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  1. I'm still in, but I'm having trouble coping with my senior year workload. Currently, a few of my teachers seem perfectly okay with throwing a bunch of things at me and expecting me to remember them all like some omnipotent being of homework, a planner helps but I'm still only human. Nevertheless, I'll try to keep with the rp.
  2. Sure I guess, I just hope that it doesn't die any further. Cuz, yanno, kinda like actually having things happen. Rather than not happen.
  3. ((And now our story is being run by Handsome Jack. Rocks fall, everyone dies.)) Malik turned to the rest of the group. "What do we want to do now? Sleep in and leave for wherever in the morning?" He sat on his haunches looking at all of the options before them. Which place to go to first...?
  4. Malik's is possibly the most fitting yet useless possible, given his low charisma and no skill pecentage in speech. I could probably use it for persuasion dialogue, though, so it might work.
  5. Malik chuckles a little, keeping the filly warm. "Oh well, it was worth a try I suppose." "Well, if I ever find a robot mechanic, I'll make sure to point him or her your way. Sound good?" He gently ruffled her mane a little. Still, he felt slightly dejected. He guessed not everyone was not so willing to taking up the call of adventure.
  6. Duuuuude, I totally have phobias of wasps too. They're pretty much the jerks of the insect kingdom. :/ But they eat other insects so I guess they're cool. Until they sting you.
  7. Last time I went camping, I was in weebalos or something. I got hit in the solarplexis by accident and cried. I think I was 10 at the time. I 'unno. But they at least had archery, axe throwing, and candlemaking. I was surprisingly good at axe throwing for my age, and I think it carried over to medieval fair they have over here, because I managed to beat my old man at axe throwing. He whooped me at archery though, apparently it was his thing as a kid. Good times.
  8. Soul of a Man by Steven Stern. Possibly the song of my life, my existence amidst the great evils of this world. http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&feature=endscreen&v=U2LzMv1474g Vogel im Kafig. Pretty much for all those times I wish I was there to save someone's life, even at the cost of my own.
  9. ...it's going to suck isn't it? Our first encounter? Honestly, humanity has a really bad habit of demonizing whatever it doesn't understand, then beating the crap out of it with a sack of potatoes mixed with bricks. I mean heck, some people don't understand why we like ponies, and make us out to be pedophiles and lowlifes. Heck, our mere existence makes us a ticking time bomb, and the cynical part of me wishes humanity to burn for the better of the universe, the intuitive part of me reminds me that if a race so god awful as us exists, there could be a race that is far more greedy and p
  10. Malik gently threw a wing over Ruby, keeping her close and warm. "Ruby, how do you feel about going to Haven? Who knows, it'll be a long while till we get there, plenty of...trials and tribulations but they might have someone that makes robots." He looked up to the stars and sighed happily. He could still see a few, and he was glad.
  11. "Hm? Oh, my party hat? I just found it blowing in wind one day. It just looked to funny and weird...so I decided to take it with me! Glad you like it." The bot chuckled, sitting beside Ruby. He pondered for a moment, then spoke up again: he needed to know. "Ruby...what are you going to do now that your father's gone? I imagine you plan on joining the Steel Rangers, yes?" Mal asked her in a slightly more serious tone.
  12. I say episode that slowly unravels onto a story, like Alex mentioned. Oh great, the posty tyhing won't work. Now I have to go and fiddle around the cache thingy dodad. *sigh*
  13. The robots sat up onto his haunches and wrapped his other hoof gently around the filly in a warm hug. Surprising enough, he does feel slightly warm. "Friend, you may simply call me Malik or Mal, for short. And thank you, for keeping a my hat safe, Ruby." He chuckled. He set her down after a while and gave her light but forceful nudge with his face: "Hooligan." He responded to her quip, giggling all the while. Malik shot a sharp look (er...sharpish) at Angel. Why must he taint the children with cursewords... He looked to Ruby. "Make sure you and Spion stay out of trouble too, al
  14. UnitP0N13

    Gaming Who's ready for WildStar?

    For beta testing, I think they're mainly going for the big names and the people who they know for certain have had experience with mmo's or have made fairly popular mmo's to maximize the thoroughness of the closed beta. With the amount of creativity and effort they're putting into this game, I think it's going to turn out just fine. As for the trailers, I guess I could see that happening. It would be pretty cool if they made a series off of it for both the Dominion side and the Exile side.
  15. I've never been hooked on an mmorpg before, especially before it has come out. The first trailer I saw of WildStar got me hooked, as did all of the others. But LAWDY the one with Tara Strong in it made me squee. Then I just kinda flopped around on the floor and fanboy'd for the next hour or so while foaming at the mouth. I'm absolutely /sold/ on this game.
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