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  1. though honestly i’d love to be able to delete this entire account and everything on it lol. like, looking back on my old stuff and my awful rping  is kinda fun and nostalgic, but it’s honestly more embarrassing to revisit than anything because i was a weird young adult with terrible communication skills lol(i mean my communication skills are still not great but eh). so the fact that All That is just there for people just has me dying inside

    1. Odyssey


      it's best to ignore your account and disable all email notifications instead of knowing that it still exists if you really feel that way

    2. sunne


      @Odyssey oh yeah i disabled email notifs years ago, and this account generally doesn’t enter my mind at all. it just kinda sucks that i can’t seem to edit much of my old stuff. 

  2. is,,, is there any way i can edit and/or delete my old oc rp profiles? i’m not seeing anything that indicates that i can?


  3. im still in this fandom and absolutely know why im on this thread
  4. Is it acceptable to put non-pony art threads in octavia's hall? cause I low-key wanna post some undertake art here lol.

  5. I literally only log on anymore for one topic, lmfao

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    2. sunne


      Lol yeah. But most friends that I had on here are either gone or reachable via Skype.

    3. Astro Mambo

      Astro Mambo

      Yeah that's not cool. :/


      I feel your pain.

    4. sunne


      I'm not really upset about it, I've got friends on other sites. ^^'

  6. How in the world are you holding those headphones?? :awuh:
  7. Heya Sans, why don't ya put away your magic and tell me some humerus puns?
  8. :T (Lol, well thank you, but it wasn't. I used the pencil tool in Firealpaca for it.)
  9. Guess it's okay. I'm just not much of a snuggler until I know you. Lol
  10. *o___o' intensifies* (Lol, do you think my icon was made in MSPaint? you confuse me.)
  11. Might I ask who the character in your avatar is? I can't put my finger on it but she looks so familiar.

  12. @@Sonata Jets, I believe at the moment we're all thinking of 1on1 RPs rather than one big RP. If you wanna RP with me, feel free to PM me and we can get something set up =v=
  13. I think it would be best to just be human OCs=v=' @@MiniKirby123, Will do x3.
  14. I suppose it would depend.. Wanna show me the OC(/s) you have in mind? Definitely!! Do you have Google Hangouts?
  15. sunne

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    397808 Thanks x3 I'm good x3 How're you? Yeah, they can be turned off. I was just shocked at the amount of notifications, hah
  16. sunne

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    397806 Wow, leave for a few days and you get 400+ notifications because MLPF automatically makes you follow every forum you post on even though you unfollowed it before. Pff. Mornin', even though it's 2:30 AM here x3
  17. Ayyyy I see that Undertale star in the banner <3

    1. Kyoshi


      "The sight of that star in the banner fills you with Determination." :3

  18. @@Colenso Rivers, That's okay x3 Do you have any human OCs or anything you'd like to RP? I don't have any kind of group thing planned. @@VinylWubs, Cool! Did you wanna do a 1-on-1 RP or should I make a group RP for one of them?
  19. Undertale and Steven Universe are my two biggest fandoms right now, and I just have a lot of OCs for both as well as in general (I also have a Pokemon OC if anyone wants to RP that with me) So, would anyone be willing to RP in those fandoms, or just with humans or kemonomis? Either just me and you, or a group RP is fine.
  20. Yes I'm still here, I'm bored. lol.

  21. Yes I'm still here, I'm bored. lol.

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