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  1. I dare you to do this monologue. I just dare you.

  2. This world... I don't understand it. I really don't.

  3. I'm sure the best thing wasn't to dish it out on a public forums site so... we kinda walked right into it. XD
  4. >the benefi-I MEAN DOWNSIDE to public discussions between people in love. I love you too, Gary. I don't want us to break up; no way in hell do I want that. Kel was talking about it, and the simple thought of it sent me into sobbing. Not your messages, but the thought of us breaking up. I'm not quite sure how to show it, but I will, however you want.
  5. I know you are. I'm hurting you more than I ever wanted to. I knew I was going to hurt you at some point, but certainly never wanted it this bad... I'm sorry too, love. I'm sorry doesn't even make up for it.
  6. I'm a bit busy to call, sweetheart. .-. No, I don't expect you to understand EVERYTHING. I know "calm" is unlikely, but at least not going crazy.Yes, I know you're emotionally unstable. Like I said; I wanted to tell you how I was feeling because I thought you'd understand at least a bit (which you do) and perhaps understand that maybe... I want to fix things, not make them worse. And... I kinda wanna do it with your hand in mine.
  7. I'm gonna pull a Kel here, but you're looking at the pessimistic side of it. I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND why. But think. Even if I did say that, I still want us together. I want us to stay together. Why do you think I keep saying I want to overcome this whole mess and resolve it together?
  8. Did I ever say I WANTED us to split? I said nothing about forever not seeing us. I said nothing about not trying to keep us together. I'm sorry, but you skipped over that...
  9. Tears will fall, and hearts will break. But if you cannot accept, only so little you'll eventually be able to take. For with love comes understanding and discussion, even through all the destruction.

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    2. Sandwhisper


      Yes, I know you said that.

      Sometimes it just depends. You've guilt-tripped before. I want to also say that I'm not going to put up with it if it happens again. I may be an emotional person, but I still have to stand my ground instead of getting swept up and away like I always do.

    3. Finesthour


      Actions aren't always repeated. You've guilt tripped me before as well. But I don't say you're doing it when you're not.

    4. Sandwhisper


      Well, I apologize for guilt-tripping you. We both repeat our actions, and some we don't.

  10. Well, I know in settings there's a way to reset the iPod, but that (from what I know) restores it to factory settings, which means EVERYTHING is gone and it pretty much is the way you bought it. You can actually also swipe to the left and a little red Delete button will come up if you're in Music and are looking at a song (like when browsing through your list of songs). This deletes the song from your iPod, but I've no idea what it would do when plugged into iTunes.
  11. I grew up watching the Barbie movies with my sisters... oh gosh, I don't think I could hear the songs the same. D:
  12. She cleans them.... with wubs.

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    2. Prince Midnight

      Prince Midnight

      we crank it up to 10 and it cleans the dishes on a microscopic level

    3. Nightfall


      It's 11, Midnight...

      That video. That bass. SO. AWESOME!

    4. Swit Swat

      Swit Swat

      I loved that :3

  13. Well, I've got my boyfriend, and he's all I want to love and date. X3 Funny thing is, he's a forums member. So... That answers your question. :L
  14. For my love to be with me as long as forever.