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  1. Hi everyone, I took a stab at video editing (my first) and did it by doing my own tribute to the awesome PMV that introduced me to all PMVs: "Kickstart my Pony" (posted by YouTube user Billy Deerhead back in 2012). I couldn't replicate his nifty character narrative - done with far less seasons of content, no less - but it's still ponies & rock, so I'm happy. This song has been done a lot, but man, does it fit the series. Hope you like it! PMV: Kickstart All the Ponies (Edit: Thanks for posting my video, Equestria Daily!)
  2. I understand what you're thinking re: the comic tie-in but, if there ends up being a secret villain - or ally - in the film, my money would be on Chrysalis for either.
  3. Being disappointed wouldn't concern me much. So, I'm not anxious about that possibility. Optimism - even cockeyed - can be healthy.
  4. In October, I believe we'll see a sincere love letter not only to the fandom, but to animated films in general. That's what I thought after watching the trailer. IMHO, everyone can rest assured the film being a total disaster is pretty much off the table. Sure, maybe it'll just be a good addition to an already great series...but this one could also end up being an Iron Giant, Hayao Miyazaki type of classic. Whether it all comes together correctly is still to be seen, but the potential is there. The people involved know their way around storytelling, music, et al, and the core elements of the show itself - a proven success - are intact. The animation, however...I saw the trailer in HD for the first time today on a larger screen (48"), and it feels wonderfully timeless. Yes, I love the show animation - it's part of MLP: FiM's DNA - but the classic cartoon gods must be smiling if they had a chance to see these 2+ minutes. It's clear the creators of this film have a deep adoration for the work that's come before them, and are trying to re-create some of that magic. It shows. Many have tried, but the advantage here goes to the Pony crew; they've got a great cast of characters at their disposal to work with, a good running time, and 2 or so years of development as well. Lots of reason for optimism, sky is the limit optimism.
  5. "Yay, Trixie! You're so great at magic...and having good hair!" Loved the dialogue in "All Bottled Up" - and have to give props to Kathleen Barr for a hilarious vocal performance. (Lots of nice animation touches in this one, too. Starlight's "quiet!" face from "The Cutie Map, Part 2" re-emerging was a personal favorite.)
  6. Just re-watched Celestial Advice. I think it featured some of the best writing of the last few seasons. There's some really clever stuff I missed the first time.
  7. Ducky in "The Land Before Time".
  8. In other words: Mane 6 (and Spike; sorry, buddy) are off discovering new lands while, back home, all of the "regulars" are battling / preparing for / recovering from the new evil - and the movie will go back and forth between the two? (With more time spent showing the journey) Or will it start home, and then all the film becomes the journey - with perhaps a return at the very end?
  9. I dunno...a battle to save Equestria seems like an opportune time to yank a magic-ready human back to pony form, through a mirror - especially if Ponyville is in immediate trouble with the Mane 6 elsewhere. She can return when it's over.
  10. Size up this year's competition; it's a weaker field. Even if it wasn't, I'd still say MLP's got a good chance of being nominated for Best Animated Film, and possibly Best Original Song.
  11. Haven't seen this one (the full version) in here yet, though I know many have watched it already. One of the best PMVs ever, IMHO.
  12. Some of my favorite MLP fan-made videos, like the one below, were made some time ago. (And they're still great.) Having said that, the artists were using footage they had available back then. Now that many more seasons have gone by - and lots more animation is available - would you now add scenes to, or redo, previous MLP videos, if you'd created one earlier? Example: there were only so many battle scenes you had access to in 2013; if your original video required action scenes, would you now try to do a "re-vamped" version?
  13. Check the picture. That's no baby alicorn in a cradle; she's obviously ready to throw down, if necessary. So, what next? I fully expect to see her aged a few years in Season 7, to the point where she's at least talking. We know she's got a ridiculous amount of magic in that horn, plus a unique existence in Equestria as an alicorn by birth. She presents interesting possible scenarios. Some of the more mundane ones might include her being mentored by Twilight / befriended by Spike the protector of the Crystal Empire, and/or figuring herself out with the CMCs. But, what other ones? Does she go somewhat Anakin Skywalker on her friends and get power hungry? Will she be more like Twilight, or Starlight? Will we not see her again until the movie? Will she help save Equestria after Chrysalis secretly takes the form of Princess Ember, and leads the dragons on a revolt? There's a few wild cards going into S7, and she's one of `em. Discuss, if so inclined!
  14. I agree with the characters other people list... ...but, aside from this - and whether or not the finale includes her - I think it's possible that at some point Flurry Heart will go all Jack-Jack Parr (The Incredibles) on a villain. In other words, the baby / innocent in peril suddenly unloads a can of whoop-ass. She's pretty damn powerful.
  15. Welp, seems like the perfect time to bump this one from 2013. Who's excited for tomorrow's episode?