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    Hello my there my name is captinchilli I have many intrest and I dont think it can all fit in here. So what like to do on free time which is all my time is spend it on the internet and on my prize pesion my xbox I love playing video games. Also I like comic books but I dont do any real reading so im not that good person who gets straight A or likes to read i dont like reading i dont play any sports I also dont have any hobbies unless playing video games and been able dj are hobbie then yes. Im not shy im actually hyperengetic which means hyper all the time I could have a head ache but still talk. I make fast friends so thats what I hope to do I enjoy makeing friends laugh like pinky pie but im also and mostly like rainbow dash I like to boast I dont know why and if you want we can be bbff best brony friend ever or for pega sister bpff best pega friend ever. And if you made it this far I say have a good rest of the day. Also if you want to add me on Xbox it's fisheyepuma2276 and I have a steam but I forgot and I don't have ps3 I don't like.

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  1. captinchilli

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for Link that I shoudent have postes
  2. I'm back after for a long time

    1. Delirium


      Welcome back

  3. Ok thanks and i think its possible to make metal to gold cause of others elements also its a rule you dont belive and you get kicked out of the group but i belive any thing
  4. Ive been trying to leran Alchemist for about a week now from a book i got from amazon and i asked a smart person today do you know what alchemist is and she said its boarder line illega science. But im not sure if its true can you guys tell me if thats true or not
  5. roger that a e back wont be necceary then ill just countine on see what happens from there on so i repeat negative on the eback i wont be needing it ill juat take my hummve and countuine down the road thanks thoe for offering the pick up but like i said that will be a negative
  6. gets on radio. i need help im on the out skirts of what remains of ponyville i dont think i can hold off much longer if any body can here me please im i. the out skirts of pony ville im part of the ressitance so im not enemy so if any body can hear me i would like a response quick its gettin dangerus
  7. captinchilli


    Welcome to the forum and yea have fun in the forum we are friendly
  8. captinchilli

    somewhat new

    Well on the site for sure I'm sure of it but Iive in south Chicago really bad
  9. captinchilli

    somewhat new

    Thanks every pony for a good warming welcome and your right I shouldn't care thanks and yes we should talk sometimes I love to meet new ponies
  10. captinchilli

    somewhat new

    Hello everybody I've been on the fourm for about 2 weeks I think but never introduced myself. I'm the only brony so I get made fun off even type every body my friend so I'm hopeing too be bbff (best brony friend forever) mostly cause I don't have one and well yea
  11. I feel as if life was a dream and when we die we waje up in heaven

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