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  1. If by this you mean the composition then the answer your looking for is 78-79% Nitrogren, 19-20% Oxygen and the other 1-3% is other gases like argon, carbon dioxide and ozone Also this is more of a chemistry question than astronomy.
  2. I have hopes to study Natural Sciences at Cambridge and then go on to do Computational Physics as a career. Absolutely love that field of physics in particular, quantum computing
  3. The time from one reunion to another is hardly anything at all, maybe a year at max! And that was 100 moons. Which leads me to believe that it only have a third of a year for the portal to reopen..... HASBRO......
  4. So after watching EqG, I've really started to like it! And frankly.... I want more! Not sure if it would ruin it though. But as celestia said herself "the portal opens every 30 moons". Well what happens in 30 moons time? Can twilight go through again? If so... DO IT TWILIGHT! GO BACK!!!
  5. 5K23003000FFFFFE000000240210048FEUL183721A201001O1CC00000000002O107F3FCC004CB2
  6. Magical Zebra, Magical Zebra, ah ah ah ah.... Magical Zebra, I dont even know what zebras are.. Magical Zebra (sing with the mlp theme tune!) 5K402S01213220F7FFC49D00000AAA500TN1837400000100M1FE9900FEC4000101FE9900004CB2
  7. 2V400900203220F7FFC49D00000AAA500TN1837400000000M1FE9900FEC4000101FE9900FEC400 There we go
  8. @, As an alicorn, will Twilight be immortal and forced to outlive all of her friends?” Twilight will not outlive her friends To me this means that for the duration that twilight is an alicorn (which is most likely her life) she will not outlive her friends.
  9. I would have to disagree there, your saying that just because she doesn't "see" her friends die, means that she doesn't outlive them? I'm sorry but if her friends die before her, no matter when or where.... she will have outlived them... There are two possibilities because of this: 1) Twilight, although an alicorn, is mortal. 2) Twilight IS immortal, and her friends are somehow immortalised as well, just as Twilight was...
  10. Ok so in a Q&A session with Meghan McCarthy on twitter, fans had an opportunity to ask the writer about season 4. Below in the spoiler is the full Q&A. But the thing I really want to point out is the piece I have highlighted, made bold, made red etc... You'll see it. I think from a writer, this is a pretty good source of information..... So just to reiterate "Twilight will not outlive her friends".
  11. Whether she is immortal or not, she has been confirmed not to outlive her friends. Meaning either for some strange reason, her friends are immortalised aswell, or more likley, Twilight isn't immortal.
  12. Just had a great idea for a forum game (not sure whether it will catch or not...) So here we go, below is the code for a pony creator image. Your job is to then, in turn change just one feature.... mane, colour, height, weight etc... YOUR CHOICE. Let's see how it turns out... Then you post the new pony code in your post! Instructions on how to use Pony Creator: --------------------- INITIAL PONYCODE ---------------------- 2V40097020F7DE20FFC49D00000AAA500TN1837400000000N1FE9900FEC4001C01FE9900FEC400 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Yup.... R63 Spitfire...