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  1. The moon rises every night here too. Do they not have moon phases?
  2. Two and a half years will have had to pass between the first movie and the second...? Are they freshman in the first movie? Luna says the portal only opens every thirty moons, that's two and a half years. Two and a half years will have had to pass in EQUESTRIA from the first to the second, how are they going to time skip that much?
  3. ??? The reason those terms exist in MLP, is because they are horse puns for things that exist in our world. Thus, they are horse puns for a place that exists in "our world" in the movie. You asked how. That is how.
  4. I'm not sure what on earth you're taking about here..... Canterlot is a "reference" to Camelot, a castle/court associated with King Arthur, but with horse terms. Wondercolts? A colt is a young male horse. Canter is a horse gait. Which could easily explain how it is "Canterlot Wondercolts".
  5. Disappointed and angry. It turns out the place that called me back calls back EVERYONE who is qualified and "saves" people able to work in case they need workers. God I wish they'd told me that, I wouldn't have gotten my hopes up!
  6. Nervous beyond belief, I have a job interview this afternoon.
  7. Nervicited is probably the best word.
  8. Oh my god I'm so nervous. The fiancee and I finally found an apartment building we can have, it allows up to two pets for a little extra for rent every month, it is wifi and cable ready (we still have to pay for it ourselves), it's only a half a mile from her school and I'm so nervous about next year.
  9. Spike is DEFINITELY more than a year old.
  10. Most of the time yes. And if you're stuck in a classroom or car or something, various profanities are generally running through your head and you're praying your clothes don't end up wrecked.
  11. If it makes you uncomfortable, just don't respond. This isn't offensive in the slightest. I mostly just get cramps and headaches. It also has a bad habit of striking while on vacation. :okiedokielokie:
  12. Florida tomorrow, Florida tomorrow, Florida tomorrow.