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  1. It was a pleasure getting to work with you and the rest of the SFS crew (I was A Milnikel in the skype chat). Thanks again for a great Q&A, best of luck with all your projects, and hope to see you around our community! ^_^

  2. I just turned 20 yesterday... Guh, still very strange to think about. I'm not a teenager anymore, I have to actually do something with my life now!
  3. Well, I only have my ponysona, and haven't developed her as a character, buuuut here she is. Don't mind the PonyCreator design below, believe me, I'm no artist/designer XD. Name: Gemstone Weave (Gem for short) Species: Earth Pony Gender: Female Age: Well, my age. 19 almost 20 (in 3 days!) Personality: My personality I guess. Friendly, shy, very dirty-minded History: My own history, just... ponified? Special Talent: Her cutie mark is a needle with the thread leading into a microphone. Kind of a play on the phrase 'weaving words'. Like, I weave words... with my voice. I know, pretty lame. Basically, her special talent is her voice.
  4. *raises hand* Comic dubber here! I don't think there are any 'off-limit' comics, if you enjoy it and want to dub it, go for it! People dub the comics posted on EQD all the time, so there's a good resource right there. Browse around on DA, too! Look up your favourite artists and see if they make comics. Comic-dubbing isn't as easy as it looks, though. I would recommend to start small. A well-made, but short and simple comic-dub is much better than a long and complex, but sloppily made comic-dub. Depending on the comic, you might also need sound effects. I get a lot of my sound effects from you'll need to make an account to download sounds, but it's free to join. Background music is also highly recommended. I personally tend to use royalty-free production music. Here's a good website for background music here and just check the boxes for the type of 'feel' you want. Also, voices. I'm sure you already know that voice acting is much, much more than just reading and speaking into a microphone. It takes lots and lots of practice to get a good grasp of it. I know my first attempts at voice-acting were pretty sub-par ^^;. It helps to memorize the text, that way you don't sound like you're 'reading'. Also, take a few minutes to get into the character. Think of yourself as the character. Voice acting is less about the impression, and more about the acting. That's all I have to say about it, good luck, and have fun!!
  5. I guess I'm fairly dedicated! Watched all the episodes, bought toys, shirts from WeLoveFine, go to conventions, buy fan-made stuff there. I also love seeing fan-made content online. Lots of fun
  6. ooh, pegasister here! Although I refer to myself as a brony, like most girls here seem to do as well ^^. I used to be mistaken for a guy quite frequently back when I had just joined the fandom, but not so much anymore. Either way though, whether people have thought I was male or female, I've been treated (mostly) the same. On this forum? Totally fine, I'm not extremely active here, but people seem very nice. For the most part in this fandom I've been treated with respect. I've made my best friends in this fandom, some male some female, it's made no difference Like I said before, a lot of people used to mistake me for male way back when. But now I've gained a bit of a public image in the fandom, and most people seem to already know that I am female. Oh I'm pretty active in the fandom, perhaps even more than some of the boys. I'm a fan voice-actress and singer in the community.
  7. A simple way to explain proper breathing while singing, is to think about how you breathe when lying down. When you breathe in, you push your stomach out, and when you exhale, your stomach deflates. That's how you want to breathe while singing. Basically, imagine when you breathe in, that you're blowing up a balloon, filling it with air. And when you exhale, you are pushing that air out with your stomach (it's really your diaphragm, but it feels like your stomach). It's going to feel strange at first, but with practice, you'll be able to get a fuller breath in a shorter amount of time. Proper posture helps with breathing too. Make sure you're not slouching, relax your shoulders, legs stanced in line with your hips. Make sure your chest and shoulders are not making any movement while you're breathing. Practice by putting one hand on your stomach, and one hand on your chest. One hand should move as your stomach expands/contracts, but the hand on your chest should not be moving at all. Point is to focus the airflow through your diaphragm, that's where you're going to get your "power" in singing. Aside from breathing: You should always, ALWAYS warm-up before singing. Get a hold of a singing exercise book, CD, or look it up online. Practicing those exercises will help prevent strain on your voice.
  8. My parents both know. My dad kinda laughed, because I was definitely not a MLP fan when I was a kid, so he thought the sudden switch was pretty funny. It actually is kinda funny though, so I don't mind . He's totally fine with it, though. And my mom is a brony now herself. She has more pony merch than I do lol.
  9. Cupcakes was the first fanfic I ever read (I know, what a wonderful 'welcome to the herd' eh?). It didn't bother me, but it didn't sit right with me either. I just found it weird. Oh well, these things will happen. Best we can do is just ignore them. The more hatred we express toward something, the larger a presence it becomes.
  10. *ahem* I admit, your title for this thread immediately caught my attention. My mind drove straight into the gutter. Well played. From one newbie to another, welcome!!
  11. I think there's more male fans than female because of where 'bronies' started off from. It started in a place where there generally are more males in general (4chan). By the time it had reached the 'internet mainstream', the label 'brony' had already been established, which may have perpetuated the idea that this is mostly a 'male' fandom. I'm not quite sure though, just my own take on it. I do think that there are more female bronies than most might think though. *waves hand!*
  12. Absolutely this! I was trained in singing before I got into VAing, and it made things a lot easier from the get-go. This is also why you'll see that a lot of VAs are also pretty good singers as well. They kinda go hand-in-hand in some ways. Consider picking up a singing exercise CD, and looking up some breath control exercises!
  13. I'm not really one for requesting voices, but if you're looking to get into voice acting, the most commone piece of advice I hear from pros is to focus on the acting aspect. Having lots of wild and awesome voices is great, but they won't mean a thing if you can't act with them. I've never heard your voice, so I can't really give you feedback. You will also learn things along the way. Get as much acting experience as you can. I was given this piece of advice from a pro, and it couldn't be more true. I've personally lost count of the projects I've been part of since I started VAing in the brony community, and it's improved my skills a lot. Plus, you'll find that the more you put your voice into practice, the more intimately you'll know how your voice works. This can help greatly with knowing how to expand your range, which in turn can help you create lots of different and interesting voices. Best of luck!!
  14. oh wow, didn't expect to see a whole thread on Snowdrop here, cool! VA of Celestia and Cumulo Nimbus (the bratty filly in Snowdrop's class) here. Glad to see a lot of you liked it! Believe me, we (as in, myself and the rest of SFS) are certainly listening to the valuable feedback we've been receiving. Just throwing this out there, as I see people comment on it quite frequently, and not just here. Meredith, who wrote the story and script, said this about writing Snowdrop as blind on the SFS tumblr blog here
  15. Umm... well, I most commonly do a Celestia impression. I voice Celestia for SillyFillyStudios (eg. their recent animation "Snowdrop"). I've done a Celestia for Equestria Inquirer (or rather, as Trollestia), and Reading Rainboom on EFN. I also voice for a certain tumblr featuring a certain Solar Princess and her Gamer sister... 'nuff said. I've also sung for SimGretina, Teithepony, Jeff Burgess, and a variety of other musicians. Those seem to be the most common places people know me from Thank you! I've read your review actually, glad to see you enjoyed it!