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  1. My desktop, i think it's good. *typo
  2. hello everypony long time ago before ponies even exist there was a object that controlled the sun, moon, weather earth harmony and discord. but when starswirl the bearded found it and accidentally splited into disharmony controll of the earth, weather and sun & moon it also sent a seed and all other powers where did they go disharmony went to into starswirl the earth weather and sun& moon went to all ponies(to respective species) the seen grown into the tree of harmony the the remaining raw power went starswirl daughters celestia and luna which made in to alicorns now the sun and moon don't work the weather either the uncorns learn to rase the sun and moon pegasus now can walk on clouds and too over the weather the earth ponies got more strength and then the events of heartwarming eve starswirl lost his mind to the disharmony and became discord and did want he does best and then we know all the rest and that all i have to say soz for the spelling
  3. for swearing at me in my topic @mods i'm joking
  4. i saw a spider-man reference in this ep dueing the song there was a seen of an office in a window where peter parker boss is sorry if this has has been said
  5. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what am i ???!!?!?!?!?!!!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?
  6. Linux i love Linux it uses so little memory i hate that my window box uses like 2gb of 4gb memory
  7. mine is 1. logmein hamachi vpn to my server 2.notepad++ awesome text editor 3. putty ssh client 4. Winscp sftp file transfer 5. skype we all know what this is
  8. now that im a unicorn i will uses magic to trolololololol everypony
  9. you wake up and you are the avatar of the user above you, what do you do
  10. portal2 turret wife serenade (7/10) pokey smokes avast fluttershy's lament(6/10) she's a pony(4/10) unknown hush now quiet now remix (4/10) simgretnia winter dance up(8/10) i have no life
  11. what did drink last night * turn around see pony next to him OH MY GOT THERE IS A YELLOW PONY NEXT TO ME
  12. Hello I have just stared on my latest project! I call it the p2e (portal to Equestria). I am tapping in the power of the multiverse to get into the land of Equestria. There are an unlimited number of worlds so Equestria exists in some far way place world black hole will just rip into the 4th dimension I need MORE power. Any idea on some I fuse with black hole gravity, to make it rip to dimension 8. Where every possible laws of physics exists one where magic is real this page may have text all screw up at the bottom is a side effect of my equipmsjdaass d sdd sd fas df sa f sfd dfg dg dr g sa f fa fdg dfg a s g dfg f gsfd g sd f g sdf g df gs g fg sf g s g f sdfg afg dsf g g sf dg sdf dg fds g dg d sg fg fd df g dfs g g dsf g s gr gwt v s evw v e ger grg ge er rt h g uk 9l ouolk 9uk yi tyyh ea g th w k h uiykuk y t u7t 7yg ykg ykg gy ygif tt ygjk yiu uy ewfefwe rg wegg we g w geeg wreg wer ggerw eev reer v t vv twt g t h te y y tyteyr b esr sg st g tr g ts g v sg wr wteg t y wre g eg wet g etg t w e tgt et y u e eqg e g r geqa grt th rre g e t rtt y se sr ert y e t gw wey w rq wey t e ju ui o ty o ot o o ot to8 o8t8o fsr gfs drg asrg er s g et g sre g s erg se r gser g s reg se g
  13. hello i just brought this account back from the dead second year brony linux is my life
  14. it can be anypony the reason i think twilight sparkle is that she is smart and kind but rainbow dash it cool and just awesome
  15. this my his is first topic i would go out with either twilight sparkle, rainbow dash please on clopping im not the type of person who does that