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  1. Someday I'm gonna have an entire room dedicated to Fluttershy and have a humongous shrine for her!!

  2. What would a Pony taste like?

    1. Musix


      Depends. Scootaloo? Chicken.

  3. And thus the Great Fausticorn in the sky said "Let there be Ponies!!" Then Celestia and Luna were born!! Hallefuckinluja!!

  4. Go away! No candy here! Visitors not welcome on Nightmare Night!

  5. Those poor Diamond Dogs, Rarity traumatizes them

  6. What does it take to fins a cute girl with strabismus!?

  7. The currency of Equestria is known as "Bits" is that a reference to the metal mouth pieces used to control horses somewhat better also known as Bits?

  8. Considering Granny Smith was the first to bake Rainbow "colored" confections wouldn't that make her an original Pinkamena?

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    2. G1 Derpy FTW

      G1 Derpy FTW

      OHH I see, have you heard anything about "Pinkamena" and the fact that she "enjoys" butchering the other Ponies and that her only goal in life is making cup-cakes out of Rainbow Dash. Why? Who fuck'n knows its just awesome!!

    3. TheBronyHeart


      Are you talking about cupcakes? ....




    4. G1 Derpy FTW

      G1 Derpy FTW

      Yea its rather gruesome, if your a Rainbow Dash fan that is. Me personally approve of her mischievous ways

  9. Cheerilee!! That banner is cute...

  10. I was bored and I had this sketch of Fluttershy laying around for quite some time now and I finally felt like finishing it even though it may have came out weird nevertheless I still love her... "Thank you for your time! I hope you having a wonderful day"
  11. Fuck Microsoft for making Rainbow Dash the only "pet" for the avatar!!

  12. Derpy Hooves, you cock eyed mofo!! WHY do I love her so MUCH!! TT_TT

  13. I'm going to clone Rainbow Dash so that there will never be a shortage on pony lynching!!

    1. longgone


      A lynching? Every week?




      Is it free too :D!?

    2. G1 Derpy FTW

      G1 Derpy FTW

      The more the merrier, I suggest capturing her in similar ways like they did in Return of Harmony part 2

  14. I am slowly but surely getting a waifu complex towards Fluttershy...

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    2. longgone


      Rainbow Dash is cocky as hell, she's my least favorite XD


      Fluttershai is mah waifu, n' u caen't hav her!

    3. G1 Derpy FTW

      G1 Derpy FTW

      You are my Hero for saying that about RD I personally feel the same way and for that I leave you with your "Waifu" you deserve it after saying that!!

    4. longgone


      Yeah, I'm surprised how many people liked her


      Thanks XD

  15. How can anypony find RD appealing...

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    2. G1 Derpy FTW

      G1 Derpy FTW

      Well that's the problem shes not worth shit!!

    3. Dark Qiviut

      Dark Qiviut

      She's an extremely relatable character. Brash, cocky, image-conscious, fiery, confident, loyal, and caring. She's an extremely complex, human, realistic character.

    4. G1 Derpy FTW

      G1 Derpy FTW

      Pfft, She belongs in a glue factory...

  16. According to YTPs Applejack's nipples look like milk duds!!

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    2. Champion RD92

      Champion RD92

      haha i saw that xD

    3. Dsanders


      Oh gosh...that video killed me. xD

    4. G1 Derpy FTW

      G1 Derpy FTW

      This is a huge collection of them (unless you knew about this)


  17. Could there be possibly negaponies? or would it be too much like The Rowdyruff Boys scenario...

  18. G1 Derpy FTW

    OC shenanigans!

    Its all good i'm done with drawing OC anyways I'm just gonna stick with MLP crossovers they are a bit more enjoyable or I might draw ponies getting massacred my zombies...
  19. I is back with more of my recent OC if you remember her from my last upload you will quickly realize that she looks different than the generic sketch I made. (Here's a link) http://mlpforums.com/topic/67304-my-newest-oc-not-a-zombie/ I was thinking of different Mane designs and just borrowed Sweetie Belle's "Wet" Mane design, Its absolutely gorgeous! (Shhhh, Don't tell anyone) She is still a Puppet Master and I drew a crude reenactment of the Episode "May the Best Pet Win!" I really need to practice drawing Ponies in flight better...
  20. Will there ever be an episode where Rainbow Dash is not a dick? I highly doubt it!!

  21. Preen those feathers you sexy beast!!

  22. Rainbows on Fire!!

  23. You know you have issues when you want to motorboat AJ's flank

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    2. Remi


      >seems to be a legit mistake.



    3. Boxxi The Brony

      Boxxi The Brony

      I thought everyone wanted to do this as well ...

    4. G1 Derpy FTW

      G1 Derpy FTW

      I guess I'm not a crazy as I thought...

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