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  1. This rp was really good, too bad Sunbutt was banned, it would have been nice to keep going.
  2. "You guys are welcome to some good if you want any, I tried to make sure there was enough for everyone to eat. Well I wasn't sure if you two were going to eat with us or not, I just kind I guessed. You can come into the room, sit down and relax a little before it's time to eat." Cecilia moved out of the way so that Equinox and Dusk can enter the room. She walked back to the kitchen to make sure that the food is okay. "So did you two do anything interesting before showing up here?" Cecilia wanted to start some small talk so that it wouldn't be too quiet.
  3. Luna grabed a broom and started sweeping the floor. She wanted to make sure to get rid of all the dust, if any sick animals were to rest in the cottage, it wouldn't be the best condition for them. The cleaner the enviornment, the better for the animals. Luna wants only the best for the animals. Everything has to be perfect. "Maybe I can make some treats for the animals. They would be so happy."
  4. Don't worry, if others reply more often (I just need to pay more attention) then it should be okay.
  5. "Is that a question, are you questioning yourself? It's not good to do that, you know that, right? Well, there are worst things than that, I bet you never seen a peguses while they are flying. Never mind that though, I guess it was kind of you to at least show me to a room, even if it belongs to somepony else." Luna just wanted to mess with the creature, neither being mean, or nice, her monotoned voice wasn't clear it she was joking around or not. She just wanted to see a confused look on the ceature's face.
  6. Luna smiled as she walked away, the more the better. She started to ask the gaurd radom questions while looking at the placs they walked by. "So do you have a family, how long have you worked here, is it a fun or interessting job, have you exsorted many ladies to their homes before?" The questions had now value, but it's better than silence.
  7. @, Luna whispered to Damien once again "I know you might not agree, but you can at least think about it." She walked off, then called to a guard. "I don't think I have a room, I am a good hider, and I only been in a few rooms, andnone of them look like a good sleeping place. It's a bit cruel to treat your guest that way, don't you think?" Luna wanted to confuse the guards a bit, well for her entertainment.
  8. Luna's plan was simple, but if she could get the creature to think differently, it might help. She then walked over to Damien and whispered. "You should go with what this things says, I kind of have a plan that might be helpful." Sure she didn't know the pony, but if she could get him to help, it would be a better plan. Luna turned to the scientist. "Fine, I'll help with your stupid plan, but don't complain to me if it doesn't work." Luna's voice was cold, and her eye's was filed with flames.
  9. Luna thought of an idea, it would help her get home, without having to do something she disliked. Even the thought of killing a pony was horrible. "You don't know anything about our world. Do you know how many princesses there are? Do you know how many princes there are? Do you know about the elements of harmany? What about the god of chaos, or even changelings? You no nothing about our wold, even I don't know much about it. If you want to get rid of threats, innocnt ponies would scarafice their life, just to protect the ones they love, including the princesses."
  10. "I agree with this pony, we never knew anything about you creatures untill we were kidnaped. I don't know about this other pony, but I have others that are worried about me, and I wouldn't want to fight them. I don't want to hurt my dear friends, and I know a few ponies that are friends with the princesses. You will only cause chaos by trying to distroy our kind, and we don't take that to kindly. So if you would please let us go home, and forget about us, that would be perfect." Luna's voice was threating, like she could snap any second, and kill the sientice by bitting his head off. Her sword showed as a warning to not do something stupid, as she hld it in defence mood.
  11. "I don't have to listen to you, I can find a way back home, without killing othrs, and without helping you. Why would you even think we want to harm you, it was you who harmed us." Luna was mad, she didn't want to talk to this thing anymore. She had to think of a plan, something that will help all of them. Luna looked around the room, trying to find something, even if it means a blackout. She didnt want to give up, so she started to ignore the creature, and walked around the areatrying to find something. Luna kept her sword close, ready to use it if she had to.
  12. "I'm not going to follow any of your stupid plans, why would I hurt the place I care about? I will never stay here either, I have poniesto protct, and I won't drowned, giving up is stupid." Luna noticed Shadows reaction or money, and growled at him. "Don't be so stupid, money here is different than Equstrian money, we don't even know about this world." Luna glared at Shadow, then at the creature.
  13. "Would you like to repeat that, or stay alive?" Luna gave a low grow as her grip on her sword tightened. This creature will not take away everything that she has left. She glared at the creature, trying to think of a plan. "I have to be careful, who knows what could happen.' Luna thought to herslf. She needed a plan, then looked around the room. Luna almost forgot about the others being here too, this changed her preveiouse plan.
  14. "I would prefer to go home instead, I have ponies to take of. They are counting me." Luna mumbled to herself. She wants to go home, and leave this place. Luna held her sword close to her, the last comfort she had left. She didn't want to here any longer, she never lost hope though, Luna knows she will get back home.