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    Hello my there my name is captinchilli I have many intrest and I dont think it can all fit in here. So what like to do on free time which is all my time is spend it on the internet and on my prize pesion my xbox I love playing video games. Also I like comic books but I dont do any real reading so im not that good person who gets straight A or likes to read i dont like reading i dont play any sports I also dont have any hobbies unless playing video games and been able dj are hobbie then yes. Im not shy im actually hyperengetic which means hyper all the time I could have a head ache but still talk. I make fast friends so thats what I hope to do I enjoy makeing friends laugh like pinky pie but im also and mostly like rainbow dash I like to boast I dont know why and if you want we can be bbff best brony friend ever or for pega sister bpff best pega friend ever. And if you made it this far I say have a good rest of the day. Also if you want to add me on Xbox it's fisheyepuma2276 and I have a steam but I forgot and I don't have ps3 I don't like.

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