix smiled. "You’ve all been called here for a very special reason. All of you have the abilities and clues to this case already within your grasp. It’s up to you to solve the case...I believe that won’t be any trouble for the six of you." He patted his muzzle daintily with a napkin. "You’ll be sleeping in the East wing of the hotel, even though you may have the room of your choice, I think there would be a safety in numbers, don’t you think?" At the other’s confused looks, he smiled with frightening complacency. "Well, my wife isn’t the only loved one that’s passed away within these walls...And it appears as though one of your number has a bit of a magnet for them." The ghost of Buttercup gave one sad, final look to the necklace and let herself fade away, but not before looking at her insane husband with sad eyes.
  5. The room was bathed in a soft, almost romantic flickering glow. Still, in the corners of the dark room, the shadows gamboled about, leering at the flames. The heart ruby was one of the brightest things in the room, and it was a dull, muted glow instead of the firm brightness of the candles. As the darkness settled in, something pearly white in the shadows flickered. The ghost of a pony, half solid, half translucent, floated silently out of the wall and looked longingly at the flames. The closer the pony got to the light, the more it faded away, until it was nothing more than a slightly disturbed shimmer passing over the candles. When it had circled the table twice, the pony left the light and stayed in the darkness. It was the form of a filly, with darkly freckled cheeks and a tousled mane which spilled over her withers. A pair of mournful eyes stared at the gathered group of ponies, and then it faded away entirely. Master Artix was in the middle of the room, staring at the ghost of his wife with lovelorn eyes. "Buttercup," He murmured. At the sound of her voice, the ghost vanished into the wall. Fury exploded in the big stallions chest. "No!" He reared up, sending his powerful front hooves smashing into the wall. His elegantly coiffed black mane fell into his eyes, and he slammed against the wall again with all his might. "Buttercup! My darling! Come back!" The ghost did appear, but not next to her grieving husband. The ghost crept closer to the light, her gaze fixed on the glowing heart gem.
  6. ...This is kinda getting ridiculous, guys. :/ It's an awfully small roleplay, and very plot-driven. (Or I'd like it to be, anyway). So I need ALL OF YOU. Every single one of you. :/ And right now, I only have ActFast, Ray, and sometimes LeJAK. When I said I needed at least one post a day, I meant it. Otherwise, I'm going to have to either shut this roleplay down or start making space for active players. I'll go check out the IC.
  7. ^^ He is colorful. And this is pretty much a waiting point until a few of the other RP'ers catch up. And then it's all smoke and mirrors... OR IS IT!? O_O
  8. @ Master Artix smirked at the younger pony. "You degrade yourself, Mr. Dancer. I think you’ll be extraordinarily helpful." He left his side with a rather unsettlingly fatherly pat on the shoulder, and went over to the ponies who were scattered apart, untalkative and shy. They weren’t sticking together yet, they were all either eating, eyeing each other suspiciously, or trying to look as though they belonged there. All except for the young writer and the tall pony; they were staring moonstruck into each other’s eyes, blushing furiously but looking soppy nonetheless. All of a sudden, the lights went out. There were startled squeaks and gasps from everyone assembled, freezing in their places as utter blackness fell. Right on time, Master Artix thought pleasantly. "Everypony stay calm," He ordered. "I’m sure the lights will be on in a moment." They wouldn’t be on in a moment, but they didn’t know that.
  9. *crawls in* hai. A very good point, Ray, we seriously need to have the other four people post a bit. I'll post quickly for Artix in response to Flame, but other then that, I really need some participation. :3 Edit: LMAO! Why does poor LeJAKoJAK keep getting ninja'd? Why do BOTH of you keep getting ninja'd? XD
  10. They're not really. Take a look at the "Welcoming" section, and there's several people who've been thrust out of their communities because they disagreed with another brony's opinion. Even here, there's people leaving because of disagreements. Sure, I've seen a couple of YT comments, but that's mostly about bronies reacting to trolls, not bronies reacting to other bronies.
  11. Feel free to ignore this post entirely. This is a bit of a rant, very much a tl;dr, and the result of too much coffee ice cream. I’m not really in my right mind as I write this, it’s merely an observation from a new member of the community. The Brony community is known for their “love and tolerance”, which is the message the show preaches to us. Well, in all fairness, I don’t think I’m any more loving and tolerant by watching the show – I still have a short temper, poor debating skills, and the inability to leave well enough alone. (As many of you here in the forums have discovered). And I’m pretty sure there’s a good many people like me, who are just regular people who still have their faults and flaws and aren’t morally impacted by the show in any way. We seem to have a fixation on “trolls”, or “Brony haters” who go out of their way to heckle us. But it also seems like we go out of our way to defend our beloved characters and TV show. So we’re engaged in this eternal tussle over the TV show we love and the people in our fandom who draw a lot of negative attention. A lot of us feel like we’re being unfairly judged because of the kid-friendly, female-oriented nature of the show, and that somehow saps men of their masculinity. So to make up for that, or to “take back our masculinity”, the men defend themselves to an unnatural degree. I can’t stop people from feeding trolls. It’s hard, since trolls design themselves to provoke and inflame. (Look up the “You’ve Been Trolled” song on YT.) But there seems to be an element missing here. An element of harmony, if you’ll pardon the obvious reference. Look over at the “Welcome” section of this forum. Have you noticed how many people in there have been driven out of other communities because they expressed a different opinion? These people aren’t being persecuted by Brony-haters or trolls, they’re being insulted and hurt and shunned by us. People just like you and me. We kick them out of our forum sections, message boards, chatterboxes, or what have you, simply because they disagreed with something we hold dear. We’re supposed to “love and tolerate”, and I see a lot of people suggesting we do that to the “haters”. But not once have I seen someone say, “You know, we treat some fellow Bronies pretty shabbily. We ought to tolerate and love them a bit more.” Shouldn’t we focus more on our groups instead of the people who hate us and our preferences in lifestyle or television choices? Sure, it can be said that the trolls and some other members of the community have the same opinions, therefore we’re bound to clash over some issues. But here’s the difference: these kids aren’t trying to inflame or provoke. These are their honest opinions. Maybe their opinions are skewed due to media portrayals, or maybe their opinions don’t align to yours, but the person sitting behind the computer screen genuinely believes those opinions. I’m not saying don’t stop trying to love the haters, but it seems like we need to rethink our priorities. So can we stop focusing on the haters who try to bully us, and try to love and tolerate the people who try to join our little neighborhood? It seems pretty hypocritical of me, so don’t bring that up, since I feel guilty enough already for slamming some people for having different opinions than I do. Like I said before, I don’t always think before I act, and I can’t just walk away from an argument. But I will make an honest effort to try to be a little more tolerant of people in this community who have contrasting opinions. Because when it comes down to it, we’re all very different. We’re only united by our love of muffins and gemstones and sonic rainbooms, but we’re all unique, and having varying worldviews and upbringings. I’m new to this community. Not really new to the fandom, since I’ve liked it for a while, but this is really my first time actively participating with other fans of the show. Because of this, I’m pretty sure I’m wrong about this. My judgments have been based largely on YT comments, and this message board here. I’m rambling now. And I’m getting a headache. I should stop eating this ice cream, it’s giving me brain freeze and weight gain.
  12. I would say something witty, unique, and MLP-esque...But everyone else has already said it. 3: Welcome, have fun, all that jazz. <3
  13. Aww, don't say that! As AppleJack would say, "That's just stinkin' thinkin'." I'm sure you'll get a wonderful partner one day, you just need to be patient. I'll enter this as soon as I can find an updated version of myself. All I can find are pictures of me when I still had glasses and a stupid haircut. O_e
  14. @, @@LeJAKoJAK Master Artix clucked his tongue disapprovingly at the peppery detective. Of course, Phil Noir would be the one to pick a fight first – he was the most suspicious, and the one with his hackles permanently raised. He was possibly the most colorful pony he had invited to the hotel, although if he proved to be too nosy it would be relatively easy to turn the others against him. "Now, now, Mr. Noir, you haven’t even heard my proposition yet," He chuckled, but his golden eyes had sharpened and focused with uncanny stillness on the detective. "Let’s not knock the game before we’ve played, shall we?" There was one pony, fiddling uncomfortably with his plate and sipping at his water, rather a distance away from the rest of the group. That must have been Flame Dancer. Time to see if the group would bond together. "Now, you’re Flame Dancer, aren’t you? Ah, yes. It’s good to finally make your acquaintance. Tell me, what do you think of Mr. Noir’s warning?" {{On my phone, sorry for the short post.}}
  15. Seems like I'm one of the few who actually loves the beach! I sunburn easily too, and I can't swim very well. But I love the beach, probably because my family used to swim at night instead of in the day during the crowd rush. My father and I used to swim out far enough to touch the first sailboat docked about two hundred yards from shore, and then swim back. I have fond memories of living by the beach. It's amazing that we didn't get eaten by sharks, all those times we swam at night...O_e