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Everything posted by MyShiningArmor

  1. Seeking Black Body MLP Vinyls(Mane 6.) :)

  2. Howdy! I just started out my Funko vinyl collection with Princess Luna, Big Macintosh, and a Mini Black Big Macintosh(Ebay.). Aside from Big Mac, all I am looking for are the mane 6 in the little black blind box ponies. Does anypony have any doubles they'd be willing to sell?
  3. Rainbow Dash otterbox ftw :3

  4. Who else got ponies for Christmas? :3 Also does anypony want to text im sooo bored!!!

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    2. MyShiningArmor


      Yes well customs are called customs for a reason. They are EXPENSIVE. The Brony creed is Love and Tolerate not "I Judge Your Plush Because She's Not Good Enough For Me."

    3. MyShiningArmor


      And the colors on the one on that pic are all wrong so are the eyelashes.

    4. Shanks


      Nope, no pony stuff but I already tend to buy most of what I want anyway which can make it a bit difficult to shop for a guy like me and I don't think my Mom who is the only one that knows knows where to get any of the good stuff.

  5. It's amazing to open a present and find your own little Dashie inside. What a feeling of gratification to be 19 and have parents who accept your adult female bronyness unconditionally. :) I love my family!

  6. I am quite interested, please feel free to use any and all of my pony ocs. Please note though that Night Shade and Deja Vu are ponysonas and i wish for them to remain Alicorns. If you need the personal reasons for this please feel free to pm me. They are in no way mary sues or a harm to anything. These ponies are also all family or linked together romantically so they are a package deal. Night Shade: Crimson Flame: Rose Petal: Silver Shield: Deja Vu: Hail Storm: Tear Drop: Shimmer Mist: Gold Star: Red Wing: Fly:
  7. My Little Pony is making coping with the first anniversary of my sisters' death much more bearable.

    1. Sugar Pea

      Sugar Pea

      Sorry about your sibling....i'm sure you miss her very much. :(

      I'll probably never know what it feels like, me having a sibling myself.

    2. Shanks


      It has made dealing with my Dad's death and a few other depressing things in my life easier to deal with, maybe I just discovered it at the right time. The year I got into it which was last year was one of the worst of my entire life but having a little something to remind me that not everything in life is doom and gloom was very much welcome and needed.

    3. MyShiningArmor


      Thank you both, And I completely agree EarthBendingProdigy. Avatar The Last Airbender and The Legend Of Korra help too. :3

    1. Sky Warden

      Sky Warden

      Haven't seen you in a while. Where were you?

    2. MyShiningArmor


      I was never gone, i just had alot on my plate. The first anniversary of my sisters death is coming up and im clinging to ponies for dear life. Once a brony girl always a brony girl.

    3. Sky Warden

      Sky Warden

      I see. Sorry for your loss.

  8. Can someone please draw my 3 pony ocs Equestria Girls style?

    1. MyShiningArmor


      Actually 4 if you count Shimmer Mist.

  9. Can anypony please draw my Ponysona and her boyfriend in Equestria Girls form? I would greatly appreciate it. The girl pony has gray wings and wears clothing like the girl in the picture i posted below, except that her belt buckle is her cutie mark and her shirt says forbidden. I would like her to be wearing the Wonder Colts ears and tail from the movie. And her eyes are vivid green. Crimson Fame wears the same jacket as below but open, and with a black tshirt underneath with his cutie mark on it. The jacket should have a blue body with yellow sleeves and accents and the Wonder Colts emblem on it.Otherwise Crimsons clothing is dark jeans with a black belt and silver horse shoe belt buckle, and like below his jacket shows his wrists, which his left should be wrapped in a bandage. Also Night Shades skin tone should match the girls in the picture below and Crimsons should match Flash Sentrys human skin tone.
  10. I need HELP with MMD!!!

  11. Can anyone teach me how to use MMD?

  12. Forever alone. -_-

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    2. Zygen


      I'm not even that isolated, i'm a little quieter then most, but not isolated.


      Girls just don't show much interest in me.


      I have interest in one, but its complicated, and won't happen.

    3. Shanks


      I can't say I have had much luck, but I am not letting it get me down. I just haven't been able to look for someone because of pressures from work, school and taking care of my sick father. Because the other parts of my life are slowly but surely starting to fall into place it is getting me closer to where I can actually start dating and the ladies can't resist this stallion for much longer.

    4. MyShiningArmor


      My issue is i cant find a man who will like the way i look who isnt a baby about family. If your mom is sick boohoo you get her ssi you dot slowly kill yourself trying to pay her bills for her.

  13. J Michael Tatum, My Epically amazing Ciel Phantomhive Cosplay, Furry ears, and a new nickname! Now thats what im talking about!!! :DDDDDD