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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. I don’t think Hatsune Mikj has dubstep in her music. It’s definitely a Pinkie Pie remix or something. Please tell others about this I really need to know
  3. Hey guys can you tell me the name of the song being played here? Its driving me crazy Thanks
  4. hey just wanted to know, whats the name of the song in this clip? iTs driving me crazy


  5. I see. thank you for opinion and I how you enjoy this season of MLP.
  6. Uh excuse me I'm not whining. Granted I made this post at 3 am in the morning so I wasn't at the best of my argument state, but still I just want to state my opinion. I'm totally fine with people liking this season, but I just feel like the spark of MLp is gone. And if you guys still think it does have that Spark, that's great. As a great pony once said, I'm not whining I'm complaining. And besides, have you ever heard of the phrase love and tolerate?
  7. Hey I just want to know I'm not causing any discord or anything I just haven't been that happy or engaged in an episode, and I feel most of MLPS spark has faded away. But I hope you guys agree with my opinion and if you don't, that's fine. I just want to share this with you all. I do want to give this show a chance but I will admit this show has going on for 6 years, it's bound to loose quality and some point especially all of its old writers have left and Josh Haber at the moment is already pissing on Lauren Faust's vision of the characters and story behind the show.
  8. I'm sorry for this shocking topic and I made sure I watched plenty of new episodes and thought about my opinion and did some thinking. But I sorry, to say this But My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic is going Thorugh SEASONAL ROT. I can safely say that Season 6 is the tipping point were the episodes are not interesting, either don't make any sense or the fact that Starlight join uh the Mane 6 is such a forced idea and I honestly think this show is just getting lazy. While I did like some episodes like Gauntlet of Fire, No Second Prances and the Crystalling but Apart from that, I mostly found the episodes boring and meh at best. Most of the stories are pretty weak and not engaging, Starlight isn't good as a main character as she had plenty of good time as a villain, her reformation was rushed, the jokes so obviously trying to appeal to the brony fandom up to a point where it's fan service, the fact that t completely fucked up Lauren Faust's original visions of Celestia and Luna being naturally born alicorns, hardly ever any adventure, Twilight is just a perky happy pony who makes friends, that's it. All the other mane 6 are just default and whenever we get an episode getting their life long dream, it feels so meh. Like it was all building up to nothing. Canterlot Boutique was a good episode but since Sassy saddles works at it now, it's hardly affected Rarity's life. Rainbow Dash's dream to become a Wonderbolt was great, but episode was just her dealing with harmless nicknames. When we know Dashie is tougher than that. Also Starlight has no character. She's literally Sunset 2.0 The latest episode, Heart's Warming Tail, was just another fucking Christmas Carol episode and they did nothing new it's basically the same story. I watched nearly all of the episodes and I remember so little from it. I really want to like this season, but I'm sorry I'm just not engaged into this show anymore. I can't beleive in saying this, since MLP introduced me to the wonderful world of animation and Ill never forget this show changed my show around. But this show is not perfect, and while this show will always have a place in my heart, I can safely say that MLP:FIM is just going through the inevitable seasonal rot. What do you think? Please don't hate on me, I just want to voice my opinion.
  9. Well In the wise words of John Cleese: I warned you. I knew from the get go this reboot was bad andi wanted to keep an open mind and try to like it and I'll admit I did like some elements here and there. But overall, it's bland, lacks an identity, feminists-pandering, tries to hard to be cute and or funny and the Girls we all know and love are really obnoxious.
  10. Thank you all so much for your advice, And I'm glad someone likes my artwork and people do take me seriously. I hope you guys take me seriously. I mean no brohoofs my posts anymore. But still thanks so much for the help! /)
  11. I swear, the PPG reboot is constantly haunting me, like its mocking me of how perfect it is and how shitty I am for thinking I can do something like it which I have worked countless hours on it!

  12. always give up. No matter how you try, people will just blindly say it's cool and nothing else. Why bother

  13. I have been anxiously anticipating the PPg reboot and while I'm so glad the reboot isn't as bad as I thought it was, I still feel aweful that my idea for a reboot is competent shattered, because of this series. ever since I saw the original again on Netflix a year ago, I always wondered won't it be cool If I continue the story of the original PPG? Won't it be cool to see the Girls grow up and learn more about themselves and their powers? How their roles as superheroes affect them? I just wanted to explore it. Explore more of their character, more about what is everything nice, what is Chemical X. So now the reboot has come out and the opportunity of a lifetime failed. This reboot I planned all year and a half writing, scripting, planning was to help me boost my career as an artist and I was planning to make animations of them so I can boost my animation portfolio and get a reputation. But no, the network unknowingly fucks up everything and becomes praised by all while my story is regarded as stupid fanfiction. Seriously whenever some own LOOKs at my artwork and my Epistories (mixture of episode and story) for PPG, they just say cool and that's it. They never question or analysis anything else. I posted my series and my artwork TWICE on this forums as advertising so people can at least give a shit to listen and maybe in the incredibly off chance they'll like it All my life I wanted people to take me seriously. I just want to show the world my ideas and the original content I have made myself as well as remakes on classic shows I love. The reason why I've been so on and off about the PPg reboot is I want to like it, but I can't help but feel horrible that all the time, hard work is all for Nothing. People say do it! Who cares what they think? Well I care becuase all my life I never knew if people cared about me or not. So why bother you know, this reboot is great, but something inside of me is jealous. Jealous that the reboot Is going to be more popular than me. I know it's stupid but I just wanted to continue the story and seeing how the reboot is supposed doing that, seeing how it's showed they are preteens. I just want people to treat me seriously ;( No one does and i want to work for Cartoon Network some day as a creator and animator But until the I'm just a stupid fangirl with her hard work which people think are mediocre. Can you guys help me? Do you guys think I'm good if i show you my work? http://spectrum-princess.deviantart.com/
  14. Can we all just agree that the reboot is okay? Personally I still prefer Theo tigon all, not just because of nostalgia but it had a certain cheesy yet dynamic charm to it. It's like a time capsule of early 2000s before social media and Internet was just starting out. I think it was more dark, yet more satirical and funny. I think this reboot is good and I m glad the franchise is still going strong. I think the characters are the same, but I expect character development, the style while slightly generic still has some unique touches here and there, the humour is great although gimmicky at times; that fucking time card that spelt Later as in "L8r" I flipped my shit. But I like the redesigns, I like how hey are more expressive, the plots while by the book and aren't trying anything different like being more complex, it's still enjoyable and I was invested. Man Up was a funny epaidoe. I like the character interaction and I love a story of Buttercup calming herself and her mentor is a arm flaying tube man princess buttercup was fun but a bit flawed and the Dervytantes didn't get much screen time to show their personalities or see much of Buttercup socialising with them, just quick shots of her playing deathball. But it's still decent and cool. But the episode that severely doubted it was Escape from Monster Island. Guess what! All the Powerpuff girls go to Monster Island to save the Mayor, they are WAY more interested in deciding who goes to a boy band concert! (Insert Facepalm which sends me to the centre of the earth here)Come on, guys! That episode idea was practically gift wrapped for you! We don't need any boy band concert conflict to make things interesting! You already have a giant monster island and the episode could just be a epic adventure story of the Girls saving the Mayor. We don't want the Girls to be arguing over a One Direction concert! (sighs) well at least the action was cool and some parts made me laugh. But people seem to like this episode and I'm the only one who hates it, is it me? am I just Not getting the joke? If I was a superhero, I would out my fangirl fantasy aside and focus on finding the person in trouble! Why do people like that episode?! I thought it was horrible! the girls did a fucking rap battle to decide whether or not someone gets the tickets. there was one scene where Blossom and Buttercup rap battle in order to decide who goes with Bubbles to a boy band concert. Blossom was jinxed and there was JINX! And JINX BROKEN! And it just came off as awkward. This epaidoe was the definition of wasted opportunity.